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Monday, 18 May 2020

Kids Activities During The Lockdown || Home Schooling

I hope you are all keeping it together even if just about hanging on a thin string. There are some more weeks to go until any restrictions could be lifted.
I have to say going to work for me is like a Self-Care at the moment, it just re-energise me ready for days at home with my kiddo.
I have gathered here some of the home activities that I found on few Instagram accounts and gathered together the most useful for us, those we tent to do to keep busy and get throughout the day without boredom, because we all know that bored kids means cranky kids...yea

I have got all my ideas from different Instagram accounts and put together the most suitable for my child, her age and also something that I enjoy too..

Build a House from a cardboard box
Hopefully you can find a nice box which with some of your help can be made into a fancy little dolls house.
Let your child use imagination. 
Gather together some tape, kids scissors, kids paint and start creating.
If your kids are older let them do it all but if not help your little one to set up a box, shape and tape the roof and help to cut out the windows.
Let them decorate it with some colourful tape, stickers and paint.
You can even try to create some little people that can live there from the cardboard.

Learn number place value with lego

I gathered some lego and used it to teach my child number value and this way teach the counting.
10 lego pieces used as one ten and some single ones. Use it to explain the number place value and then slowly show some examples of different numbers.
Ask your child to help you place different numbers correctly.
Once you can see that your child understand the system give them some exercises to put together different numbers.
1) How to create number 22? ( 2 tens and 2 ones) 

2) I want number 32 have I done it right? ( set some lego out but incorrectly and let your child try to work it out)

3) set a number for example 25 and ask your child to take away 15 without counting the lego, explain the number place value and see if they will remove 1 ten and 5 ones or they will need to count the lego first. Let them practice this and they will get better at it. 
They will enjoy putting lego together.

Monster dice counting

Draw a monster on the paper, around it put numbers in the bubbles up to 12 or more.
Use 2 dices if you have, I only have one so I asked my daughter to throw the dice twice.

Let your child throw a dice twice and add the numbers together, ask them to write it down on the paper if they find it easier and add it up. They need to find the result number in the bubbles and colour them up.
Continue like this until they finish all the bubbles.
My daughter loved this and spent some time with it which gave me chance to do some housework.

This idea and lots more is also from Instagram account I found @littlehomegenius , very nice and interesting for the kids to do.

Find a Missing Letter to Make a Word

Write on the paper some short words and miss the middle letter. Write the missing letters on the sticky notes and stick them all around the paper so the child can pick the correct one and stick it into the word on the line.
Make sure that the words are big and have enough space for the sticky note to fit in.

This is another very simple but lovely game for the kids.
My daughter loved it and was so proud of herself that she got all her words right.

Read the Book and Make A story

Read a book with your little one and then let them write a short story about it.
Set some criteria to meet such as: 4 sentences only, mention who, where and what...
Ask them to write it and then let you check it when its done. 

Count the Rain drops
Draw some clouds on the paper and write different add ups inside it. Make sure to leave some space underneath so your child can add up the maths inside the cloud and paint as much rain drops as they added up. They can use their fingers or paint brush..

You can find lots of school work from Twinkl website which is free at the moment and I used some of those for my child but she got bored doing those as its not interesting to her. I found that learning by playing is so much more fun and she could do it for hours. That is why I have researched some ideas online and put my favourite together. 

Add Numbers together 

Write on the paper some sums to add and write the results on the sticky pad all around the paper. Let your child add up the sums and find the correct number on the sticky pad to then place it next to it.

Ladybird adding up

Drew a ladybird and write some sums underneath to add up. Let your little one do the maths and then draw the dots into the ladybird.

Add ups in 2s

Write numbers in 2s all over the place on the paper and let your child join them in the correct order with a line.

Hope you find those activities useful as much as we did.



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