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Saturday, 11 July 2020

Tips / How to Keep Positive Mind

Hello my lovelies,

Now is the best time to discuss and hopefully give you some tips on how to deal with anxiety. During this current difficult time anxiety is going to hit us hard. I never had anxiety in my life before, until now.
The uncertainty of this strange time and worry of the future and what else is to come is very worrying and lots of people feel anxious and concerned, which is understandable.
People loosing jobs, businesses are closing down and bills still have to be paid. Being lonely at home, not meeting your loved ones for some time, nobody to talk to is daunting. Especially who is still in the lockdown in Leicester area.

It is so important that we take each day at the time, take each day as a bonus. Here are some tips that helps me to keep positive and less anxious..


When you wake up in the morning, set yourself to a positive mind. Think about 5 things you are grateful for. Those can be small little things that you normally take for granted, such as “ Im grateful for the food that I eat each day. Im grateful that I have a roof above my head, I am grateful for my healthy body, Im grateful for my family...” and so on.
There is so much in our lives that we need to be grateful for, because, unless we loose those things, we don’t realise How much we need them and we take them for granted.
How lucky am I that during this lockdown I was able to spend time at home with my husband and my daughter. I love them so much and we are always so busy with work and school that we don’t see each other much. We normally had only ONE day off together each week and we found it very hard. We had no family time..
Now we spend every day together, doing things we enjoy even if we are not able to go out.
We have a lovely daily walks together, play in the garden with my daughter, do gardening, grow vegetables, trying to improve the house.
I get very anxious about this time and what worse could be coming but then I remember to be grateful and think of things I love, not what upsets me.


Don’t think about the upcoming future too much, especially if it upsets you. Try to live in a present time, enjoy the moment you are in now. Laugh and be happy with your love ones. Do things that make you happy such as baking, exercises or just read a book.
Create your happy place at home where you are comfortable and relaxed.
Take each day as it comes and make most of it. Try not to think too much about the future at this time especially because it will not make you feel better trust me. Live for today...


It is so important to find time for yourself and especially at this time during the lockdown. Self-care is important for all of us and always not just now. It is normal to have negative thoughts, emotions especially if we are empty, drained and don't get to do something we love and what makes us happy, something that helps to recharge the batteries. 
This could be as simple as having a relaxing bath with candles and your favourite book or going out for a walk to get some fresh air and clear your mind.
If you are able to go and spend some time in the garden, try to plant something. Believe me gardening is very relaxing and it sure clears my mind.


Exercise is so powerful when it comes to clearing your mind and helping you feel happy and positive. The endorphin boost is what you need to make you feel better. 
Running for me is so refreshing. I feel more confident, strong and powerful. I feel that I am in full control of my life.
Try to do something different, perhaps go biking, or try to do yoga at home following online videos. Im sure there is plenty on youtube.
Walking is also good exercise that helps with anxiety. Go out to the Nature, breath the fresh air in and clear your mind.


I have to admit I got used to some online shopping and I am loving it. For me, there is nothing better then sit with a cup of tea and scroll through some lovely shops online. I love home accessories, clothing and also sport wear online shops to check out.
You Don’t necessary have to buy but the shopping / looking experience for me is very relaxing. I love it far too much...


Why not trying something new for dinner tonight? Check online for new recipe, try something new for a change. If I make a nice meal that all family enjoy it makes me really happy.
You could try to bake something instead, if you don't feel like making dinner. The point here is to enjoy what you are doing and keep your mind busy.

I am not an expert on what is recommended in anxiety. I only know what works for me and this is what I share. I mentioned activities that you can do during lockdown. Those are simple things that we need to appreciate and feel good doing. We are all different individuals and what works for me might not work for you. 

We all hear about benefits of meditation and I agree its great way of destress. But sometimes when we are busy or have very little time when we are actually alone specially at home with the kids what I find helpful is for few seconds when I am alone close my eyes and breath! Deep breaths! In...... and out.....! Keep repeating and while you are doing that, imagine how you breathing in clear positive air ( energy) and see your body filling up with it completely. Then when you breath out imagine the dark, negative, sad thoughts that you’ve had coming out of your body making more space for the clean fresh happy oxygen (energy). 

If you feel really down and lonely please speak to someone, contact your close family or friends and let them know how you feel. Let them support you and hopefully make you feel better or advice you what to do... To do this is absolutely ok. We all need to speak about how we feel sometimes.



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