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Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Its Time to Deep Spring Clean The House

Hello my lovelies, I have started doing bits of spring cleaning so I thought I share what I do. Normally there isn’t any spring cleaning in my house as we are busy but this time its different. Staying home I am looking for things to do and why not starting with spring clean...

I like to read everybody’s posts on cleaning tips and what products they use and I decided to write mine too. In my opinion we should also include decluttering if we are deep cleaning so thats what I did.

 I know kids won’t entertain themselves while you are busy cleaning the whole house. I needed to make time for my daughter with the home schooling malarky and other fun stuff while she is staying home but I still needed to deep clean my house . So I have involved her in the cleaning too..
When I clean I usually wipe down all the furniture, vacuum and mop the floor.
This time its a little different..

Allocate One Room for Cleaning

Nothing worse then having a whole house to clean all in one day. You won’t be able to deep clean everything in a day. Or maybe you do if you start in the morning and finish at night.
You will achieve more if you choose one room at the time. You can deep clean one room a week and just keep on the top of it the rest of the days with just minimal tidy up. 
I decided to clean my bedroom first because let me be honest, it was awful.. I have truly forgotten about that place which I am not proud off. The bedside tables were full, my wardrobe was also cramped up, my chest of draws was full of rubbish. I am embarrassed but it is what it is. It can only be described as NEGLECT!!

Decide your Plan Of Action

At least have a little idea in your head of what are you going to do, where you are going to start and finish with. Bring yourself the cleaning products that you are going to use to save you running up and down getting things.
  • I have stripped the bedding off first and placed it in a washing machine.
  • I vacuumed the mattress and took it off the bed ( Heavy bloody thing) so I could vacuum all around and inside the bed frame. Make sure you move the bed from the wall so you can get behind to vacuum the cobwebs. Yep lots of cobwebs..Oh it felt bloody good to vacuum it all..
  • Once I was done with the bed I moved to bedside tables. Took everything out of the draw and sorted what is to go and what to keep. I used Mr Sheen spray to clean the bedside tables all over. I love Mr Sheen for almost everything.
  • I vacuumed behind the bedside tables and picked any rubbish that fell behind over time.
  • I then moved to my wardrobe. Took all the clothes out and sorted what is staying, going or can be put away for next season. Make sure you wipe down inside the wardrobe once everything is out. Freshen it up with some nice smell before you put the clothes back in.
  • Same thing with the chest of draws. To be honest clothes just needed folding back up again from when I just threw them in in a hurry.
  • Make sure to wipe down the top of the chest of draws and vacuum behind it. 
  • Once everything was cleaned I vacuumed the whole room. 
  • I’ve put fresh clean bedding on the bed and took all that I decided to trow away out of the room.

My cleaning products

I love Mr Sheen spray for almost everything as I mentioned before. I use it on wooden furniture, windows, mirrors and also my bath from outside. It make it shiny, no smearing, and smells nice. It is my most used product inside the house. 

For the wooden floor I use Method Floor Cleaner the Almond one, the entire room smells amazing and it last for ages!!

The mop that I use is just a cheaper one where the end can be washed and reused.

I use Zoflora for washing outside patio, by adding it into hot water.
I also add it into a sink with some water for a nice smell around the kitchen. I add it to the toilet bowl, or pour it down the drain for a better smell.

Method anti-bac surface cleaner smells amazing and it's my go to mainly in the kitchen.

Involve your Kids in cleaning

My daughter was very good while I did the cleaning. I asked her to help me when I was decluttering everything and she loved it. 
There was lots of things she was keeping herself busy with , for example we found our wedding album that she hasn’t really seen before. So she took ages looking at it. 
She helped sorting out paperwork, where she found some of her paintings, birthday cards and old photos.
She also enjoys wiping the surfaces for me with Mr.Sheen.

I follow same sort of pattern in the rest of the rooms. I am minimalist really, my wardrobe is very small, I don’t own many clothes, shoes or handbags but It doesn’t mean that I don’t need to declutter. I still manage to pile lots of stuff that I no longer need. 

Donate your Clothes 

There are so many places where we can donate clothing. Try to google nearest clothes bank to you where you can drop the clothing you no longer need.
You could also take it to your local charity shop or an orphanage.

How to get the Cleaning Mojo

What motivate me most to cleaning is watching youtube videos online on cleaning routine and favourite products to use.
Sometimes, when my house is really messy and I start feeling uncomfortable I know its TIME to clean!!

I am not professional cleaner, I don’t use the latest products but the ones that I like and mainly, I am not mama that just clean and clean all the time. I feel quiet relaxed about it.
To be honest I wasn’t sure if it is a good idea to share pictures of my home because it is not fancy but then I changed my mind because it is real. I have a mess, we live in a small home, I am simple when it comes to decor.

Isn’t it lovely to sit down and enjoy your lovely clean house, light up a candle and have a cup of tea.. Cleaner house, cleaner mind.



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