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Monday, 27 April 2020

My Best Gym Active Wear || Workout Clothing

If you are like me and find it hard to motivate yourself when it comes to exercises and being active try to brighten it up with something nice. I like to get a nice comfy and flattering sports wear. If I feel good in it I perform better and also exercise more often. 
When I had not exactly good quality leggings previously for exercising I never really enjoyed it, I felt uncomfortable, everything was pinching me or itching, oh just couldn’t motivate myself to do anything.
My go-to Gym wear right now is GYMSHARK! I absolutely looove how all the clothes fit me. It’s so flattering, makes me feel good and I feel like I want to work out every day. Brilliant, right?

I haven’t gone crazy purchasing everything, I got some basics that I needed and I will definitely purchase more in the future. Now, you might say it is pricey for active wear compare to other online active wear brands but... It is good quality, feels soo comfy, makes you feel slimmer instantly, and it is soo flattering, I am hooked and I will treat myself to purchase again.

My first purchase was FLEX HIGH WAISTED LEGGINGS  in Grey/ Pink.
I originally ordered size Small. I am only 4ft 11 so it has been slightly long but I am used to that with all the trousers I get.. I found them a little tight but I kept them because they still fitted really well. Its high waisted which I prefer to cover my tummy. It  contours the figure nicely making me feel more flattering. 
The material is really breathable, and it doesn’t move when you squat or run. Really supportive in the right places.

I have purchased the same style in Black colour size Medium and it fits perfectly.

Next Purchase was cropped leggings in size Medium fitted perfectly. 
Its like they are hugging your body, don’t move and feel soo comfy... Im in love!
Those are even more comfier then the Flexi High waisted ones. Im in love how comfy I feel in those. Body confidence 100% even without loosing any weight or getting fitter 😀...

MOVEMENT MESH SPORT BRA in size Small is another great purchase from Gymshark. It fits great as low/medium support, has adjustable straps and removable padding for those who prefer it. I wear it while running as well as home exercises and it gives me enough support that I require. 

I have also purchased couple of lovely vest tops to wear to the gym or even for the run.
CUT OUT VEST has oversized fit and I have ordered size Small. Could have done with size XSmall I think but still looks lovely on, doesn’t feel too big. It has large arm holes, cut out to the chest which add nice detail to it with logo print, and to the back it has three piece back strap with low cut which I love. It shows your sports bra and just give the top interesting look. 

Another vest LEGACY FITNESS TANK that I have is discontinued now but I added link to a similar one that I found. It has a nice logo print on the front, low scoop neck and the sides of the top are cut shorter which show your hips out and gives you flattering look. Looove this top and feel sad that it is discontinued as I would purchase it in different colours also.

So far these are my Gymshark purchases and I can’t get enough of their active clothing collection. I have my eyes on more items already.
I also want to add that this Post is not sponsored in any way, I purchased all the items with my own money and only share with you what I bought and love. 
Hope you found the post useful. I enjoy my home exercising as I have documented in the post before, you can check it out here.

Have a nice day.



Thursday, 23 April 2020

Gift Ideas For School Kids

Hello my lovelies,
I am back with some gift ideas for 6 + year olds as I promised in the previous post.
If you are like me who just sometimes don’t know what to get for your kid to actually play with not just use for a short time and damp into the toy box and never take out again then keep reading, I have found some lovely toys for my daughter who just turned 6 and thought I will share them with you.
Now I think these are worth mentioning because my daughter likes all of them and non of them have been dumped just yet and that is a surprise. Money well spend.

1) Rizmo Evolving Musical Friend / Interactive Plush Toy
I love this myself! We sang with this, laughed, interacted so much.
The reason why this toy is sooo interesting is that it can grow and change its appearance when you interact with it, sing to it and it sings back to you too, play with it and it will laugh. 
If you sing with it, it will record you singing and then plays it back to you.
It starts as a little bundle of fluff then grow slightly and develops a tail, later after several songs, playing, interacting it become a little creature. SOO cute and my daughter loves it, it even sleeps with her in bed.

2) Fingerlings 
Another great toy that even I enjoyed. Battery operated just like the previous one I have mentioned. You can choose different colour fingerling monkey that basically hangs on your finger and interact with you. 
This toy makes monkey noises, turn head, bling her eyes.
They have special sensors on the top of the head, by tapping it you get different sounds and reactions. Its too cute.
Turn them upside down on your finger, sometimes it laughs hysterically.
This cute little monkey makes lots of sounds, from burping, sleeping, chatting to laughing, singing and head moving.
Lovely little toy to keep your little one occupied for hours. 

