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Friday, 10 April 2020

Best || Favourite Self Tanning Products

I have started using self tan around 7 years ago before I became pregnant. I only used body lotion with slight tint in it at the start and later in years I was introduced to a proper tanning products and how to use them.

I have a pale skin type and in the sun I turn red rather then nice tanned brown colour so self tanning is a life saver for me.
I love it because when I apply self tan its like a foundation but for my body. It covers all blemishes on my skin from shaving or any discolourations. It gives me a lovely sun kissed skin and I feel more confident believe it or not. Every clothing item looks better on with a nice tanned skin.

I am a fan of self tan since I looked more into the danger of the natural tanning on sun beds or exposure to strong sun. Sunshine should be enjoyed in moderation to avoid painful sunburn, heat rash, wrinkles and skin cancer. There is lots of benefits from the sunlight of course but in regards of tanning I feel safer to use self tanning products.

I think I got more precocious since I got older maybe but as I have couple of friends who have been effected by the sun exposure that caused skin cancer I am very careful. I use Factor 50 sun cream when I go holiday or if there is a little bit of sun here in the UK. 
I rather have tanned skin by a less damaging product then expose myself to danger of skin cancer, increase of wrinkles from the sun. 
We need vitamin D and that is important, I am not saying hide yourself away from the sun but the importance of applying the sun cream for protection is necessary too.

I used DOVE lotion with medium tan for years to start with. It was great at the time as I didn’t really experiment with any other tanning products. I have to say comparing to my recent favourite products and I was left with lines if I didn’t spread the lotion properly and it definitely had a stronger smell.

My recent favourite ones are two different brands. 
It’s St. Moriz Tanning Mousse  that I discovered after and moved from DOVE lotion. 
I was very pleasantly surprised how easier was it to apply with a Tanning Applicator Mitt. And as it was already darker colour you could see places you missed when applying. It went on smoothly and dried in few minutes. I washed it off after 12 hours.
I was very happy with this and used it for couple of years until I was introduced to another new self tanning product and heard all the great stuff about so had to try it.
Otherwise I could easily continue using st. Moriz as it is great I recommend.

It’s Skinny Tan Wonder Serum, and OMG!! I am in love with Skinny Tan products.
I bought it from the advert on Facebook page, they offered a great deal for a bundle of products. I managed to get the tanning wonder serum, tanning mousse and mitt for a good deal.
I heard so much about the wonder serum and so I couldn’t wait to try it. It didn’t let me down. Its dark shimmery liquid as it comes out of the bottle so you can see if you are spreading it evenly. Using a Mitt massage the products into your skin as you would any body lotion. Let it dry for few minutes before you put clothes on. I wash it off after about 12 hrs.
I used to put it on before bed and leave it on all night so I can wash it off in the morning, however I noticed that my bedding has got slightly brown stained which I was able to wash off but I decided to apply it in the mornings only throughout the day.
It gives you shimmer too. You will notice how it gets darker throughout the day. It gives you  even, sun kissed like looking skin all over. Its definitely streak free.
That biscuity smell is still there but not as bad as previous products that I used.

The next amazing product from Skinny Tan is The Gradual Mousse. It feels very creamy actually when applying on the skin. 
Its pale so with this you can’t see if you are spreading it evenly but the the moisture will sort of show the covered areas from the dry ones if you know what I mean to give you guide...
The process is the same, I used Mitt to spread the product. It gives you lovely tan without much effort. 
I highly recommend this as the best tanning products out there. 

Before you decide to self tan make sure you prepare your skin. Shave, exfoliate to remove dead and dry skin. After the application, make sure you keep your skin moisturised as it tends to dry the skin out a little. 

Skinny Tan Face Moisturiser is another amazing product if you want to tan your face. I use it once a month to just keep a natural olive skin. 
I use few drops of the product and mix with my usual moisturiser or my Detox Night Oil which I mentioned in my post Here and apply it to my face together. 
It doesn’t irritate my skin which is amazing.
 I have very sensitive and eczema prone skin so I am really happy this doesn’t effect it at all.
I use very little so it lasts me for aaaaaages...

Pros of the self tanning

  • If using the right self tanning product you can get beautiful bronzed skin like you just spent a lovely week in the sun. Which is amazing specially living in the UK you don’t get much of a chance to get a nice tan. And it's not like we all are going to go anywhere in near future with the lockdown..

  • Skinny Tan doesn’t give you that horrible orange colour to make you look tacky.Its natural looking tan that you can get instantly. Suitable for all skin types.

  • It is safer option when you want to get tanned rather then expose your skin to harmful ultra-violet rays.

  • You can tan in the comfort of your home when its convenient for you which is great. If I know its going to be a nice day tomorrow I can apply tan tonight and wash it off in the morning to get a lovely sun kissed skin.

  • You can apply self tan all over which you can’t do with natural tanning unless you sunbathe naked...

  • It's relaxing to do it at home and sort of self care for me after a nice bath. Save money on sun beds and enjoy self tanning at home. For Me as an introvert its great to tan at home.

  • One application last around a week, then you can follow the same routine of shaving, exfoliating and tanning. Moisturise every day to stop your skin from drying.

  • Skinny tan doesn’t have that burning biscuit smell as much as other products so that is another huge positive. 

  • You don’t use much of the product so it last for ages...

Cons of the self tanning

  • It dries my skin, so if I don’t apply moisturiser I get very itchy dry skin...

  • If I apply it before bed it makes the bedding a little brown but its washable so its fine I just don’t want that to happen so sometimes I sleep in full PJs or apply it in the morning instead.

After a week the tan is starting to wash out and sometimes in areas that get sweaty from exercise it start to show a bit streaky. Such as under arms, inner elbow. I know its time to exfoliate and reapply.

  • I still can’t apply it properly around my hands and feet,I find it tricky.


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