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Tuesday, 13 October 2020



 We are fully submerged in the autumn season and in its cold wintery rainy days. I have to say it was hard to say goodbye to my summer wardrobe and get the warm jumpers out however I do admit I love knitted sweater weather too. 

This season I am loving biker boots which are so easily styled with practically anything you like, from jeans or leggings to dresses and skirts.

Its amazing how versatile those little beauties can be. 

Watching the online market, I can say, the best ones are selling quick which shows how popular the style is right now and you don’t have to break a bank to get a good quality pair of biker boots.

Biker boots are great for any occasion, from the school runs to look cool and stylish even though you didn’t make any effort at all, to going out shopping or coffee with girlfriends. You will spoil nothing by wearing dress with boots but the opposite and this is definitely a winner style in my eyes.


Biker boots have been a classic in women’s wardrobe for many years now however this little fashion piece is returning back with many new details.

 Here are some biker boots I love. The choice is yours if you prefer platform boots, chunky heel or flatter style. I found some for reasonable prices from leather to faux leather. *affiliate links
Hope you enjoyed!

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