3) Wake up Light Alarm Clock / Night Light For Kids
I loved this for my daughter’s bedroom. She is often scared at night and I couldn’t find a good gentle deem light to make her feel safer. Everything seemed too bright or not bright enough. This clock light is perfect. 
Not only she wanted a clock by the bed to see the time but a little light too and so we killed two birds with one stone with this lovely item.
The light can be darker or brighter to your liking, just by tapping on it. It switch itself off after a while.
The light colour is also adjustable, it’s such a lovely alarm clock, something I would have in my bedroom too.

4) Dress Up Costumes
You just can’t go wrong with dressing up costumes for your child to make them happy. We got a lovely Frozen Elsa dress with crown and other jewellery and also Sleeping Beauty Dress both from Amazon. They fitted perfectly and she loved it.
Every little girl likes to play to be princess so those costumes are ideal and not pricey at all.
Especially during the lockdown when the kids have to stay home and you need some entertainment for them, playing to be princess is great play for a day.

5) Kids Microphone
Yep, this is another vocal toy but my daughter was asking for one for ages. It records your singing and then plays it back to you. It also plays different music to dance to.
Just another nice toy to enjoy for your child.
There are so many different types, colours, more pricier ones to suit your taste.

6) SGILE Flip Remote Control Stunt Car Truck
What a lovely present for boys or girls this is. Its rechargeable truck that doesn’t really get stuck anywhere.. It is able to flip, tumble but carry on working. It is very powerful remote control car that kids will love. It can go over sand, grass, stones, dirt or ay bumps outside. Its very easy to operate for the little ones and keep them quiet for hours.
Great buy.

Hope I helped with gift ideas for your little ones. These are just some that I thought are worth mentioning as they occupied my daughter the most for days and still are. 


Sunday, 19 April 2020

Birthday Celebration During The Pandemic

I still can’t get over that my baby has just turned 6. I remember as if it was yesterday when she was born and when we were leaving the hospital. I was the proudest ever taking my baby home. She changed our lives forever.
It wasn’t all roses having a baby, there was lots of challenges we had to go through as parents but having the addition to our family our own baby that we loved so much and that was changing and growing day by day was a miracle for us. I can’t imagine my life without my little best friend. You suddenly feel this love that is very different to love you felt before, it truly is unconditional love that you couldn’t feel to anyone else but your own child. You would give your own life for your child, without thinking twice about it.. 

She is teaching me every day to work on myself, testing me to become better me. I have a lot of work to do when it comes to my patience, my reactions to circumstances because I’m modelling what she will copy. I have so much to learn still but I have gone a long way already. I become different person since she came to our lives.

I become a mother, I couldn’t be more proud of all my stretch marks, my body changes because they showed that I grew a life inside me.

She is now 6, and she has her own very strong personality that changes all the time. I need to improve on my patience even more she is older and control my emotions more...
We deal with a lot of grumpiness, anger, love, chattiness, lots of cuddles, lots of attention seeking, playing but thats part of her growing up and I have to take it as it is and try to adjust myself as quick as possible so I can enjoy it. I know that I will miss those days.

I have to say it's a good job I didn’t book any place for a big party as with the lockdown she would be very disappointed if it wouldn’t happen.
She was happy to have birthday at home. We made a cake together, nothing fancy as I am not very good at baking and also with her food sensitivity there is very little that I could use or decorate with.
It was just special for all of us being at home and enjoy..

Good old Amazon, we ordered all presents from Amazon online. I will do a separate post about what gifts to get for 6 year old child, because I am so happy with what we chose for her, it kept her very occupied for days and she loved it.
We didn’t go mad ordering too many presents, but we looked for good quality ones even if they cost extra. Sometimes less is more and especially in this case, she loved them all so I think we chose spot on...

I also got some’ Happy Birthday’ balloons to decorate the house to make it party ready.
We used Skype, Viber to connect with my family to sing her happy birthday and also our other family who came just outside the door just to drop cards and see her, which was so nice.

Im so proud of her,  she once never mentioned that she wants a party... we had a lovely day full of laughter playing with all new toys she got and she was happy.
She wore a lovely dress that she got for birthday even we didn’t go anywhere, she felt like a princess, for her special day!

Thank you for taking time reading!



