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Friday, 29 May 2020

What We Are Up To This Summer

Hello my lovelies,
This might be a boring post for some, but I just want to write what we have been up to lately...

I have been busy for the last few days to even sit down and do some blogging. Most of my days are full of home schooling / home playing with my daughter and as the sun is out we are in the garden enjoying the weather most of the time too. 
 I got into doing some gardening.
We always enjoyed planting but just simple potatoes, tomatoes and lettuce mostly.
This year due to lockdown and that means spare time to improve the house or garden we went into growing slightly more veggies and just tidying up the garden as we spend so much time there right now.

I decided to paint my raised plant beds first that we’ve had for few years and the wood has soaked up the colour it had over time.
I chose this lovely outdoor colour Dusky Gem from Cuprinol and OMG looove it so much. Once I painted the plant beds I was so keen to paint my fence the same colour.

I should say now its not bloody easy to paint the fence, it took me a long time and and I didn’t even finish it all haha so at the moment we have grey on one side, some Ivy bush growing over the rest of the fence on the same side which saved me painting and the other side is still brown..
I used so much paint.
But the finish look where Im done is great. It was so needed, the new fresh lick of paint and that particular colour makes all the flowers and plants by the fence to stand out.
I realised that I have allowed the house to get neglected over the past year. Just a bit of paint made a big difference at least outside.
What a great weather are we having right now, I’m so grateful. There is so much plans we have in the garden but tackling one bit at the time.

The plans for selling a house and moving abroad nearer to my family is now impossible due to lockdown and the restrictions so we decided to stay here for few more years and then see how things work out...So its time to refresh the house and update the rooms again.
There is always work on the house and I am exited to get planning and slowly updating our home.

I hope you are all doing well at home, feeling positive and taking each day as it comes and making most of it.

I love that my husband has been home with me and my daughter. I have to say it will be hard for me when he get back to work. We are doing so much together right now and I am not feeling fed up with us all at home, but opposite, his presence with us at home more is making me feel so relaxed and happy...

I do feel that my daughter needs some socialising with her peers and worry how long until that will be allowed. She will not be returning back to school until September so I hope I keep her busy and happy those upcoming days. 

Well done to staying and reading the post to the end. Hope you are all staying safe.

Have a lovely day!



Monday, 18 May 2020

Kids Activities During The Lockdown || Home Schooling

I hope you are all keeping it together even if just about hanging on a thin string. There are some more weeks to go until any restrictions could be lifted.
I have to say going to work for me is like a Self-Care at the moment, it just re-energise me ready for days at home with my kiddo.
I have gathered here some of the home activities that I found on few Instagram accounts and gathered together the most useful for us, those we tent to do to keep busy and get throughout the day without boredom, because we all know that bored kids means cranky kids...yea

I have got all my ideas from different Instagram accounts and put together the most suitable for my child, her age and also something that I enjoy too..

Build a House from a cardboard box
Hopefully you can find a nice box which with some of your help can be made into a fancy little dolls house.
Let your child use imagination. 
Gather together some tape, kids scissors, kids paint and start creating.
If your kids are older let them do it all but if not help your little one to set up a box, shape and tape the roof and help to cut out the windows.
Let them decorate it with some colourful tape, stickers and paint.
You can even try to create some little people that can live there from the cardboard.

Learn number place value with lego

I gathered some lego and used it to teach my child number value and this way teach the counting.
10 lego pieces used as one ten and some single ones. Use it to explain the number place value and then slowly show some examples of different numbers.
Ask your child to help you place different numbers correctly.
Once you can see that your child understand the system give them some exercises to put together different numbers.
1) How to create number 22? ( 2 tens and 2 ones) 

2) I want number 32 have I done it right? ( set some lego out but incorrectly and let your child try to work it out)

3) set a number for example 25 and ask your child to take away 15 without counting the lego, explain the number place value and see if they will remove 1 ten and 5 ones or they will need to count the lego first. Let them practice this and they will get better at it. 
They will enjoy putting lego together.

Monster dice counting

Draw a monster on the paper, around it put numbers in the bubbles up to 12 or more.
Use 2 dices if you have, I only have one so I asked my daughter to throw the dice twice.

