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Saturday, 22 August 2020

GIRLS TALK: Menstrual Cup || Which One Is The Best || My Experience

Hi Ladies, Welcome back to my blog!

In today's post I would like to chat all about Menstrual cups. I will tell you What menstrual cup is, How to use it, Which type I preferred most and What size to choose. 
Lets get started!

  What is a Menstrual Cup?

Menstrual cup is a flexible bell shaped device used during menstrual cycle inserted into the vagina. Its job is to collect menstrual fluid during your cycle instead of using tampons or sanitary pads.
It comes in different sizes and as its made from silicone which means that it moulds exactly to your vagina, cupping your cervix, which ensure no leaks!

When I first heard about a menstrual cup I was disgusted to say at least. I couldn't imagine how the cup could possibly stay inside my body and do the job instead of tampons or sanitary pads. Only after watching youtube review about menstrual cup I decided to look into it. 


How to Use Menstrual Cup?

As I mentioned above, a menstrual cup is used instead of a usual tampon or pads during our period.
Please do not think that this method is messy because I promise it is not, its far from it!
It keeps you clean and comfortable.

When I tried it for the first time I was nervous.  I was at home all day so I could see how it works first. I also didn’t trust it not leaking.
I had to play around with the insertion a little at the start to get used to it. I watched youtube videos, read reviews to gather as much information as possible. 

You simply find the best position when inserting the cup just like you would do with tampons. You can squad, put a leg up over the bath or toilet..   You can try different positions and see what works best for you. Once you get the hang of it, it becomes second nature.

When you use the cup for the first time at the start of your menstrual cycle, put it in the boiling water to clean and sterilise before use. You then boil it again at the end of your cycle and store it away until next time. 
All the cups come with a lovely little bag where you can keep it safe and clean.

 Follow the instructions that come in the box with the cup when inserting for the first time. 
I rinse the cup under the water to wet it a little, fold the cup as the instructions demonstrate and insert it.
Each cup has a stem at the end which you can trim shorter if you find it too long and irritating. 
Once you have your cup inserted it will seal to the walls and prevent leaking. Some people insert the cup and turn it 180 degrees to ensure strong seal.
To release the seal you just need to squeeze the end of the cup and you can remove it.

Folding the cup for easier insertion 

I empty the cup twice a day, in the morning and in the evening before bath. If you have strong periods, I suggest you start with emptying three times a day to see how much it fills up first, if you see its not full leave it longer next time. 
I have medium flow periods and fill never more then half of the cup.

To remove the cup, relax sitting on the toilet, you can push slightly and the muscles will move the cup lower for you to be able to grab it. 
There was never time in two years of me using the cup that I wasn’t able to reach it. There is no way it will move in too deep. 
As it comes lower, using two fingers you grab to the end of the cup and squeeze it to release the seal, this helps to remove the cup. Then simply pull the cup out and pour the liquid into the toilet.
Wash the cup after and reinsert again.
As long as you keep your hands clean there is nothing messy about this, trust me.

Which Type Of Menstrual Cup I Use

I have used the menstrual cup for the past two years. 
I tried the Moon cup, Merula cup and Athena cup so far.

My most used was the Moon cup as it just fitted in nicely and after I trimmed the stem I felt very comfortable. I won’t show you my moon cup as it has discoloured hence how old it is.

Merula cup looked cute, however the fit didn’t work for me and the stem was too wide. Even after trimming it shorter I found the stem causing discomfort.
This cup was a no - no for me.

My latest menstrual cup I purchased after I wanted to replace the Mooncup was the Athena cup. I liked it because it was sort of same shape as the moon cup so I decided to give it a try. The stem was short so I didn’t really needed to trim that.
I would say it was thinner then the moon cup but felt very comfortable.

There are so many menstrual cups out there and as our bodies are all different something that suits me might not suit you. I suggest you do your research, read reviews. 

Benefits of using the cup
After getting used to the menstrual cup I would not go back to the old ways of sanitary pads or tampons.
You can use menstrual cup when swimming so thats great especially when you planned holiday and have been surprised by your monthly visitor. 
You don’t have to empty it as often as you would have to change pads or tampons.
I never got on with tampons, as those caused me big discomfort, I am so comfortable using the cup.
The best part of using the cup is that it let me forget about having a cycle completely as I don’t feel any flow at all. Just need to remember to change it in the morning and in the evening.
I also have to mention that there is not waste at all which is good for the environment, thinking about how many pads you use during the cycle...
I love that I no longer worry about staining the bed during the night which can sometimes happen as we all know.
I can also use menstrual cup with IUD, which is great. It doesn’t effect it at all, at least in my case.

What size to choose
Now I just want to mention that on the box there is sizing recommendation depending if you have had a baby before or not.
I need to say that when I was getting the Moon cup I read a lot of reviews saying that the bigger size that was recommended if you’ve had a baby was far too big, which made me think that I will first try the smaller size, and Im glad I did.

So it is not always right what the recommendation says, you really have to read reviews which helps you to make the right choice. You also know your body the best to make a decision.
I decided to go for the size that is only recommended for women who never gave birth and it was perfect for me. Our bodies are all different.
Some cups are wide shaped then others so it just depends on your preference. 

Don’t be afraid of it, just experiment and see what works best for you and your body.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Have a great day!



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