Thursday, 16 April 2020

Stay Active At Home || Get Active With Us

I am probably the worse person when it comes to exercising at home.
It is hard for me to bring myself to do it but during the lockdown I need to do something and also encourage Lily-Mae to be active.
With sitting around for weeks and eating more, (I blame boredom for this) I noticed that my clothes is a little tighter then before, I feel bloated and unhealthy.
I need to do something to get moving more. Yes, I enjoy running but it isn’t enough to help my body tone up and keep the weight under control the way I like it.
Or maybe it is just an excuse to blame the lockdown for pilling the weight on and not the reason that I am eating like a pig...
I am not tanned up, fit person, I am a mother who likes to eat, keep active to some extend and also like to laze around.

I decided to add running 2-3 times a week into my routine and the rest of the days I will do home exercises to tone up and strengthen my muscles.
I am quiet lazy when it comes to exercising at home but I am going to set it up into mine and Lily-Mae’s routine..

She enjoys ‘Yoga for Kids’ on Youtube so I use that normally when she gets bored and the weather outside isn’t good to go out.
Yoga is very good for all ages and I looved the Yoga classes that I went to previously.

There is also a Ballet class on youtube called ‘lake swan ballet which Lily-Mae likes to watch and practise ballet along. We miss the ballet sessions she used to go to before the lock down.

We are going to keep active together because thats is the only way for me to be able to do it without being disturbed but also Lily-Mae will encourage me to get off my butt and do it. She can do yoga and I will follow my routine of strengthening exercises.

We set up an exercise mat into the lounge and I have put kids yoga on youtube on the tv.
I made an effort to change into my active wear to make sure I do it properly..

I followed some of the exercises from some Instagram accounts that I love such as @deniceemoberg, she is lovely and fit mama you have to check her out. She also does lots of healthy recipes on her Instagram..

Another Instagram account I like is @courtneydblack who also does some lovely work outs to follow at home.
Another account that I highly recommend to follow is @thefoodmedic owned by a very lovely doctor who share healthy meals and also some exercises.
There is so many Instagram accounts with tips of how to exercise at home and all are useful.

I did Bicycle crunches, where you lay flat on the floor with your lower back pressed to the ground. Put your hands behind the head, then bring the knees in towards your chest and lift your shoulder blades off the ground.
Straighten the right leg out to about 45 degree angle to the ground while turning your upper body to the left, bringing your right elbow towards the left knee.Those are most effective for strengthening the abs. I didn’t count how many I did because it wasn’t too much to start with.  I will try to work harder on it during next few days.

The reversed crunches supposed to work in building strength and stabilisation while working a full range of motion, and has the big payoff of shredded abs.
Lay on the back with arms by your side. Bend the knees at 90 degrees and lift your feet up so your thighs are perpendicular to the floor. Pressing into the palms and engaging the core, lift the hops off the floor as you crunch your knees towards the chest. Hold the crunch at the top of the movement, then begin to lower the hips, controlling the descent and not letting the back arch off the ground.
( Here I was lifting my back arch and this was moving me off the matt😅 like a seal)

Squats meant to strengthen the legs, gluten and other muscles. It is a lower body exercise. I didn’t use any weights with this.
Stand comfortably and tense your abs like someone is about to punch you ( well as you can see on the photo that went out the window), look ahead and stand tall, pretend to sit back, pretend to sit before getting up.

These are some of the exercises that I tried. I am not putting too much pressure on myself at the start as I don’t want to be put off or too sore to continue with it. 10 minutes at the start and I am unable to walk.

To be honest I struggled and I would be put off normally now but this time I am just going to carry on and hope that I improve after several times.
I felt like a sausage rolling around couldn’t even keep my leg straight properly. And when the woman in the video was doing the reversed crunches I don’t know how she managed to stay in the same position, I was moving from my mat forward like a bloody Seal...
I then used 3kg weights and did some exercises for my arms and shoulders. I hope that if I get some sort of routine with the workout I will start enjoying it more and won’t feel like a seal..

But here we go I did it and I might feel it tomorrow but that is ok. It will be a ‘running day’ tomorrow...
I will try to keep it up and see how it goes. Don’t want to set my goals too high, I’m glad I got up and did it. I am happy to run 2x - 3x a week and exercise at home another 3x. I think that is a good plan to start with.

I also would like to mention my favourite workout clothes. I am abscessed with Gymshark wear. I have couple of leggings from the brand and also a vest that fits perfectly and is soo flattering. It is the only active wear that I feel comfortable in.
I am about to make another purchase from them so I might share in another post what I got.


Sunday, 12 April 2020

How I Stay Positive At Home During The Lockdown

Hope you are all well and safe during this time of pandemic crises. It is too important to keep up with the requirements of the government and stay at home but on the other hand it is so hard mentally to stay positive if you are staying at home for too long.

