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Monday, 23 March 2020

Happy Mother’s Day Mamas

Im so proud to celebrate Mother’s day, I’m proud to be a mother to my beautiful daughter.
I was spoiled today. Not with gifts but with love.
You can’t buy cuddles, kisses of your child. I don’t want my Mother’s day to be just about gifts.
Call me old fashioned perhaps but I feel more happier if I can spend Mother’s day with my family over any gifts so I have told my hubby in advance not to bother.
 I have been spoiled, have had a delicious breakfast in bed (not something I would have very often, but my daughter insisted), she gave me a flower from our garden and made me a lovely mother’s day card which made me giggle a little( she drew inside myself with a baby in my tummy holding her hand), Im not pregnant by the way, all I have in my tummy is tons of food.😂

The excitement on her face when she did all this for me was priceless ( obviously with daddy’s help), she was so proud of herself.
There was no meal out as everything is shut for social distancing but we had a lovely walk in the park together and done some fun staff at home, then watched my favourite movie.
This is all I need to enjoy my day.

Hope you all mamas out there had a lovely Mother’s day full of love and nice memories. It’s a difficult time as lot of us can’t visit our mums to celebrate their special day but we will make up for it once this time passes.

 Motherhood is a bumpy journey full of obstacles and we need to give ourselves a credit for getting through it each time.
Small achievements should be celebrated to give us strength to continue this mad pathway.
Children are driving us crazy most of the time but they also brought the best of us, awaken the love that we have never felt before, the Unconditional love that nobody can feel to anyone else only a parent to the child.

Cheers to all mamas out there.
Thank you for taking time to read my mother’s day experience.



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