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Saturday, 23 January 2021

My New Addiction - CYCLING


Happy New Year 2021!

It's been a while since I felt like writing again. For sure, year 2020 has been a tough for all of us. Covid 19 didn’t avoid our household either. This little beast chose to knock on our door just before Christmas. Yes, me and my husband have both tested positive for covid at the same time. We felt awful to say the least and it took some time to recover completely. 

I am not here to write much more about this nasty virus that has effected so many of us because it doesn’t deserve to have a full post on my blog.

We are well now and I decided to let you all know that I fell in love. Yes, I fell in love with cycling! This did not happen just like that over night. Last summer during the first lockdown I started riding a bike that my husband had in the shed for years. haha..

I didn’t have a bike. Was never a rider but decided to try as my husband recommended to me to help strengthen my knees for running. He has been very passionate about biking for years now.

If you read my previous post you would know that I love running but the pain that I experience in my shin and my knees cause a barrier in running longer distances. 

When I used the old bike I was knackered after 5km. But told myself that each day or few times a week I should have a slow ride and the distance somehow slowly increased and I felt great! I found that I can go on the bike every day. The best thing was, I did a sport that wasn’t causing me any pain, amazing. 



With running I couldn’t plan to run daily as that put my legs under lots of pressure and I wouldn’t want to cause an injury that would stop me running for months.

I did bit of running here and bit of biking in between and it was great.

Distance increased fast in biking, before I knew it I managed 30km and more. 

This helped me strengthen my knees no doubt. Suddenly, I found running 5km felt easy for me and was able to increase to 8km however not more then couple of times a week run. Any more would give me pains again.

I decided to challenge myself and do bit of cross training, mixing run, bike and even swim to weekly routine. As the gym opened for short time I managed to squeeze some swim sessions into my routine but not for long before the next lockdown happened.

And here I come to the main point. I have decided to invest in a good quality bike. I went for a gravel bike which is suitable for the road and also gravel areas. With my husband we looked at different bikes but I struggled to get anything in my size. I needed XXS and there wasn’t much of a choice. Considering the budget and the quality I decided to go for Canyon gravel bike. 


The only little problem was 4 months waiting time to get a bike. But I made my decision and said to myself, to have the bike I want I will wait 4 months for as it would be the Right One!

And it was the best thing I did. Now 4 months later I received my bike just before my Birthday in January. 2021. Ah and how I love it! It was the best decision, all worth waiting for. 

There isn’t many bikes I can compare it to as I didn’t have a gavel bike before but to my old bike this felt amazing. Its light, its fast and its my size! 

I can’t wait for sunny days without rain to go out riding. I can’t believe how much I am enjoying it. Who would have ever thought that I would get exited about bike, different pedals and tools for it.


At the moment most then ever, we need to find something that keep us happy, sane and well, not only physically but mentally too. Our emotions right now are all over the place being in a lockdown, not seeing our loved ones and not able to do things we loved doing. Its been so long!


I always think activity of any kind helps hugely as long as you enjoy it. I describe myself as a lazy person, please don’t think that I am active all the time. No, opposite I need a lot of pushing into it even when I enjoy it. Some days we just don't feel like doing anything and that is ok, we need to listen to our body. Give yourself credit for trying!


Stay tuned for more posts of 2021. Lets hope for a good one!



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