I feel for people living in the flats without any garden especially as the weather here in the UK was so beautiful last few days. It is so tempting to go out at least to the park and have fun, picnic or play with your kids.
Just want to remind you that it is so crucial for all of us to just stay home to keep safe and also to save lives of others.

I work in the hospital and can tell you I would rather stay at home to keep my family safe but thats not how it works for the NHS workers.
It is worrying to think you are looking after people who might be positive for the COVID-19 and you could bring it home too but it is part of the profession and we all are just getting on with it as normal, obviously making sure we follow the right guidelines about wearing PPE, washing our hands and more... but we still provide the best care we can and that will Never change.
I don’t want to bring any more people down about this situation but I want to share what I do to feel positive at home and don’t miss outside world so much...

You are allowed one exercise a day in the UK
Make this happen every day!!! Go out for an hour to your local park and if you don’t have a park go for a walk along the streets, and do a brisk walking or jogging and running what suits you better just go out there and breath the fresh air. Enjoy it until you are tired and happy to go home.
We go every morning to our local park with my husband, daughter and our dog and explore it. My daughter needs to, it's the only time she gets out of the house. She loves it.
This is so important otherwise you will go insane sitting at home all the time.
And especially people living in a flat, you must go to do your exercise, enjoy an hour of active time and then return home.
I find that fresh air clears my mind of all the anxiety and worrying and I feel better instantly.

Bake something different
Why don’t you try to bake something nice but something that you never did before. Baking is relaxing and you can enjoy it as a family together.
You won’t be baking every day but that isn’t what you want to do anyway, you want to find different things to do each day.
Bake something like scones, donuts, or something that is maybe not done in quick 5 minutes. That way you can keep occupied for some time and forget about being anxious.
I am feeling ok so far but this is something I keep in my sleeve for times when anxiety is knocking on my door too.
Its going to be Lily-Mae’s birthday next week so I have to make a nice birthday cake but with her recent food sensitivity it will be a challenge for me.

This is obviously for people with a garden but also you can grow plants at home on the windowsill. Why don’t you challenge yourself and grow your favourite vegetables, or get some flowers and plant them in. Its soo nice to see your own work but mostly you need to keep busy at home and enjoy it at the same time.
We shouldn’t feel trapped in our own homes, we should feel relaxed to stay home because it should be our happy place.
I digged out my garden patch and with my husband we planted some tomatoes, cucumbers and potatoes this time. I have garlic and onion growing already.
Weather has been kind to us this time of the year so far and I love to spend it in the garden pottering around, sitting in the sun and just enjoy time with my family.
I don’t really know what I am doing when it comes to gardening but I like trying different things and my husband knows more about gardening so between us we make a good job.
 I love my garden, it’s my little place to relax and meditate.

Read a book
Sometimes we are so busy with work, kids and just life that we don’t have time to read a nice book even if we used to love reading. Well perhaps it is time to start now. I love reading books on kindle but I also enjoy listening to audible books.
I have never regretted subscribing for the audible, I use it all the time especially when I am cleaning the house. I use my earpuds  and even while vacuuming the house I can listen to my favourite book.
I am into spirituality and the power of the Universe lately and the books I absolutely love and I have probably mentioned this in my previous posts its by Gabrielle Bernstein ‘ Supper Attractor’ and another very powerful one from the same author is ’The Universe has your back’.
OMG what can I say, I was totally hooked after reading those and I believe everything the author is saying.  Its worth reading, I highly recommend it.
Another similar thing is a Podcast. I enjoy listening to podcasts too even while I go for a run. There are so many influencers with a great podcasts worth listening. I enjoy ’The Ikonns’ , ’The Food Medic Podcast’... Find something to listen that you are into lately, it will surely relax you and help you forget about current situation.

Spending time at home I managed to declutter a little, not everywhere but places I wanted to do for a long while but never got around to do it.
You can clear out your kitchen cupboards and change things around. We all know how easy it is over time to collect items or forget about some tins of food that we bought in the past. I find clearing out the spaces so satisfying. Its as if the energy in the house started to flow again.
Yes, I believe that decluttering your house makes you feel better as if you decluttered your life too.
Listen to your favourite music or  book on Audible or podcast and start cleaning. Enjoy your precious time at home and make it as comfortable as possible.

