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Saturday, 4 April 2020

Children and Screen Time During The Pandemic || iPad || Amazon Tablet

How are you all mamas balancing screen time for your kids? Are you completely against it or do you have set time allowance a day? Are you really following the guidelines about how long the kids at particular age should be having screen time for? 

As it is stated on the NHS website following the information from The WHO site, kids under the 2 years of age are not recommended  screen time.

For kids between 3-4 years of age 1 hour is only recommended but less is better.

I believe that it is important to find a balance in screen time but sometimes hard to follow the guidelines.

Especially during the pandemic, it is easy to let your child have more screen time then its healthy. School sends their homework online and so kids do spend more time watching screen then it is necessary.
I do try to take my daughter out for an hour each day to the park early in the morning when not many people are around and we just walk, run around or play on the scooter while walking our dog. We feel so much better for it.
 I go to work, a shop so I get a chance to get out of the house, but the only time I take my daughter out is for a walk so at the moment that is the only active time she has and the only time she gets out of the house. Yes, she plays in the garden when the weather is nice and also run around in the house too but to get out and change the scenery is also very important.
 Let’s hope this pandemic crises will be gone soon and we will be free to go out more.

We bought an iPad for my daughter's 3rd birthday. I wasn’t sure if it was a good idea, but my husband convinced me in the end. 
It was mostly for traveling. I downloaded games suitable for her age and also movies from amazon prime to watch..

Yep, it was the best thing we ever bought, OK I am exaggerating a little here but truly I do think it was a good investment. I don’t say it because I don’t want to interact with my daughter, just give her the iPad and have a free day to myself.

I am worried if she spends more time on it then normal.  I didn’t have it when I was a child so I believe she would have been just fine without it too.
It is hard sometimes to establish what is good for them and what isn’t. We have been told kids spend too much time playing online games and it is probably true in comparison to how I grew up but nowadays even nursery introduces kids to computers. It is expected of them to become familiar with it from early age, too early in my opinion but there you go.

Lily-Mae gets up normally very early 6am and that is ok because she goes to bed at 7pm but sometimes if we’ve had a date night at home staying up late we could do with longer sleep in the morning. So iPad comes in as our babysitter. Please don’t judge me, I am not going to excuse myself here because I don’t think it's right thing to do but we don’t get to go out for a date at all as I don’t have anyone to look after Lily-Mae for us, so yes I hold my hand up for being guilty and give her the iPad sometimes if we want to stay in bed in the morning little longer.

I know that you can find different guidelines online about acceptable screen time but in my opinion I know what is acceptable  screen time for my daughter. I observe what she watches and how long she is on it.
I am strict about screen time and Lily-Mae knows that when I say its time to put it down, it is time. 
She doesn’t need to have a set time for it to go off itself, she doesn’t throw tantrums when I say to switch it off because she has been explained before that if she put it down when I ask her to, she can have it again the next day.
When I notice that she is crying to watch the iPad a lot I put it away for few days until she forget about it, and finds interests in other things and that works great.. She knows the system now.

Are there any benefits for kids and screen time?
  • Perhaps you can download games on the tablet or computer that can be educational for kids. It can help in learning colours, numbers, adding and subtracting for school or pre-school kids and even learning alphabet. Yes, those things are better if learned from real games, books and active playing and I agree but it is satisfying knowing that your child is still learning while having a little bit of screen time.
  • I let my daughter have screen time for a little while as a reward for doing something positive like tidying up, helping with baking or reading books. Sometimes after good active time I let her relax by watching a nice movie. 
  • Kids are learning how to use computers, which might help later  on at school, with projects..
  • My daughter uses drawing youtube videos to learn how to draw and copies what they do. She has made some lovely drawings. 

I am not going to write many benefits because there isn’t many.. I personally believe it is very unhealthy for a child to sit and watch the screen all day but I don’t want to be harsh on myself for letting her watch it sometimes. I try to reduce it and interact more with her but yes sometimes we have plenty of screen time in our house. Nowadays every family own computer, laptop, tv, tablet, phones so it is hard to minimise the screen time as it is practically all around the kids while growing up. 

Study showed, there are plenty of negative effects of screen time on your child’s physical and psychological development so it is important for the parents to find the right balance. But lets not be hard on ourselves when we give in and have a duvet day watching few movies. 

Have a lovely day..



link for the information: https://www.theguardian.com/society/2019/apr/24/who-warning-children-screen-time



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