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Saturday, 26 September 2020

Back To School || During Pandemic


Hope you are all doing well. We have been adjusting to a new routine since the school opened at the end of August.

It has been very strange time, to say the least...

So many mixed emotions, anxiety and nerves from my side at least to let my child back to school during pandemic. I was sceptical to see how long the school will stay open for but we are coming to the end of the first month and fingers crossed its still going.

I was anxious about letting my daughter out from home, from safety she was kept for the past 5 months during the lockdown to mix with other people possibly more then us parents at work. 

BUT, on the other hand I needed the routine back to our lives, I needed my daughter to have some social interaction with other kids, I needed her to have a proper education which I wasn’t able to give her so I was hoping it will all be good and believing she is safe at school off she went...

All I can say is it's going well so far. There has been some tears more from me then her on the first day, but she has also been very nervous. I had a sense of relief after the first day was over..

I don’t want to sound selfish but it was lovely to have a few hours for myself again, I didn’t know what to do with myself first but I soon found something interesting which I wasn’t able to do while little monkey was at home.

I was going to do this post as “school essentials” but changed my mind because at the moment there isn’t a book bag, or anything else allowed to be brought from home to school, all that kids need is their uniform and pack lunch if they don’t want school meals.

So I decided to write about our experience of the school during pandemic.

I have to say the school is managing the social distancing very well. They decided that only two classes each as a bubble will mix together during playtime outside so if anyone is positive for covid only the bubble classes will be closed for isolation, this way they don’t have to close the whole school.

They also scattered the drop offs and pick ups times for each year classes which means there isn’t much parents hanging around the school, no chatting away.

There is also one way entrance and one way exit which means we don’t bump into each other, it flows really well. I feel better because I think they did really well to keep the kids safe.

I am very grateful that school is doing their best to maintain social distancing and safety of the children, teachers and parents. 

We already picked up a cold which was expected when back at school after staying home for past 5 months plus the weather has changed over night to freezing at least for me...

Sadly lockdown restrictions are getting stricter again as the corona isn’t going anywhere yet. We need to stay strong, hold it there and enjoy the little things.

Hope you are all doing well, Thank You for reading.


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