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Saturday, 28 March 2020

How To Balance Working Mum Life

Hi lovelies, How are you all doing?

 Today’s post in about balancing you life as a “working mum”, and this is something that I have been doing in our household since Lily-Mae was born. Trying to find the right balance to be able to both work and be good parents isn’t easy. I don’t have any babysitters but we have been managing very well between us.
Some things however sometimes have to give.
Balance of working parents is different in every household. This depends on the job you have.
I managed to set up good working mum balance by working part time. I am able to drop off and collect my daughter from school and be there to do homework, cooking and spend time with her.
This might change as she gets older.
I have some tips that might help you along the ways of balancing your working mum life.

Don't stress about a messy house

 Many of us like to have a clean house, freshly folded laundry, cooked dinner, fed children and just decluttered house all throughout because this makes us happier, less anxious people.
But trying to keep this up all the time as well as your working life will break your back and might effect you mentally and physically. Best way to approach this is to accept that not everything can be done as we like all the time.
Decide what is important to you and let other things to slip a little.

Dirty house and messy house are very different things. It is acceptable if you have a messy house. Kids make mess by playing, this can be easily tidied up once they are in bed or even better get them involved and let them help you tidy up their toys once they finished playing.

Speed clean “ HOUR" few times a week would also work if you don’t want to spend all day cleaning but want to have a clean house. This works great for me and you would be surprised how much you can do in that hour. 
Or perhaps, You can try to clean downstairs one day and leave upstairs for another.
I find that if my bed is made-up the whole room looks tidy, instantly making me feel less anxious.
And if the floor downstairs is cleaned I keep my sanity. Before bed, wash and put away dishes so you wake up to a clean kitchen.
Make habits for your children so they feel more independent by having their responsibilities. Let them put their folded laundry away, prepare their uniform for school night before, tidy their bedroom or put their shoes and coat away themselves.

Create a routine for yourself
Routine is important especially if you are working from home. You have to have some sort of structure, a timetable of when you start and finish your job. 
If you have your routine and you follow it, you won’t need to go back to finish your work load once your kids are in bed. Set yourself an office and while kids are at school, nursery make sure you are productive at your work.
 Adjust your work to what your circumstances are, if you are working mum from home and also looking after your child at the same time it is a little bit trickier. Try to set your work during nap times, or play times. This will probably change along the way as your child gets older and daily routine will change.

We are both working parents, my husband works full time and I work part time. When Lily-Mae was at nursery I was also studying along my work. It was difficult to juggle work life and family life but we managed.

She started nursery before she was 1 years old. This was 3 times a week when we both were at work. We had to decide who can drop her off and pick her up.
It was mostly my husband who did the drop offs and pick ups as I worked 12 hours.
I was at home with her the rest of the days, playing, cleaning and enjoying mama and daughter time.
This has changed as she started school. I reduced my hours more and I am there to drop her off and pick her up from school most of the days. I am there for homework, dinners, playtime, and bedtime. I did that because it worked for us best as a family.

Don’t forget Self-Care

Sometimes having a balance between work and parenting makes us forget about self-care.
You have to remember that before you became a mama you were a person with your own hobbies, interests and things that made you happy.
It is so important to fit those into your life. Things that make us better people. If you only work and look after your children without any time for yourself you will burn out eventually and this will impact your mental health. If you are not at your best, family life and work life will suffer.
Have your nails done, hair done, exercise, do yoga, meditate or enjoy a coffee in peace whatever makes you happy mama.
I believe that if you love doing something, you will always find time for it. 
This will make you more happier person and give you that drive you need to balance your life.

Don't Compare yourself to other mums

Your life is your life, and it is very different from everybody else’s. So please give yourself a favour and stop comparing yourself to other mums.

Sometimes we don’t see what other people’s life truly looks like behind the closed doors. What we see on the outside probably isn’t the most truthful picture of their life.
You are unique and so is your life. You are strong mama who is trying to do 2 jobs, because lets be honest parenting is one hell of a full time job which we wouldn’t change for anything.
Try to focus on what you have, encourage yourself to be an example to others, how you stay positive even when things are not going the way you want.
Comparing yourself to others just sets you back and slow you down  at achieving success in your work life and family life. 

Find a shortcut or make things simpler 
Sometimes it can be very stressful getting things done if you are working mum. Think of things that could be simplified or changed to give you some breathing space.
Why not get organised on Sunday for the whole week with meal preps.
Write down what you will be making for dinner each day and prepare yourself for it.
Chop some vegetables and put it into a storage containers ready. Prepare sauce and keep it in the fridge so on a day you just need to boil some pasta.
Make pack lunches ready for the whole week, make pasta salads and keep in the fridge or sandwiches that you can freeze.
Just find out the correct storage advice online and off you go.

Try to do online shopping. When you do shopping once you can even save your usual items in your Favourites and this saves you searching for it next time.

Make sure you check the sizes of the items to avoid disappointment when it arrives.
This way you not only save time but also money as you don’t shop anything that is on offer but only what you need.
Don't make your child go to all the after school classes. This will drive you insane. Why not choose the most favourite class or two a week and spend the rest of the time having fun together.

Kill two birds with one stone

Meet up with your mama friends for a nice catch-up and let kids have a play date. 
Meet at the Soft Play for example so the kids could run around and enjoy their day while you can re-energise by spending quality time chatting to your mama friends.
I go to the gym while my daughter is in her ballet class. The class is in our local gym so I have no excuse. I enjoy running, I spend some time on a treadmill while she is having fun. 

Remember that keeping a balance as a working mum is an on going process, it changes slowly as your kids are growing up and the circumstances change. We have to reflect on how things are going, juggle things around, make adjustments that will work for your family.
Don’t judge yourself or put too much pressure on yourself, we are all in this together and sometimes it is very hard to get the right balance that will work for us.
Don’t hesitate to ask for help, perhaps from your family, your husband or friends. You will see how many people would be willing to help you.



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