Let your child throw a dice twice and add the numbers together, ask them to write it down on the paper if they find it easier and add it up. They need to find the result number in the bubbles and colour them up.
Continue like this until they finish all the bubbles.
My daughter loved this and spent some time with it which gave me chance to do some housework.

This idea and lots more is also from Instagram account I found @littlehomegenius , very nice and interesting for the kids to do.

Find a Missing Letter to Make a Word

Write on the paper some short words and miss the middle letter. Write the missing letters on the sticky notes and stick them all around the paper so the child can pick the correct one and stick it into the word on the line.
Make sure that the words are big and have enough space for the sticky note to fit in.

This is another very simple but lovely game for the kids.
My daughter loved it and was so proud of herself that she got all her words right.

Read the Book and Make A story

Read a book with your little one and then let them write a short story about it.
Set some criteria to meet such as: 4 sentences only, mention who, where and what...
Ask them to write it and then let you check it when its done. 

Count the Rain drops
Draw some clouds on the paper and write different add ups inside it. Make sure to leave some space underneath so your child can add up the maths inside the cloud and paint as much rain drops as they added up. They can use their fingers or paint brush..

You can find lots of school work from Twinkl website which is free at the moment and I used some of those for my child but she got bored doing those as its not interesting to her. I found that learning by playing is so much more fun and she could do it for hours. That is why I have researched some ideas online and put my favourite together. 

Add Numbers together 

Write on the paper some sums to add and write the results on the sticky pad all around the paper. Let your child add up the sums and find the correct number on the sticky pad to then place it next to it.

Ladybird adding up

Drew a ladybird and write some sums underneath to add up. Let your little one do the maths and then draw the dots into the ladybird.

Add ups in 2s

Write numbers in 2s all over the place on the paper and let your child join them in the correct order with a line.

Hope you find those activities useful as much as we did.



Monday, 11 May 2020

My Healthy Lunch Ideas

I am very much a lunch person! I don’t like just a sandwich for lunch, I like to have something cooked and warm at lunchtime. With avoiding bread I have some nice tasty but healthy lunch Ideas for you all.
I am big fan of vegetables, rice and pasta so most of my meals include all of those. My lunch ideas are not from any recipe book, it's mostly all I have in my pantry and this means you can add what ever you like to it too.
You can experiment with spices and use different veggies that you have at home or that you love.

Mushroom Veggie Risotto 

This had to be my first dish because it is the most cooked in my house. I am in love with this risotto and even though its very healthy I stuff myself like a pig literally and then want to burst...

I also love one pot meals and all my dishes are pretty much one pot only.
To make my risotto you need:

any veg you have at home
chorizo sausage chopped
rice (whatever rice I have at home I use, don’t have to be risotto rice)
salt, oregano, ground cumin
boiled water
1x chicken OXO stock cubes or any veg stock cube
30g cheddar cheese or more 

To my deep frying pan I pop little bit of oil, I use 1cal spray oil. You can easily start by frying chopped onion and add all the veg but I don’t like onion in my risotto so I skip that and jump straight to the veg.
Chop all mushrooms and veg, then add them into the pan( here I love using carrots, courgette, celery, peppers..) fry those on low heat for a little while.
Add chopped 30g of chorizo sausage  and fry with all the veggies.
Add cup of rice to your frying pan, any rice will do you have at home. I like basmati rice.
Meanwhile Boil some water in your kettle.
Pour water to the frying pan so that all of the ingredients are covered and couple of centimetres above.
Add stock cube, 1tsp of ground cumin, 1tsp of oregano and season with salt. mix a little then cover with a lid and simmer on low heat until all water evaporated. When you notice the water almost all gone taste the rice and if it is still hard add more water from the kettle then let cook longer.

Once cooked, water evaporated but not completely as you don’t want very dry risotto switch off the heat and grate the cheddar cheese over the dish, mix it up  so the cheese melts into the dish.

Bona petite!! Its amazing I’m telling you.. and healthy...

