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Sunday, 3 May 2020

Tips On How To Teach Your Child To Ride A Bike Without The Stabilisers

Another milestone that makes me realise my lovely child is growing up too quick.
We have left it a little too long but decided that during the lockdown we will try to teach my daughter how to ride a bike without stabilisers.
There are two things that you need:

1. Lots of Patience
2. Lots of Practice

Those two elements are very important not only for you as a teacher but especially for your child.
You don’t want them to be put off after a fall, or if they haven’t mastered biking quick enough.

I have to admit, it would have been probably a huge help if she would practice on a push bike from earlier age. I can see how this really helps kids with learning to balance the bike.
She didn’t want to use a push bike when she was younger so we changed to a bike with stabilisers. Now to learn balance the bike is a little harder but it can be done.

I think a huge help for us was purchasing a handle for the back of the bike. Its a push handle bar to balance and maintain safety of your child during learning to ride a bike.
I do recommend this but it isn’t necessary for teaching your kids how to balance bike.
It just worked great for us and I haven’t removed it yet.

We took my daughter to our local park and let her bike while I was holding the handle. Once she got a little more confident using the bike I was trying to hold the handle only gently to let her steer the bike where she wanted to and only supported her if she was going to fall, tilted too much to the side.
Like I said, patience is very important, its not good to give up now that you started.
We tried to take her daily for half an hour around the park and slowly I could tell, I didn’t need to hold the handle as much, she was biking herself for some time then again she would tilt to the side so I supported her.
This handle just saves your back from aching, otherwise you would have to bend often holding on to the seat to support them, and thats what I was doing before.
Day by day she was doing better, and I was able to let go of the handle and she would continue biking herself.
I would run along side her and use it as my exercise..
I didn’t remove the handle as yet. She is doing great on her bike now but just a little improvements such with turning, and using the breaks or slowing down we need to work on.
I believe that once she is very confident on the bike she won’t need to take her eyes of the road when she is using the breaks. That is at the moment the case, she looks at the breaks while trying to squeeze them and often comes of the road and looses balance.

We have purchased the safety handle for the bike from Amazon, it was inexpensive and honestly made the whole experience so much easier. I highly recommend getting it if you are like me trying to teach your little one biking, don’t want them to injure themselves or put them off of the whole practice from past bad experiences.

We are still working on this but I am so proud how quick she managed to learn this milestone.
Before we know it she will be biking with her daddy like a Pro.

For a mum this is so emotional. When they hit that pre-school or junior school age, we don’t notice how they are changing as much as we did when they were babies or toddlers... It isn’t so obvious until they do something like this. 

Good luck if you are going through the same milestone and hope this post has been a little helpful. Enjoy those moments and make sure to capture it. 



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