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Friday, 13 March 2020

We Are Moving Our Nest

This was our dream home.

 We used to drive by or park on the street  nearby and just see ourselves living here. When we moved in I loved it so much, every corner of the house was bringing me so much joy.

Its funny how people just know when it is the right one, the feeling of sudden excitement then gets bigger and bigger.

We knew that the house needed some tender loving care when we moved in, some adjustments to put our own stamp on it. And so we started with the work straight away. It wasn’t easy, living in the house and renovating, especially with a toddler.

Kitchen was our main project.
 When we moved here it was as small as a pantry. Only one person would fit in at the time. 

We decided to knock the wall down to the dinning room. This way the kitchen was bigger and we fitted island in too. I always wanted an island and now I was able to have one. 

 We also created a double door to the living room from the kitchen so it was more open plan living area.

It was shaping up nicely, but doing work through christmas was very stressful. 
The house was a mess, dust was everywhere even after constant cleaning. I wanted to put up a christmas tree because I liked Lily-Mae to still enjoy the Christmas spirit.
However, it was impossible to have christmas at home, the kitchen was far from finished and there was no way I could cook anything yet. Microwave Burger it was on Christmas Day that year.

My husband Francis did most of the work, with some help from his side of family.
 He worked really hard, but it was a slow process. We are working parents after all and I was also studying my Assistant Practitioner Diploma, so there was very little time spare. 
Lily-Mae also needed our attention, and as I don’t have my mum close by to help we had to manage everything between us.

It was all worth it in the end.
We lived here for the past 5 years.

We loved working on our veggie garden through the summer, growing potatoes, tomatoes, courgettes, peppers, herbs, runner beans, spring onions and also attempted to grow carrots but that didn’t work out.

We built a lovely patio with outside lights for our evening dates. We sometimes put a nice music on, enjoyed a bottle of wine together and chat all night. We loved our garden BBQs in the summer.

New furry member joined our family, Poppy. We love her so much, she had some fun in this lovely house too.


I feel a little emotional leaving our home behind, we worked on it so hard, made it perfect little Nest. 
However, I try to remind myself that I shouldn’t attach myself to materialistic things, more important in life is Love, health and having family together. 
We create home wherever we go, because we are “home”, we create the cosiness in empty house, we bring love and joy into it.

 We would have carried on living here if we didn’t make new plans for the future, moving little closer to my family, abroad.
  Live more simple life without constant rushing, juggling work, social life and family life but instead enjoying every day as it is, enjoying family time and have a go with self-sufficiency.

It will be interesting to see how things will change for us, I mean living in another country where systems, language, culture and food are different will be something to adjust to. 
It won’t be so much of an issue for me as I speak the language, but for Francis and maybe for Lily-Mae it will be a little challenge I would say. 
Lily-Mae understands Slovakian as I speak to her and we read books in my language, but she doesn’t speak it.

I don’t want to jinx anything putting it out here, but I believe that if its meant to be it will be. We have our plans but if the universe decides, it has something better for us under its sleeve, then thats great! Im open to what comes. As long as we are together, healthy and happy I don’t stress about anything else.
We are in the process of selling our home now and this post will just remind me of the times we’ve had here. 

There will be an update post coming up next time once we found our New home.


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