Pamper Yourself 
Why don’t you have a regular pamper session with a nice bubble bath with candles, your favourite bath products and a nice book to read.
Use that face mask that you have been keeping for later. Paint your nails at home for a change. Look up on youtube how to trim your hair a little, you can’t go wrong with a slight trim only to start with and gain confidence with scissors.
I love doing my hair at home, I use youtube to cut layers. I don’t feel that I can make a mess with longer hair. I love to try things like that at home. I have been cutting my hair for couple of years at least and I am happy..

I love Blogging
My biggest help in keeping busy, relaxed and happy at home is this Blog. I enjoy it so much that I can’t wait to open my Laptop each day and just type a post. Sometimes It is hard to think what to write about today but an idea always seems to come up eventually. I just love to keep myself busy and write about simple things that I love, taking photographs and edit them...
Keeps me quiet as my husband would say...
And this is something I suggest for everyone to do, find something that makes you happy and you won’t miss so much socialising.
Decorate the bedroom for example or paint some of the old furniture, do bit of DIY at home or in the garden, the weather is nice so pain that fence...lol

I hope this was useful to you all, I just enjoy coming here and typing all that I have in my mind. Stay safe and stay at home.



Friday, 10 April 2020

Best || Favourite Self Tanning Products

I have started using self tan around 7 years ago before I became pregnant. I only used body lotion with slight tint in it at the start and later in years I was introduced to a proper tanning products and how to use them.

I have a pale skin type and in the sun I turn red rather then nice tanned brown colour so self tanning is a life saver for me.
I love it because when I apply self tan its like a foundation but for my body. It covers all blemishes on my skin from shaving or any discolourations. It gives me a lovely sun kissed skin and I feel more confident believe it or not. Every clothing item looks better on with a nice tanned skin.

I am a fan of self tan since I looked more into the danger of the natural tanning on sun beds or exposure to strong sun. Sunshine should be enjoyed in moderation to avoid painful sunburn, heat rash, wrinkles and skin cancer. There is lots of benefits from the sunlight of course but in regards of tanning I feel safer to use self tanning products.

I think I got more precocious since I got older maybe but as I have couple of friends who have been effected by the sun exposure that caused skin cancer I am very careful. I use Factor 50 sun cream when I go holiday or if there is a little bit of sun here in the UK. 
I rather have tanned skin by a less damaging product then expose myself to danger of skin cancer, increase of wrinkles from the sun. 
We need vitamin D and that is important, I am not saying hide yourself away from the sun but the importance of applying the sun cream for protection is necessary too.

I used DOVE lotion with medium tan for years to start with. It was great at the time as I didn’t really experiment with any other tanning products. I have to say comparing to my recent favourite products and I was left with lines if I didn’t spread the lotion properly and it definitely had a stronger smell.

My recent favourite ones are two different brands. 
It’s St. Moriz Tanning Mousse  that I discovered after and moved from DOVE lotion. 
I was very pleasantly surprised how easier was it to apply with a Tanning Applicator Mitt. And as it was already darker colour you could see places you missed when applying. It went on smoothly and dried in few minutes. I washed it off after 12 hours.
I was very happy with this and used it for couple of years until I was introduced to another new self tanning product and heard all the great stuff about so had to try it.
Otherwise I could easily continue using st. Moriz as it is great I recommend.

It’s Skinny Tan Wonder Serum, and OMG!! I am in love with Skinny Tan products.
I bought it from the advert on Facebook page, they offered a great deal for a bundle of products. I managed to get the tanning wonder serum, tanning mousse and mitt for a good deal.
I heard so much about the wonder serum and so I couldn’t wait to try it. It didn’t let me down. Its dark shimmery liquid as it comes out of the bottle so you can see if you are spreading it evenly. Using a Mitt massage the products into your skin as you would any body lotion. Let it dry for few minutes before you put clothes on. I wash it off after about 12 hrs.
I used to put it on before bed and leave it on all night so I can wash it off in the morning, however I noticed that my bedding has got slightly brown stained which I was able to wash off but I decided to apply it in the mornings only throughout the day.
It gives you shimmer too. You will notice how it gets darker throughout the day. It gives you  even, sun kissed like looking skin all over. Its definitely streak free.
That biscuity smell is still there but not as bad as previous products that I used.

The next amazing product from Skinny Tan is The Gradual Mousse. It feels very creamy actually when applying on the skin. 
Its pale so with this you can’t see if you are spreading it evenly but the the moisture will sort of show the covered areas from the dry ones if you know what I mean to give you guide...
The process is the same, I used Mitt to spread the product. It gives you lovely tan without much effort. 
I highly recommend this as the best tanning products out there. 

