Hi everyone, welcome to my blog! I decided to share some of my life with you here so I hope you enjoy reading it. Get yourself comfy on the sofa with a hot cup of tea and Emilia's Lifestyle blog..


Vitajte,  Im Emilia and I’m Slovakian

I live in the UK in Leicestershire since 2006.

Wife to Francis and mum to Lily-Mae.

I started this blog back in 2013 when I was expecting Lily-Mae. I wanted to share my pregnancy updates and my new mum journey but with all the adjusting to my new role I have forgotten about the blogging, until now.

Five years later, we are working parents and Lily-Mae is in Year 1. In my spare time I have decided to dust off my blog and just type.

It was Francis (the hubby) who got me to get back to it when he entered the blogging world himself. 
I can’t believe I left it this long, I enjoy it so much now I’m back to it!!

I feel very enthusiastic to share my mum tips that work for me, nice recipes that we enjoy, and more from our life that could inspire you. 

From skin care to make-up for busy mums, family trips and reviews of my favourite products, because we can’t forget that every mum is also a woman that want to look good, shine and feel happy.

I want my blog to be fun, I want to share here how I feel, what I like or dislike, what I am up to.

However, please bear with me as I am new in this blogging world and I still don’t know what to do, or how to set it up properly. 

You might notice that my posts are full of mistakes.  English isn’t my first language so please go ahead and have a little giggle to yourself, lets make it fun.

I am not one of those mums who go out a lot, do exiting stuff all the time, meet with other mums, go to parties. I am more of a family person, introvert maybe, my best friend is my husband and I love spending time with him and my daughter oh and my dog Poppy ( as Lily-Mae just reminded me. How dare I exclude our Poppy).

I had a thought that my blogs might bore you but then I decided to start blogging anyway  because I love my life and I love blogging and I’m sure I will find some fun stuff to share.

If you enjoyed reading please stay tuned for new posts coming up!

Thanks for popping by!



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