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Wednesday, 25 March 2020

This Mama Loves Running

Hi everyone,  today I wanted to talk about running, its benefits and my experience.
Running is very important for me and possibly the only form of exercise that I do.
It even beats swimming which I used to do all the time before Lily-Mae was born.
We all know, running, same as other types of exercises gives you great health benefits and keep you in shape. To be honest I always thought running was very boring, I couldn’t understand how people enjoy it... Until I tried it!

OMG, I have felt like I was floating, flying away from stress, problems... I escaped from anxiety. I had clear mind purely focused on positive feelings, freedom, happiness . As if all my problems were gone. I felt confident, ready to face anything out there.
Isn’t it amazing how one type of exercise could give me that happy feeling.
I have read that running helps with anxiety and depression, and I hugely believe it. It improves your mental health.

I enjoy running wherever it is. Outdoor, especially when the weather is nice but I have to say, I don’t mind running on a treadmill either. Im just happy to RUN.

Running is very appealing exercise as you don’t really need any equipment, just good quality running shoes and you can go running anytime of the day. Just get out the door and do it.

I started with only few minutes running on a treadmill while my daughter had a ballet class at our local gym. I have to admit, it was hard at the start but slowly I was increasing the time. IT was my starting point.
Soon after, I was able to run 5 km outdoor, I was over the moon. What an improvement!

However running shouldn’t be underestimated and I can say this from my own experience.
I have run from 6km straight to running 10km. I pushed myself too much without building up to it slowly. Mistake!!!
I have put too much pressure on my knees and the impact caused a lot of pain.
I wasn’t able to run for weeks and weeks, and I’m serious. I could walk but as soon as I started to run my knees were hurting really badly.
Ever since then, I suffer often when I put too much pressure on my knee and shin.
This was upsetting for me as I enjoyed running so much. I knew that I needed to give my knees time to recover and then give it another go..
I managed to get back to running but I had to start again with only sort distances. I ran 10 minutes and stopped even if I felt I could have managed to run more.
Slowly, I was increasing time only for 1 or 2 minutes every couple of weeks. This might seems silly to you but if I did more then that I would feel my knees hurting again.
Don’t take for granted if people tell you to ease slowly into it. Too much impact might cause damage to your knees and long term problems you really don’t need.

The opposite, If you SLOWLY increase running distance, it actually helps to strengthen your knees and joints.

Now I take my time, as much as I would love to train for marathon, I am grateful to be able to run again and I just do it as an enjoyable form of exercise now and again.

If you are a beginner, you want to get fit you should start with brisk walking first and slowly progress to jogging and work up to running. This way you will enjoy the exercise and feel the benefits it brings you.
You could even run with a friend or join park run groups, I personally prefer my own company and run in my own speed.

Why it is important to stretch before running
Very important is to stretch before and after the run. Regular stretching before and after running improves muscles flexibility, reduces stiffness.
Before you run you need some warm up exercises, you can find lots of different examples on youtube. Those warm up exercises should be aimed to loosen the muscles ready for running.
I don’t really spend much time on warm up exercises at home, I do couple of stretch exercises but if I run outside I usually start by walking faster pace for several minutes to loosen up, increase my heart rate, body temperature and blood flow. Even if I am on a treadmill I walk for few minutes and then start jogging and change to running gently.

Very important to stretch after running. Especially, if you have an area that still feels tight such as the calves, the hamstrings, hip flexors and  quads which tend to be tight after running and little stretches would be advised to loosen up.
On youtube you can find different stretching exercises for those parts of your body.

Benefits of running
Most of us know that muscles get stronger with exercise. And we can’t forget that our heart is also a muscle.
We don’t need to run miles to be able to help our cardiovascular system but Study showed that even 30 minutes of running a week decrease cardiovascular death. Thats doable I think.
Running can help prevent obesity as we burn more calories and loose weight. This leads to preventing type 2 diabetes,heart disease, high blood pressure and other unpleasant conditions.
  Regular running 3 times a week boosts sleep quality, mood and concentration during the day.

To make running more enjoyable, why not listen to your favourite music, or a podcast. This will help to relax while running rather then focusing on your breathing and speed.

Make sure you invest in a good quality running shoes. This is very important especially when running longer distances. They are design to prevent injury from the repetitive motion of your feet hitting the ground. They have special cushioning to aid in shock absorption, arch support as well as designed features to help move you forward in greater ease.

Hope this was useful to anyone who is considering to give running a go.



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