Before you decide to self tan make sure you prepare your skin. Shave, exfoliate to remove dead and dry skin. After the application, make sure you keep your skin moisturised as it tends to dry the skin out a little. 

Skinny Tan Face Moisturiser is another amazing product if you want to tan your face. I use it once a month to just keep a natural olive skin. 
I use few drops of the product and mix with my usual moisturiser or my Detox Night Oil which I mentioned in my post Here and apply it to my face together. 
It doesn’t irritate my skin which is amazing.
 I have very sensitive and eczema prone skin so I am really happy this doesn’t effect it at all.
I use very little so it lasts me for aaaaaages...

Pros of the self tanning

  • If using the right self tanning product you can get beautiful bronzed skin like you just spent a lovely week in the sun. Which is amazing specially living in the UK you don’t get much of a chance to get a nice tan. And it's not like we all are going to go anywhere in near future with the lockdown..

  • Skinny Tan doesn’t give you that horrible orange colour to make you look tacky.Its natural looking tan that you can get instantly. Suitable for all skin types.

  • It is safer option when you want to get tanned rather then expose your skin to harmful ultra-violet rays.

  • You can tan in the comfort of your home when its convenient for you which is great. If I know its going to be a nice day tomorrow I can apply tan tonight and wash it off in the morning to get a lovely sun kissed skin.

  • You can apply self tan all over which you can’t do with natural tanning unless you sunbathe naked...

  • It's relaxing to do it at home and sort of self care for me after a nice bath. Save money on sun beds and enjoy self tanning at home. For Me as an introvert its great to tan at home.

  • One application last around a week, then you can follow the same routine of shaving, exfoliating and tanning. Moisturise every day to stop your skin from drying.

  • Skinny tan doesn’t have that burning biscuit smell as much as other products so that is another huge positive. 

  • You don’t use much of the product so it last for ages...

Cons of the self tanning

  • It dries my skin, so if I don’t apply moisturiser I get very itchy dry skin...

  • If I apply it before bed it makes the bedding a little brown but its washable so its fine I just don’t want that to happen so sometimes I sleep in full PJs or apply it in the morning instead.

After a week the tan is starting to wash out and sometimes in areas that get sweaty from exercise it start to show a bit streaky. Such as under arms, inner elbow. I know its time to exfoliate and reapply.

  • I still can’t apply it properly around my hands and feet,I find it tricky.


Wednesday, 8 April 2020

My Healthy Breakfast Ideas That I Love

I am a huge food lover, wether it is Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner.This Post is about healthy breakfast ideas that I love most.
Breakfast is so important part of your meal, if I skip it I find myself snacking so much more throughout the day.
I don’t really experiment with breakfast recipes, I know what I like and that is what I stick to. I managed to loose weight keeping up with just making healthier choices. I am going to mention my most favourite ones, those are so simple that you might already know all of them well. 

Forest Fruit Overnight Oats

My first breakfast choice is great if you are busy in the morning as you can eat it on the go, traveling, commuting, in the office or just make it because its soo delicious. It actually tastes like a fruit crumble dessert but its sooo healthy.
You can actually use any fruit you have at home for this but frozen fruit is the best as it softens over night and the juices make the whole thing taste amazing.

This breakfast has to be prepared night before but it only takes 5 minutes to prepare its so easy.

Prepare yourself on the counter some dry oats, frozen fruit of your choice, vanilla light yogurt or any type would do really but my favourite is vanilla for this recipe. Start layering them into the jar of your choice.
- 1 or 2 tbs of oats first
-1 tbs of yogurt on the top
- next a handful of frozen fruit

Carry on the next layer with oats, follow by yogurt and frozen fruit. Do this until you get to the top of the bowl or a jar you are using. Leave it in the fridge over night and enjoy in the morning. Its too delicious.
You can make different variations for example add just sliced fresh banana instead of the frozen fruit and you can use natural yogurt with some honey. Some people add spoon of peanut butter but I haven’t tried that yet.

Poached or Boiled Egg on Toast

This is our weekend breakfast. I Cant be without a good runny poached egg on toast with couple of slices of bacon for the salty taste if you fancy it.
I don’t have any special pot for the poached egg I only use a pan where I simmer some water.

  • I drop the egg in gently after the water started to simmer and leave for few minutes until the egg is all white. I love it runny so mine doesn’t stay in for long, my husband like bit more done so he leave him in little longer.

There isn’t a special way of doing a poached egg, just don’t let your water to be boiling. It needs to simmer only and once I drop the egg in I put it on low heat to just poach.

