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Monday, 6 April 2020

6 Tips To || Loving Relationship With Your Partner

How do we create a strong healthy relationship with our partner? 
Good loving relationship isn’t a rocket science if we are prepared to work on it continuously and maintain it. This has to be done by both partners to make it work but it isn’t hard. Love has to be the centre of the relationship without a doubt, with love everything else comes easily. 
Doesn’t matter if you only started dating or you have been together for years, every relationship needs maintaining to make it last.
I have been with my husband for 13 years all together. We had little ups and downs but nothing that would even slightly shake our relationship. 
I have gathered some tips to sum up why our relationship works so well. 
There will be always things to improve and work on and that is why our relationship would be successful, don’t settle for what it is, make changes and work on it all the time to make it stronger.

1. Good Communication is a Key

Now, we all know how important the communication is in any workplace to be more successful, efficient and productive. The same meaning the communication has in a relationship. 
Discussing with your partner what is troubling you or him is a way of solving the problems. Have an adult conversation without shouting and being offensive towards each other. Now I know this could be sometimes hard but you will solve more if you stay calm.
Talking and listening is the key to be happier in your relationship. Listen to his ideas, and be interested in his life, thats what relationship is about.
If you are failing at communication you will create a distance between you without realising and grow apart feeling not understood by your partner. 
However if you communicate and laugh with each other you will enjoy time together and make the bond stronger.
You create connection if you are communicating with your partner and that is the most important in any relationship.
Before Lily-Mae was born we used to love our dates in the local pub. We would spend all night just chatting, time went so quick with good company. We laughed together, had joined dreams and plans and created lots of beautiful memories together. Had so much to talk about.

2. Be Kind and Respect each other

We are all facing those pandemic crisis together and all we can do to make it more pleasurable is to be kind to each other. Try just a little harder specially at this time not to loose temper too quick, respect each others opinions more and understand that it is hard for all of us.
I know that this isn’t anything you didn’t know already but it is very important as a reminder especially during those days.
We all feel the uncertainty, anxiety and stress and being kind and caring to your partner take so little effort but makes a huge difference.
We are always so busy in our lives with work and kids and it has probably been a while since you all stayed at home together for a longer time. Respecting each other is one of the most important part of a relationship. 
If you have a discussion with your partner and you might not agree completely with everything, don’t try to force your opinion forward. Accept what the other person feels and show appreciation of other points of view.
Start with reminding yourself to be kind each day. Spare few minutes in the morning to think of what you are grateful for and that will help you to start your day feeling positive and happy with appreciating things that you have and people around you.

3. Give each other a Space

Every person need their own space sometimes to recharge and clear their mind.
Our relationship too. My husband re-charge and re-energise by going cycling for couple of hours and I’m happy for him. I am happy he has something he enjoys and I respect it. He deserves to have some fun.
I enjoy taking my dog for a walk or go for a run and clear my mind. Not only the activity is good for my body but also for my mental health. It truly helps me with my negative thoughts and attitude. 
Run yourself a bath or read a book to help you relax. The point here is that you allow each other to do what you enjoy. 
Let him see his friends. You go for a coffee with your friends, whatever you enjoy.
This is especially important during this time of uncertainty when we are all at home and this could get a little too much for everyone. Just hold to see your friends until this deadly virus is gone please..
It’s completely normal to need a space in a relationship. Needing some time apart doesn’t mean you don’t love your partner it means you need time to take care of yourself and recharge.

4. Have a Date Night

Even during Home isolation you can have a date night, just be creative. Think about what you like doing normally and recreate it at home.
If you like a game night play some board games with your favourite drink and bit of music. This will encourage you to talk more...
Make a nice dinner with candles, turn on your favourite music and dance, or just chat and laugh together. Enjoy that you are both healthy and can spend this quality time together.
I am so grateful that even during this pandemic time we can at least spend time together and do things we like at home.

I love when we make a nice dinner, enjoy a drink, favourite music and lite up the wood-burner. It's so cosy and romantic. We have been doing this date nights at home since Lily-Mae was born. However, not as often as we would like to due to busy life. Something we have to work on..
I prefer it now then going out, but sometimes its nice to get out to for a change.
I am looking forward to the warm nights when we will be able to sit outside and just chat together.
Do this often as it will make your relationship stronger and it is nice to talk about something different then being a parent. Talk about your plans for the future, your dreams...

5. Always Support each other

 You want your partner to be comfortable telling you his sorrows and troubles. He will do that if you provide him the support he is looking for. By all means I am not perfect and sometimes I fail to provide support that I would have liked to but life is a learning curve..We shouldn’t be there to judge but be there to listen, understand and show that we care. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could do that for each other all the time? He is your best friend, the closest person who knows you probably more then you know yourself. He is the one who should support you, protect you and make you feel better.
I am lucky because I have that support in my husband. He knows me so well.
And mainly, he is so understanding, especially when I have my days and my hormones make me evil, mainly towards him. I wouldn’t put up with myself so big clap for what he does for me.
You should show each other that you both care about one another and you are an important part of each others life.
Don’t feel bad if your partner doesn’t support your in something you want, sometimes it is inevitable if he tells you he doesn’t agree. It is part of a healthy relationship.

6. Show Appreciation 

Say Thank you for things he does for you. Treat him well as a return for his appreciation and care he gives you.
My husband always prepare a bath for me when I get back from work. Every time when I come home I have a bath ready and I can just jump in and relax after a long day. He thinks of me and thats is LOVE.
That is what I mean by appreciating your partner, do something nice for him. Make him his favourite dinner, buy him his favourite chocolate when you are at the shop..
Sometimes this is the way you can express how you feel about each other. Those little things matter.
This is love expressed by actions...
Prioritise your time together as a couple, give each other compliments as this maintain healthy relationship.
Make sure he knows how grateful you are for everything he does and provides for you.

Don’t forget all those actions need to be expressed from both parts to make the relationship work and grow stronger. But don’t wait for him to start first if things are not getting better.

You have to make the first step if you see that something is changing. Have that conversation with your partner and see if he wants to try harder too. Maybe he has problems and he isn’t himself lately, you are only going to find out by communicating together.

Hope you enjoyed my little tips. This is just what I believe is important in a relationship to make it work and what works in our relationship...




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