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Friday, 29 May 2020

What We Are Up To This Summer

Hello my lovelies,
This might be a boring post for some, but I just want to write what we have been up to lately...

I have been busy for the last few days to even sit down and do some blogging. Most of my days are full of home schooling / home playing with my daughter and as the sun is out we are in the garden enjoying the weather most of the time too. 
 I got into doing some gardening.
We always enjoyed planting but just simple potatoes, tomatoes and lettuce mostly.
This year due to lockdown and that means spare time to improve the house or garden we went into growing slightly more veggies and just tidying up the garden as we spend so much time there right now.

I decided to paint my raised plant beds first that we’ve had for few years and the wood has soaked up the colour it had over time.
I chose this lovely outdoor colour Dusky Gem from Cuprinol and OMG looove it so much. Once I painted the plant beds I was so keen to paint my fence the same colour.

I should say now its not bloody easy to paint the fence, it took me a long time and and I didn’t even finish it all haha so at the moment we have grey on one side, some Ivy bush growing over the rest of the fence on the same side which saved me painting and the other side is still brown..
I used so much paint.
But the finish look where Im done is great. It was so needed, the new fresh lick of paint and that particular colour makes all the flowers and plants by the fence to stand out.
I realised that I have allowed the house to get neglected over the past year. Just a bit of paint made a big difference at least outside.
What a great weather are we having right now, I’m so grateful. There is so much plans we have in the garden but tackling one bit at the time.

The plans for selling a house and moving abroad nearer to my family is now impossible due to lockdown and the restrictions so we decided to stay here for few more years and then see how things work out...So its time to refresh the house and update the rooms again.
There is always work on the house and I am exited to get planning and slowly updating our home.

I hope you are all doing well at home, feeling positive and taking each day as it comes and making most of it.

I love that my husband has been home with me and my daughter. I have to say it will be hard for me when he get back to work. We are doing so much together right now and I am not feeling fed up with us all at home, but opposite, his presence with us at home more is making me feel so relaxed and happy...

I do feel that my daughter needs some socialising with her peers and worry how long until that will be allowed. She will not be returning back to school until September so I hope I keep her busy and happy those upcoming days. 

Well done to staying and reading the post to the end. Hope you are all staying safe.

Have a lovely day!



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