  • Same sort of way I love boiled egg. I cook it for 3 minutes only, put it into cold water and peal. Slice it over the hot toast and enjoy.

To spice it up a little use some avocado on toast and place the egg on the top. Yummy...

  • Egg Frittata is also very delicious breakfast choice with vegetables of your choice.

I just saute some veggies that I happen to have at home, such as peppers, mushrooms, sliced courgette. In the meantime, prepare 5 eggs whisked, seasoned with salt and pepper and pour it over the veggies once soft.
 Leave it on the heat for few minutes to cook from the bottom, once done put it under the grill to finish cooking the top. Slice and add to some fresh salad.

Im an egg addict and I love all variations for breakfast poached, boiled, scrambled or omelette. I wish one day I have my own hens for the best tastiest eggs ever.


I love porridge but my favourite way of making porridge is in the pan on the stove rather then in a microwave. There is a huge difference in the taste believe it or not.
Don’t get me wrong I still enjoy microwave porridge but if I have a chance to choose, stove porridge is a winner.

About 5tbs of porridge oats and plenty of milk, keep mixing on a low hat until it start to thicken. Thats all to it its probably as quick as microwave but too creamy its just amazing.

Add some frozen or fresh fruit on the top and any toppings really that you like.
We all know that porridge makes us feel fuller for longer and stop us snacking on junk throughout the day. There are so many variations of what you can add to your porridge, just check Instagram or pinterest for some ideas.

Avocado and Smoked Salmon on the Toast

This is soooo simple but sooo delicious breakfast you can make.
I cut avocado in half, using just one half, I cut the inside to slices, I then scoop it out with a spoon straight on the top of the toast. Season with salt.
Top it up with a slice of smoked salmon.
I absolutely love this breakfast, but I don’t have it very often. It's a special occasion breakfast for me.
This is just a tasty breakfast choice all together, with the smoky and salty salmon.

Apple Oat Crumble
This could be done also after dinner as a healthy dessert.
I actually got this recipe of the Instagram. As soon as I seen it I needed to try it. Because anything with apple and cinnamon together just has to be tasty, right? And it bloody is...

-Sauté couple of finely chopped apples for few minutes until softer and moist 
-add 1tsp of cinnamon 
- add oats and few tbs of water so it's not catching to the bottom of the pan
Once the apples are soft enough take it of the heat and add some honey to taste or add yogurt of your choice.
Its delicious!!

I am not a pancake or waffle person so you won’t find those kind of food on here. Those are just a simple breakfast ideas that I enjoy and I managed to loose weight just to make a better healthier choices each day.
Most of the time you don’t really have time to spend a lot of time in the kitchen in the morning as you have work, school runs or other things planned. I am all for the quick and healthy choices when it comes to food.
Hope this was helpful. Please let me know what is your favourite breakfast.



Monday, 6 April 2020

6 Tips To || Loving Relationship With Your Partner

How do we create a strong healthy relationship with our partner? 
Good loving relationship isn’t a rocket science if we are prepared to work on it continuously and maintain it. This has to be done by both partners to make it work but it isn’t hard. Love has to be the centre of the relationship without a doubt, with love everything else comes easily. 
Doesn’t matter if you only started dating or you have been together for years, every relationship needs maintaining to make it last.
I have been with my husband for 13 years all together. We had little ups and downs but nothing that would even slightly shake our relationship. 
I have gathered some tips to sum up why our relationship works so well. 
There will be always things to improve and work on and that is why our relationship would be successful, don’t settle for what it is, make changes and work on it all the time to make it stronger.

1. Good Communication is a Key

Now, we all know how important the communication is in any workplace to be more successful, efficient and productive. The same meaning the communication has in a relationship. 
Discussing with your partner what is troubling you or him is a way of solving the problems. Have an adult conversation without shouting and being offensive towards each other. Now I know this could be sometimes hard but you will solve more if you stay calm.
Talking and listening is the key to be happier in your relationship. Listen to his ideas, and be interested in his life, thats what relationship is about.
If you are failing at communication you will create a distance between you without realising and grow apart feeling not understood by your partner. 
However if you communicate and laugh with each other you will enjoy time together and make the bond stronger.
You create connection if you are communicating with your partner and that is the most important in any relationship.
Before Lily-Mae was born we used to love our dates in the local pub. We would spend all night just chatting, time went so quick with good company. We laughed together, had joined dreams and plans and created lots of beautiful memories together. Had so much to talk about.

