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Thursday, 2 April 2020

Embrace Yourself The Way You Are || You Are Unique

Hello my lovelies,

There is so much pressure nowadays to look your best and “fit” into what social media presents to us.
We have to understand that we are real people and all unique.
Lets celebrate how different we are from others, and feel good in our own skin.
Lets not judge ourselves and others for what they are, how they look or what they wear.
Don’t get me wrong I do it, we all do. It is a masterpiece if you can learn not to judge yourself or others but it can be thought by constant practice. 

Start from yourself, try to love yourself with or without make up, love your body and know that you are special. 

I always wear make up, not for others but for me. Wearing make up makes me feel better, gives me confidence and that is ok. But I want to learn to accept myself as I am, with my imperfections that I can’t change but learn to embrace. After all what have I got to complain about, I have health and that is most important. 

I always find mistakes on myself and we all do it.

I love make-up, I don’t put it on because I need to look different, well maybe just a little but mainly because I enjoy it. I love good quality products that make my skin glow. I wore make-up since I was teenager and I’m in my 30s now.

I don’t think people would recognise me without it, perhaps they would say I look tired. 
I want to learn to be comfortable without wearing make-up which is hard due to the years I have been applying it on but I love it and enjoy trying new products so I can’t say I am going to go without it. 

I realised that the way I am, my daughter will observe and copy. I don’t want her to see me feeling insecure about my body, looking in a mirror at my imperfections but opposite. I want her to see me feel confident the way I am, show her how important it is to have healthy body and embrace it.

What we are all forgetting about is the importance of feeling good inside. Our body is not just whats on the outside but on the inside too. And that is as important to work on. If you meet very happy and kind person, she shines kindness so much she looks beautiful on the outside too.
We have to work to show our good, positive characteristics to others and put them forward before the negative ones. 

Loving your body and respecting it also means working hard to keep it healthy and do best you can to cherish it. Eating habits and exercise are very important but we all know it, I’m sure. Its just hard to keep it up. 
Doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy junk food or take aways but reducing it would make a huge difference and reflect positively on your body, skin but also your health on the inside. Have a treat now and again to appreciate take aways, not every week but try every other week for start.

Same is for the exercise and I'm the one here to admit, that most of the time I just can’t be bothered. Because isn’t it easy to lay on the sofa with a lovely movie and eat tasty pizza instead?
Yes it is, but is isn’t best for us.
It is important to find exercise that you could actually enjoy, because you want to commit to it and not do it couple of times and then forget about it.
I love running, I still feel lazy to go and do it, but when I do I love the feeling of confidence and happiness it gives me. 30 minutes 3 times a week is plenty. Even if you do 30 minutes of active time once a week is better then nothing.

This is not because you want to change the way you are, but if you love and embrace your body you want to feed it with food that is beneficial for it and do activities that your body needs to maintain it physically but also for your mental health.

Since I became a mum my body changed. I have stretch marks, my tummy isn’t as flat and firm as it used to be and same for my boobs but I am proud. Because I can say I am a mother, I have a most precious gift I could ever wish for, a healthy child. My body did it, my body is amazing. It is normal and natural for your body to change.

Try to be positive and always look on the bright side. Don’t waste your time worrying about how your body look and enjoy NOW, enjoy presence.
I tell myself sometimes, if for example, I don’t feel comfortable to put a skirt on or a shorts, that when I will be old I would look back and say to myself how silly was I then to worry about what others say, I looked great the way I was..

Sometimes it is the way you present yourself. People feel if you are confident person and just happy in your own skin or you just can’t accept yourself the way you are. The energy of how you feel about yourself is out there and it is very powerful. Be careful what you put out there..

Sending you love.




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