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Thursday, 19 March 2020

My Best Tips For Entertaining Kids At Home

Hello again my lovelies,
I want to put together some ideas to keep your kids entertained at home with some home schooling included and so in other words keep you mamas SANE.
We all are going through same thing at the moment of home isolation and we need every tips out there to keep the kids happy because we all know that if kids are happy parents must be over the moon.

I will share some tips of what we do at home when we can’t go out. Some schools are already closed,some will close on Friday and you need to be ready.

Lets get started!
I have found a nice schedule of the day on Pinterest and I just adjusted it to what suits us at home.
It make my child happy to follow routine, we know what we are doing each day and with the schedule I still manage to do my work and have spare time for myself. Bingo!

7-9 am
Wake up Time
Tidy the bedroom, get dressed, brush teeth and have a breakfast.

Active time: walk, dog walking,or do some exercises at home, stick youtube on with yoga classes and make your children to be active.

Activity time: drawing, creating something, crafting, or
Reading / Learning for home schooling if you have older kids.

Snack time, (little free time for parents and kids or cleaning hour for parents while kids chill )


Fun time ( dancing to music, playing instruments if you have any, dress up in costumes dancing)

Lunch Time

Home schooling for older kids
Garden Play / Active time for younger kiddos

Quiet Time; watching movie, TV, Screen time

Creative Time : Baking , painting, Playing with toys

Active Time: Garden Play, hide and seek at home, play statues with music of their choice

Dinner Time

Quiet time: watching tv, play with toys

Bath time, Preparing for bed, change of clothes, reading book

Bed time

This is just something I started following and my daughter loves it. I think the idea of having a school at home is interesting for her. I do my work during her snack time, and quiet time. This is a good plan of the day for us. 

I prepare lunch during her “fun time”.
As  I mentioned in my previous posts, we loooove routine.

I am also going to mention some activity ideas that you can do with your kids.
You can be creative and look online on Pinterest, Instagram for ideas. Think of what’s coming up such as Mother’s Day, Easter right now.

Easter Eggs Making
I have made a little holes into the shell of the egg one both ends and blew inside to empty the egg out into the bowl. Once everything was out, I have put the shell into the egg holder and set up for Lily-Mae to paint the egg however she likes. You can show her pictures on the phone of different ideas.

We also cut out egg shapes from paper, and painted it. We have done a little board to show what we made.

Make Mother’s day cards, ask them to surprise you. Make sure they are all set up, help with things they are not able to do and give them some ideas which you can also find on Pinterest. It is easier for them to create something they seen, show them examples.

Creating Instruments to make Music

This might be a little too painful for your ears 😂, but we have set up a little instrument Orchestra from the kitchen pots and utensils. We’ve put on kids music CD, and used our instruments to play to the beat.

We also used wrapper, pasta in glass jar. Anything that make sound counts. I asked her to think of what else could be used as instrument.
I have suggested to dance around while holding the instruments and play.
She actually loved it and while she played I was able to make some quick lunch for us.

Board Games

Lily-Mae loves board games( SHHH!! Don’t Wake Dad Game, Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed Game,) Play cards together, doesn’t matter if she doesn’t knows the rules, create your own rules.

However if you want them to play on their own I suggest you have 15 minutes of Board Games with them then switch to a game they can play on their own such as Playmobil, Wac-a-mole Game, Lego..

Garden Playtime

You might have a better weather this time of the year where you live, but as it is mostly raining where we are so there isn’t much for kids to do in the garden.

We have a canapé where I have moved the slide for Lily-Mae to play without getting wet. She knows that  she has an hour of garden playtime and I will let her know when time is up. She can use a scooter, play with a ball, run around with Poppy (dog). She always find something to do out there.

Home Schooling

Well, to make this interesting, I set up a school class in her bedroom. All the teddies are sitting down as children and Lily-Mae in between. We follow the school home learning plan but I try to make it a play. I am the teacher and I teach teddies and Lily-Mae. She enjoys it more like this. It has to be fun.

You can adjust the schedule of the day to what suits you more, if you feel your child needs more learning at home go ahead and swap activity or quiet time for more learning time. I really need some routine that will help us at home make the day a little bit more productive.
Because, let me tell you ladies, bored kiddos means grumpy kiddos and that aren’t fun.
You also don’t have to follow this until bed time, you can just create home schedule only until the kids normally are at school. The afternoon could be free to do what they like.

Hope this was helpful to establish a routine during those strange circumstances that we are in.
We are all in it together.

Have a lovely day!




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