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Sunday, 12 April 2020

How I Stay Positive At Home During The Lockdown

Hope you are all well and safe during this time of pandemic crises. It is too important to keep up with the requirements of the government and stay at home but on the other hand it is so hard mentally to stay positive if you are staying at home for too long.

I feel for people living in the flats without any garden especially as the weather here in the UK was so beautiful last few days. It is so tempting to go out at least to the park and have fun, picnic or play with your kids.
Just want to remind you that it is so crucial for all of us to just stay home to keep safe and also to save lives of others.

I work in the hospital and can tell you I would rather stay at home to keep my family safe but thats not how it works for the NHS workers.
It is worrying to think you are looking after people who might be positive for the COVID-19 and you could bring it home too but it is part of the profession and we all are just getting on with it as normal, obviously making sure we follow the right guidelines about wearing PPE, washing our hands and more... but we still provide the best care we can and that will Never change.
I don’t want to bring any more people down about this situation but I want to share what I do to feel positive at home and don’t miss outside world so much...

You are allowed one exercise a day in the UK
Make this happen every day!!! Go out for an hour to your local park and if you don’t have a park go for a walk along the streets, and do a brisk walking or jogging and running what suits you better just go out there and breath the fresh air. Enjoy it until you are tired and happy to go home.
We go every morning to our local park with my husband, daughter and our dog and explore it. My daughter needs to, it's the only time she gets out of the house. She loves it.
This is so important otherwise you will go insane sitting at home all the time.
And especially people living in a flat, you must go to do your exercise, enjoy an hour of active time and then return home.
I find that fresh air clears my mind of all the anxiety and worrying and I feel better instantly.

Bake something different
Why don’t you try to bake something nice but something that you never did before. Baking is relaxing and you can enjoy it as a family together.
You won’t be baking every day but that isn’t what you want to do anyway, you want to find different things to do each day.
Bake something like scones, donuts, or something that is maybe not done in quick 5 minutes. That way you can keep occupied for some time and forget about being anxious.
I am feeling ok so far but this is something I keep in my sleeve for times when anxiety is knocking on my door too.
Its going to be Lily-Mae’s birthday next week so I have to make a nice birthday cake but with her recent food sensitivity it will be a challenge for me.

This is obviously for people with a garden but also you can grow plants at home on the windowsill. Why don’t you challenge yourself and grow your favourite vegetables, or get some flowers and plant them in. Its soo nice to see your own work but mostly you need to keep busy at home and enjoy it at the same time.
We shouldn’t feel trapped in our own homes, we should feel relaxed to stay home because it should be our happy place.
I digged out my garden patch and with my husband we planted some tomatoes, cucumbers and potatoes this time. I have garlic and onion growing already.
Weather has been kind to us this time of the year so far and I love to spend it in the garden pottering around, sitting in the sun and just enjoy time with my family.
I don’t really know what I am doing when it comes to gardening but I like trying different things and my husband knows more about gardening so between us we make a good job.
 I love my garden, it’s my little place to relax and meditate.

Read a book
Sometimes we are so busy with work, kids and just life that we don’t have time to read a nice book even if we used to love reading. Well perhaps it is time to start now. I love reading books on kindle but I also enjoy listening to audible books.
I have never regretted subscribing for the audible, I use it all the time especially when I am cleaning the house. I use my earpuds  and even while vacuuming the house I can listen to my favourite book.
I am into spirituality and the power of the Universe lately and the books I absolutely love and I have probably mentioned this in my previous posts its by Gabrielle Bernstein ‘ Supper Attractor’ and another very powerful one from the same author is ’The Universe has your back’.
OMG what can I say, I was totally hooked after reading those and I believe everything the author is saying.  Its worth reading, I highly recommend it.
Another similar thing is a Podcast. I enjoy listening to podcasts too even while I go for a run. There are so many influencers with a great podcasts worth listening. I enjoy ’The Ikonns’ , ’The Food Medic Podcast’... Find something to listen that you are into lately, it will surely relax you and help you forget about current situation.

Spending time at home I managed to declutter a little, not everywhere but places I wanted to do for a long while but never got around to do it.
You can clear out your kitchen cupboards and change things around. We all know how easy it is over time to collect items or forget about some tins of food that we bought in the past. I find clearing out the spaces so satisfying. Its as if the energy in the house started to flow again.
Yes, I believe that decluttering your house makes you feel better as if you decluttered your life too.
Listen to your favourite music or  book on Audible or podcast and start cleaning. Enjoy your precious time at home and make it as comfortable as possible.

Pamper Yourself 
Why don’t you have a regular pamper session with a nice bubble bath with candles, your favourite bath products and a nice book to read.
Use that face mask that you have been keeping for later. Paint your nails at home for a change. Look up on youtube how to trim your hair a little, you can’t go wrong with a slight trim only to start with and gain confidence with scissors.
I love doing my hair at home, I use youtube to cut layers. I don’t feel that I can make a mess with longer hair. I love to try things like that at home. I have been cutting my hair for couple of years at least and I am happy..

I love Blogging
My biggest help in keeping busy, relaxed and happy at home is this Blog. I enjoy it so much that I can’t wait to open my Laptop each day and just type a post. Sometimes It is hard to think what to write about today but an idea always seems to come up eventually. I just love to keep myself busy and write about simple things that I love, taking photographs and edit them...
Keeps me quiet as my husband would say...
And this is something I suggest for everyone to do, find something that makes you happy and you won’t miss so much socialising.
Decorate the bedroom for example or paint some of the old furniture, do bit of DIY at home or in the garden, the weather is nice so pain that fence...lol

I hope this was useful to you all, I just enjoy coming here and typing all that I have in my mind. Stay safe and stay at home.



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