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Friday, 23 October 2020


Another fashion related post today. I think leather / faux leather jackets are such a great fashion item and I feel it has to have a little space on my blog. Especially now that autumn is here and we are looking for a perfect jacket to tick the boxes for the season.

 I was searching for a nice leather / faux leather  jacket for ages especially because previously I found some that look too bulky for my petite size and too rocky which I wasn’t a fan of. I wanted something classy, comfy and good quality.

Faux Leather / leather jackets are always going to be a staple in any wardrobe. I feel that you can pull a lovely casual or dressed up look with a nice jacket.

There are no limits in fashion and this is true especially when it comes to leather jackets. Day dress, biker boots and leather jacket, what a great outfit to pull out when going out for coffee ( or currently just to the shops) to feel more polished.

Skinny jeans, white top and leather jacket and you got a great casual look for almost any occasion.

I have found my jacket in M&S however I have found some lovely ones online which I am going to share with you here.. Those are mixture of faux leather or leather to which ever you prefer. 

I have gone for a black classic style as I feel it goes with most of the outfits but I have to say I love the look of tan colour one too. 
There is no way you can spoil any look with adding leather jacket. 

As another lockdown approaches slowly we are limited yet again to go out, meet friends or visit places, I do like to dress up sometimes even just going to the shop as I have nowhere else to dress up to at the moment. 
Dressing up, doing my make-up makes me feel good and happy which helps my mental health and wellbeing. This is all a self care, looking after ourselves is especially important this year.

Hope you are all keeping well and healthy. Stay tuned for the next post!


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  1. Everything about the jacket seemed fine. Quality leather, fit, color etc.The style is classic, yet modern, timeless, casual and very cool. High quality and very well crafted/constructed. Designer jackets


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