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Friday, 20 March 2020

My Favourite Eczema Friendly Make-Up

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Hi lovelies, I have made a post about my skin care routine for eczema prone skin previously, and thought I add my Go-to make-up products that I have been using for years suitable for eczema skin.

As I have mentioned in previous post I suffer from eczema mostly on my face. I do get flare ups but it's only due to stress levels, anxiety and over tiredness.
Oh yea and that is how I basically feel most of the time.
But anyway, I have been very loyal to my favourite brand BareMinerals!!! I can’t express how I love their products. Not all my makeup is from bare minerals but the main ones are.

My make-up routine takes around 15minutes, this is because I have to get up early for work and If I can spare few more minutes in bed, Heck Yes.

I pretty much do same make-up routine every day. If I feel like it, I add an eyeliner but mostly its just concealer, foundation,bronzer, eyeshadow and mascara.
I believe that if you spend a little extra on a decent product that isn’t going to cause your skin trouble its a winner and will probably last you few months before you need to purchase another one.

This is a loose powder aim to brighten your under eye area.
I have bought this originally for my dark under eyes. I was hoping this will brighten it up so I don’t look tired and it did the job.
I use this also as a concealer on other parts of my face. 
I open the cap and shake a little bit of the product into the cap. With a thin brush I apply the powder around my nose, under eyes, and wherever I have redness or spot.
I would like to add that when I used too much of this product under my eyes, after a while the powder started to build up in my creases and show all my normally invisible wrinkles.
My advice would be use only a little bit on your brush and blend it well.

After application, I can see that my face is already brighter and more clearer. It just manages to cover those little discolourations all over.
Then I go ahead and apply foundation powder.

This is my all time favourite powder foundation. I’ve tried BareMinerals liquid foundation before but it wasn’t as good as this one. Even after trying other brands I have always returned back to this baby. 

I use the same technique as with the concealer. Using bigger face brush, I shake some powder to the cap and swirl the brush in it, shake off any access to the cap. With circular motions I apply it all over my face, properly buffing it in.
My skin is still able to breath and it doesn’t block my pores. Looks so natural. Love it!!

This one I have only actually started using few months ago. I wanted a change from loose bronzer that I had previously ( Warmth bronzer powder  ) from the same brand which is also very nice, gives you lovely colour as if you just came back from Caribbean holiday.
Warmth bronzer powder is loose powder, very pigmented, you only need to put very little into the cap. 
I needed a change from the loose powder so I tried the Endless Summer Bronzer from BareMinerals and I love it. You don’t have to use too much for natural look but its buildable. It gives you that sun kissed skin you get on holiday.

I have never had any problems with BareMinerals products, regarding allergic reactions. Foundation and concealer provide great coverage, buildable, my skin in able to breath and this is why it doesn’t effect my eczema.

I use Benefit mascara for years now. Its another go-to for me. I don’t want to say there isn’t anything better out there then this but I am very happy with the volume and length I achieve with this product.

The Naked palette from Urban Decay I have been using since my wedding in 2011.😀 I still remember I bought my first palette on the plane to Mexico where we were going to get married. (OMG please take me back there noooow. Bit of tequila slammers on the beach, sunshine, sea and Im happy. )
Ok lets not get carried away here please!
Yes, so I have a nice memory connected to this palette.
To be honest I had this for a long time and I don’t know if this palette is actually discontinued. 

I use a simple black eye pencil from Bourjois Khol and contour Ultra black to underline my upper waterline which gives appearance of thicker, fuller lashes.
And sometimes depending on how I feel I apply ink eyeliner that I have from YSL Shocking False Lash Effect Eyeliner   which is amazing and last all day.

This is all I use my lovelies. Hope you are having a nice day!



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