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Wednesday, 11 March 2020


Becoming a mum I have had to change a lot in my life. That sudden responsibility of another human being was very emotional for me. I have felt very anxious about making sure I’m doing well and fitting in with what is expected of me as a mum. There wasn’t just the two of us any more and it was hard. I was in love with my baby straight away don’t get me wrong, but the change and the adjusting is something that still continue now and it is not easy.

Now 5 years later I can share from the experience what worked for me and still is, to recharge and enjoy every day moments feeling happy. We were working parents since Lily-Mae was 6 months old. I would have loved to stay home with her but to be able to live comfortably, pay bills and travel, there was no other choice.

Life can feel full on at times for all of us mums and dads but for us to be there, to show up and do what we need to do we also need to recharge. I like the saying, “ You can’t pour from an empty cup”.

Self-love doesn’t mean we are selfish, it means looking after ourselves, our wellbeing to be able to share it with others. Busy mums that try to juggle work life, mum life, family life and social life are eventually going to burn out. We function better when our batteries are recharged.

Self-care doesn’t need to be huge expense that you can’t afford like a Spa day, Massage or an expensive getaway ( even though it might be nice).

I want to share some self-care tips that work for me and might work for you too. We should all find time for our own self, this will give you fresh and clear mind especially if you go through stressful times, busy life circle that is never ending.

Go for a walk in the nature

I know that sometimes we are so busy and to go out for a walk is the last thing on our list but go ahead and prioritise it. Let your husband, mum or other family member take over looking after your kids and make a priority to go for a walk. 

Admire the nature, things around you and try to be present. Breathe in the air, listen to the sound of leaves, singing birds, this helps clearing your mind and reduce stress levels. Stop thinking of what needs doing when you get home.
Walking in nature gives you endurance and positively impact your body and mind. It controls depression, reduces anxiety, makes you happy. It changes the blood flow in the brain to state of relaxation.
Walking is also a good activity that not only clears your mind and spirit but also helps with weight loss.

Walk your dog 

Similar positive impact on our mind and body has dog walking. This is not only good exercise for us but it helps us to forget at least for a little while about our daily chores. While dog walking also encourage us meeting other dog walkers and socialise.
There is some evidence that being around a dog may lower levels of cortisol, a stress hormone. Walking dog is relaxing and relieves stress, having a positive psychological impact on our wellbeing. I would say it is therapeutic form of exercise that can make a positive change in our mood and also provide some health benefits for our body.

Yoga classes

Oh boy, yoga is so relaxing. 

Who has never tried Yoga I highly recommend to give it a go. 
A regular Yoga practice not only gets you moving and burns calories, but also help focusing on the present. It encourages you to relax, slow your breath and feels calming.
Practising yoga has many more health benefits which you can look up online. I found it very helpful to switch off for an hour and connect my mind with my body, be myself for a little while, forget about being a mum, wife, sister but just be myself.
Yoga slows down the mental loops of frustration, regret, anger, fear and desire that can cause stress.

Take a Bath 

What a simple way to self-care is taking a bath without your kids around. If you can get that opportunity, go for it big time, light the candles, use a lush bath bomb that you like or a lavender bubble bath and take your favourite book with you. Set yourself a Spa at home. Perhaps turn on your favourite music too. Believe me, even just that half an hour of relaxing in the bath can make you a better person later. Treat yourself to some lovely body care afterwards. Not only you will feel good, your self-esteem will be also regenerated. 

Hot water calm the nervous system, reducing the levels of stress and anxiety in the body and improving your mood. It increases levels of serotonin, which is the chemical produced by the brain associated with happiness and well being. Bingo!! 

Even just taking that little time cleansing, moisturising and hair washing can makes us feel better.


I have never used meditation before, until I read a book called “Universe has your back” by Gabby Bernstein. I highly recommend this book, its life changing. However she talks about Mindfulness and meditation. Since reading this book I leant to meditate in my own sort of way. You can watch different videos on youtube how to meditate or read different articles. 

Meditation can positively impact mental and physical health. It is a connection between our internal and external world.
 I try to meditate to escape from bad feelings, from stress and anxiety. I feel in control and my positive thoughts are coming back as soon as I meditate. 

I often meditate after I put my daughter to bed in the evening, while she is setting off to sleep I sit in my bedroom on the bed in comfortable position for meditation. I sit straight up, cross my legs,put my hands with palms up resting on my knee, close my eyes and breathe. I take deep breaths. Inhale and exhale. I breath slowly and with each exhale I try to imagine the negative thoughts leaving my body. I see positive clean energy coming in when I inhale.

I do this for few minutes and then I sit there still in the same position with my eyes closed breathing deeply, without any thoughts. I just listen to my own breathing, focusing on the present. Do this for few minutes and then open your eyes. You will feel very calm, I love it. 
There are other different methods for medication online and by all means I have not been educated on the correct way but this is something that works for me and I think its important that you do what makes you feel good.

Be Active 

It is not easy sometimes to fit in a gym session or a HITT class when you are busy mum with busy life. I have a gym membership but I can’t say I go on weekly basis. But it is ok, I don’t beat myself up for that (especially because my husband pays for the membership) 😂

To do something active you don’t necessary have to join the gym, even 10-15 minutes of running would make you feel so much better not only physically but mentally too. I always thought running was boring until i tried it. Omg, I loved it! It felt so free, as if I’m running through the life like a Pro and nothing can beat me. I don’t enjoy running for running I enjoy the feeling it gives me, as if I’m flying, floating, like I can do anything. It gives me confidence, relieve the stress instantly, and gives me emotional boost “runner’s high”.

Swimming is another exercise that I enjoy but don’t do often. I used to swim so much during pregnancy. I remember I managed to swim 30 lenses on the day my water broke. 

Doesn’t matter what activity you choose from running, biking walking or swimming as long as it makes you feel good and gives you that adrenalin is what counts.

That is self-care. There are many more ways of self-care such as socialising with friends, just chatting with someone about things that interest you and taking mind of your responsibilities is what energise you.

Spare some time of the day and give it to yourself to be a better mum, wife... to be a better version of yourself.
If you enjoyed reading the blog, please stay tuned for more coming up. 



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