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Thursday, 23 April 2020

Gift Ideas For School Kids

Hello my lovelies,
I am back with some gift ideas for 6 + year olds as I promised in the previous post.
If you are like me who just sometimes don’t know what to get for your kid to actually play with not just use for a short time and damp into the toy box and never take out again then keep reading, I have found some lovely toys for my daughter who just turned 6 and thought I will share them with you.
Now I think these are worth mentioning because my daughter likes all of them and non of them have been dumped just yet and that is a surprise. Money well spend.

1) Rizmo Evolving Musical Friend / Interactive Plush Toy
I love this myself! We sang with this, laughed, interacted so much.
The reason why this toy is sooo interesting is that it can grow and change its appearance when you interact with it, sing to it and it sings back to you too, play with it and it will laugh. 
If you sing with it, it will record you singing and then plays it back to you.
It starts as a little bundle of fluff then grow slightly and develops a tail, later after several songs, playing, interacting it become a little creature. SOO cute and my daughter loves it, it even sleeps with her in bed.

2) Fingerlings 
Another great toy that even I enjoyed. Battery operated just like the previous one I have mentioned. You can choose different colour fingerling monkey that basically hangs on your finger and interact with you. 
This toy makes monkey noises, turn head, bling her eyes.
They have special sensors on the top of the head, by tapping it you get different sounds and reactions. Its too cute.
Turn them upside down on your finger, sometimes it laughs hysterically.
This cute little monkey makes lots of sounds, from burping, sleeping, chatting to laughing, singing and head moving.
Lovely little toy to keep your little one occupied for hours. 

3) Wake up Light Alarm Clock / Night Light For Kids
I loved this for my daughter’s bedroom. She is often scared at night and I couldn’t find a good gentle deem light to make her feel safer. Everything seemed too bright or not bright enough. This clock light is perfect. 
Not only she wanted a clock by the bed to see the time but a little light too and so we killed two birds with one stone with this lovely item.
The light can be darker or brighter to your liking, just by tapping on it. It switch itself off after a while.
The light colour is also adjustable, it’s such a lovely alarm clock, something I would have in my bedroom too.

4) Dress Up Costumes
You just can’t go wrong with dressing up costumes for your child to make them happy. We got a lovely Frozen Elsa dress with crown and other jewellery and also Sleeping Beauty Dress both from Amazon. They fitted perfectly and she loved it.
Every little girl likes to play to be princess so those costumes are ideal and not pricey at all.
Especially during the lockdown when the kids have to stay home and you need some entertainment for them, playing to be princess is great play for a day.

5) Kids Microphone
Yep, this is another vocal toy but my daughter was asking for one for ages. It records your singing and then plays it back to you. It also plays different music to dance to.
Just another nice toy to enjoy for your child.
There are so many different types, colours, more pricier ones to suit your taste.

6) SGILE Flip Remote Control Stunt Car Truck
What a lovely present for boys or girls this is. Its rechargeable truck that doesn’t really get stuck anywhere.. It is able to flip, tumble but carry on working. It is very powerful remote control car that kids will love. It can go over sand, grass, stones, dirt or ay bumps outside. Its very easy to operate for the little ones and keep them quiet for hours.
Great buy.

Hope I helped with gift ideas for your little ones. These are just some that I thought are worth mentioning as they occupied my daughter the most for days and still are. 



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