2. Be Kind and Respect each other

We are all facing those pandemic crisis together and all we can do to make it more pleasurable is to be kind to each other. Try just a little harder specially at this time not to loose temper too quick, respect each others opinions more and understand that it is hard for all of us.
I know that this isn’t anything you didn’t know already but it is very important as a reminder especially during those days.
We all feel the uncertainty, anxiety and stress and being kind and caring to your partner take so little effort but makes a huge difference.
We are always so busy in our lives with work and kids and it has probably been a while since you all stayed at home together for a longer time. Respecting each other is one of the most important part of a relationship. 
If you have a discussion with your partner and you might not agree completely with everything, don’t try to force your opinion forward. Accept what the other person feels and show appreciation of other points of view.
Start with reminding yourself to be kind each day. Spare few minutes in the morning to think of what you are grateful for and that will help you to start your day feeling positive and happy with appreciating things that you have and people around you.

3. Give each other a Space

Every person need their own space sometimes to recharge and clear their mind.
Our relationship too. My husband re-charge and re-energise by going cycling for couple of hours and I’m happy for him. I am happy he has something he enjoys and I respect it. He deserves to have some fun.
I enjoy taking my dog for a walk or go for a run and clear my mind. Not only the activity is good for my body but also for my mental health. It truly helps me with my negative thoughts and attitude. 
Run yourself a bath or read a book to help you relax. The point here is that you allow each other to do what you enjoy. 
Let him see his friends. You go for a coffee with your friends, whatever you enjoy.
This is especially important during this time of uncertainty when we are all at home and this could get a little too much for everyone. Just hold to see your friends until this deadly virus is gone please..
It’s completely normal to need a space in a relationship. Needing some time apart doesn’t mean you don’t love your partner it means you need time to take care of yourself and recharge.

4. Have a Date Night

Even during Home isolation you can have a date night, just be creative. Think about what you like doing normally and recreate it at home.
If you like a game night play some board games with your favourite drink and bit of music. This will encourage you to talk more...
Make a nice dinner with candles, turn on your favourite music and dance, or just chat and laugh together. Enjoy that you are both healthy and can spend this quality time together.
I am so grateful that even during this pandemic time we can at least spend time together and do things we like at home.

I love when we make a nice dinner, enjoy a drink, favourite music and lite up the wood-burner. It's so cosy and romantic. We have been doing this date nights at home since Lily-Mae was born. However, not as often as we would like to due to busy life. Something we have to work on..
I prefer it now then going out, but sometimes its nice to get out to for a change.
I am looking forward to the warm nights when we will be able to sit outside and just chat together.
Do this often as it will make your relationship stronger and it is nice to talk about something different then being a parent. Talk about your plans for the future, your dreams...

5. Always Support each other

 You want your partner to be comfortable telling you his sorrows and troubles. He will do that if you provide him the support he is looking for. By all means I am not perfect and sometimes I fail to provide support that I would have liked to but life is a learning curve..We shouldn’t be there to judge but be there to listen, understand and show that we care. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could do that for each other all the time? He is your best friend, the closest person who knows you probably more then you know yourself. He is the one who should support you, protect you and make you feel better.
I am lucky because I have that support in my husband. He knows me so well.
And mainly, he is so understanding, especially when I have my days and my hormones make me evil, mainly towards him. I wouldn’t put up with myself so big clap for what he does for me.
You should show each other that you both care about one another and you are an important part of each others life.
Don’t feel bad if your partner doesn’t support your in something you want, sometimes it is inevitable if he tells you he doesn’t agree. It is part of a healthy relationship.

6. Show Appreciation 

Say Thank you for things he does for you. Treat him well as a return for his appreciation and care he gives you.
My husband always prepare a bath for me when I get back from work. Every time when I come home I have a bath ready and I can just jump in and relax after a long day. He thinks of me and thats is LOVE.
That is what I mean by appreciating your partner, do something nice for him. Make him his favourite dinner, buy him his favourite chocolate when you are at the shop..
Sometimes this is the way you can express how you feel about each other. Those little things matter.
This is love expressed by actions...
Prioritise your time together as a couple, give each other compliments as this maintain healthy relationship.
Make sure he knows how grateful you are for everything he does and provides for you.

Don’t forget all those actions need to be expressed from both parts to make the relationship work and grow stronger. But don’t wait for him to start first if things are not getting better.

You have to make the first step if you see that something is changing. Have that conversation with your partner and see if he wants to try harder too. Maybe he has problems and he isn’t himself lately, you are only going to find out by communicating together.

Hope you enjoyed my little tips. This is just what I believe is important in a relationship to make it work and what works in our relationship...



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