Another one of my favourite simple one pot lunch is :
Saute Chickpea Chorizo Dish

I recently discovered love for chickpeas and can’t believe I never included those into my diet before. I used to cook lots of pasta and rice but now adding just some chickpeas instead I feel so much fuller and healthier.
Here yet again use what you have at home and feel free to add your favourite veggies to this dish.
It literally takes only few minutes to make.


5 chopped mushrooms
2 chopped carrots
1 chopped courgette 
1 crushed garlic clove
30 g of chopped chorizo sausage
1 tin of drained chickpeas
half of sweet potato chopped finely 
salt, red paprika, oregano, ground cumin
1 cal olive oil spray
fresh chopped parsley
grated cheddar cheese for the top

Spray deep fraying pan with some oil, add mushrooms, veg and chorizo to salute for few minutes.
Add chickpeas and season with salt, paprika, oregano and cumin to your taste.
 Add fresh parsley.
Add some water from the kettle just enough to make sure it is not burning dry at the bottom and cover for few minutes to let the sweet potato to soften.
Check before you take it of the heat.
Sprinkle some cheese on the top for taste.

I just love those easy one pot meals that you can make in now tie at all and the best thing is you can use anything you like. As you can see i love chorizo sausage and I always include this in my dishes, I also love veggies and if I run out of fresh veg I go ahead and use frozen mix veg which does the job nicely too. 
It truly is up to you what you prefer in your lunch meals. There is nothing unhealthy but opposite in those lunch dishes. You just can’t go wrong, its so tasty. 

If you try this recipes please let me know how you liked it.
Have a lovely day!



Sunday, 3 May 2020

Tips On How To Teach Your Child To Ride A Bike Without The Stabilisers

Another milestone that makes me realise my lovely child is growing up too quick.
We have left it a little too long but decided that during the lockdown we will try to teach my daughter how to ride a bike without stabilisers.
There are two things that you need:

1. Lots of Patience
2. Lots of Practice

Those two elements are very important not only for you as a teacher but especially for your child.
You don’t want them to be put off after a fall, or if they haven’t mastered biking quick enough.

I have to admit, it would have been probably a huge help if she would practice on a push bike from earlier age. I can see how this really helps kids with learning to balance the bike.
She didn’t want to use a push bike when she was younger so we changed to a bike with stabilisers. Now to learn balance the bike is a little harder but it can be done.

I think a huge help for us was purchasing a handle for the back of the bike. Its a push handle bar to balance and maintain safety of your child during learning to ride a bike.
I do recommend this but it isn’t necessary for teaching your kids how to balance bike.
It just worked great for us and I haven’t removed it yet.

We took my daughter to our local park and let her bike while I was holding the handle. Once she got a little more confident using the bike I was trying to hold the handle only gently to let her steer the bike where she wanted to and only supported her if she was going to fall, tilted too much to the side.
Like I said, patience is very important, its not good to give up now that you started.
We tried to take her daily for half an hour around the park and slowly I could tell, I didn’t need to hold the handle as much, she was biking herself for some time then again she would tilt to the side so I supported her.
This handle just saves your back from aching, otherwise you would have to bend often holding on to the seat to support them, and thats what I was doing before.
Day by day she was doing better, and I was able to let go of the handle and she would continue biking herself.
I would run along side her and use it as my exercise..
I didn’t remove the handle as yet. She is doing great on her bike now but just a little improvements such with turning, and using the breaks or slowing down we need to work on.
I believe that once she is very confident on the bike she won’t need to take her eyes of the road when she is using the breaks. That is at the moment the case, she looks at the breaks while trying to squeeze them and often comes of the road and looses balance.

We have purchased the safety handle for the bike from Amazon, it was inexpensive and honestly made the whole experience so much easier. I highly recommend getting it if you are like me trying to teach your little one biking, don’t want them to injure themselves or put them off of the whole practice from past bad experiences.

We are still working on this but I am so proud how quick she managed to learn this milestone.
Before we know it she will be biking with her daddy like a Pro.

For a mum this is so emotional. When they hit that pre-school or junior school age, we don’t notice how they are changing as much as we did when they were babies or toddlers... It isn’t so obvious until they do something like this. 

Good luck if you are going through the same milestone and hope this post has been a little helpful. Enjoy those moments and make sure to capture it. 


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