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Sunday, 15 March 2020

Tasty Simple Bread Recipe

There truly isn’t anything better then a smell of freshly baked bread on a Sunday morning.

I was inspired by my sister who was sending me so many lovely photos of her homemade sourdough Bread each day.
I asked her to send me a recipe just to see if I could pull it off because truly, I am not very good with complicated cooking.
When she told me the recipe I was surprised actually, how easy it was.

My only problem was, whenever I have tried to make anything with yeast, it never proofed for me. I had a lot of disappointment in the past, and last time, I said, I wasn’t going to use yeast again, ever!! 
Haha and here I come over the moon that I managed to pull off such a gorgeous looking Bread.

It proofed amazingly, I couldn’t believe that I did it all myself, I felt like I won a lottery! 

This bread need to be done in a dish with a lid, suitable to go in the oven. I have a glass casserole dish ,which is small in size, but it was perfect for the bread, actually.
I am making another loaf while typing my blog post. This time I doubled the ingredients for bigger size bread.

The recipe I am sharing is for a small size loaf but you can also double the ingredients to make bigger bread but cook for same time as the small one.

Let’s get cooking!


  • 1 Cup of white bread flour (or any type you prefer)
  • 2 Cups of regular plain flour
  • 1 tsp of Yeast
  • 1/2 tsp of Salt
  • 2 tbs of Mixed Seeds (or any seeds you prefer)
  • 1. 5 Cups of Warm Water


1)  Put all ingredients into a bowl and add 1 cup of warm water to start with. 
2)  Combine all ingredients together and slowly add 1/3 of the remaining water.
3)  Keep kneading and see if you need the remaining water. If you have dough that you can work with nicely, sticky but not hard, it could be enough. If you feel, that it is still a little dry and hard to knead, add more water.
4)  Keep kneading for few minutes to get plenty of air into it. 
5)  Scrape the dough from the edges of the bowl and cover with cling film tightly. 
6)  Put in a warm place to proof minimal of 3 hours or maximum 12 hours.

I did mine in the evening and left it to proof all night, then baked it in the morning. The second Bread I made, I actually only proofed for 3 hours.

7)  Turn the oven on 200C, put the dish for the bread in the oven to warm up for 10 minutes.
8)  Once dish is warm, take it out, spray it with little bit of oil or brush it with some oil to stop bread sticking. 
9)  Put the dough straight into the dish without forming it. It will form up in the shape of your dish.

10)  Optional is to sprinkle little pinch of salt on the top to make the crust tasty and sprinkle some of the remaining mix seeds over the top.
11)  Cover and put in the oven. 
12)  Cooking time is 1 hour, however after 30 minutes of cooking remove the lid so the bread get a lovely brown colour for the last 30 minutes.
If you feel that the bread isn’t very brown at the end, go ahead and leave it in the oven another few minutes.





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