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Tuesday, 4 August 2020

British Beach Staycation // Eccles On Sea

Hello everyone,
As we are in a full swing of a summer time we are all desperate for some sort of holiday or a get away to recharge our batteries.
Some might travel abroad during those strange pandemic circumstances and as long as you are save and comply with the chosen country rules I don’t see a problem however some might like to stay safe and stay nearer to home.
There had been increased numbers in purchases or rental of caravans, holiday cottages and camping holiday pitches which in no doubt will benefit economy and help lots of businesses. 
There also became shortage of bikes of all sorts as those started to sell very well during pandemic.
What holiday are you going for this year?

We decided that abroad holiday will be a no-no in near future for us, this is our choice. We prefer to stay nearer home and do something different.
I like the idea of camping, however some places don’t have toilet and shower facilities opened during pandemic, so I don’t think we can go for many days like that. But tent camping is definitely on my list for the future and I believe my daughter would love that.

My husband suggested to do day trips to different places such as family bike rides some place rural, days at the beach... Those are all very special to us especially as we only just came out of lockdown. Simple family days out to enjoy time together and have fun.

We have recently visited a beautiful sandy beach in Eccles on Sea in Norfolk which was very quiet and secluded without crowds of people. That is a priority at the moment to keep social distance but still go out and enjoy places.

Obviously this depends on what do you expect when you plan your trip, some people like visiting coast with shops and attractions but for us it was the opposite. We wanted very quiet sandy beach to spend a day playing in the sand with my daughter and bring our own lunch. She absolutely loved it. 
The water was cold to start with but once we got used to it, it was actually lovely, which is the case everywhere you go during this time.

We didn’t expect this to be Caribbean beach but it felt like one, once we were there. Especially being in the lockdown for so long, sea water, sound of the waves, sun and lovely warm sand under our feet is all we needed to forget about the current pandemic situation and just breath!
There is a caravan park right next to the beach for those who like to spend few days there.
This is a dog-friendly beach, which is great for those who want to bring their dog friends with them. We planned to take our dog Poppy with us but due to the long drive in the car and her poorly leg currently we decided to leave her home and just go for a day. 

We parked just before the beach, on the side of the path coming towards to beach which was perfect really. 
It felt as if we are on some sort of a private beach, there wasn’t many people there which meant plenty of social distancing and privacy you could possibly have.

Im going to share with you some of the pictures we took from the trip. 

Hope you enjoyed this post.
Have a lovely day.


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