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Sunday, 22 March 2020

Encourage Children To Gardening While At Home

Hello Ladies, as the social distancing started and we are staying mostly indoors, why not getting your kids to master some gardening skills.
It doesn't matter really what age your kids are, even toddlers can get close relationship with garden life. 
If you don’t have a garden, why not plant some seeds into the pots for the windowsill.
Kids like activities that are fun, you can easily make them enjoy bit of gardening with just a bit of planning.

Kids Gardening tools
One way of encouraging kids to gardening is getting them the right tools. You can easily order some online, from Amazon and get delivered to your door without going out.
Those are not pricey and believe me, kids would love parcel delivery, especially for them.

Make a plan together
Speak to your kids and plan together what you are going to do.
Perhaps ask them to choose what they would to plant: flowers / herbs, vegetables...
Show them pictures online, on Instagram or Pinterest. Make sure it is something that can be planted this time of year.
Choose plants that don’t take long time to grow as kids could get easily discouraged if the first planting didn’t work out.
Try to do a little research of what are the best and easiest seeds to plant this time of year and then give them a choice.

If you don’t have a garden, don’t worry. You can always plant indoors. Make DIY pot trey, even if it is from plastic cups, make hole at the bottom for the water drainage, get your kids to decorate them, use your imagination and don’t forget to place them on a plate or a trey so the water has somewhere to run, its all about the fun ladies. Place it on the windowsill.
Your windowsill is like a greenhouse this time of year.

Allocate the Plot 
If you are planting in the garden give your kid their own planting area, perhaps make them a little raised bed. This isn’t necessary, it could be a garden pot, little patch in the garden. Let them choose perhaps. Get them to make the area ready for the show 😉. Kids love to dig in the dirt.

Watch Gardening Videos for Kids
There is lots of videos on Youtube to not only encourage your children but also educate about gardening skills.
Home time should be more about learning now they haven’t got that social time at school learning new skills. I am sure they will be exited to watch fun videos and then practice themselves.

Kids Love Responsibility
Kids love if they can make decisions, have independence and achieve something they would be proud of.
Encouraging them to plant seeds, or flowers, herbs whatever you decide, They develop new skills and learn about science and nature from growing their food (strawberries, carrots, tomatoes), flowers or herbs.
Kids love playing with water and mainly with the waterincan, encourage them to water the plant regularly. Make them busy, put the ‘water the plant” task into your daily schedule plan. They will love it.

If you have a toddler, they will love to play with the soil,pots... They like messy play and you can help them plant their first pant.

This is just another option of keeping your kiddos busy at home, another activity that you can add to your list. The excitement of seeing the plant growing and them achieving something is priceless.

Lily-Mae chose to plant seeds of cherry tomatoes and cucumber. Once she finished, we placed it on our windowsill where we get a lot of sunshine. She will be watering as needed and watch those beauties to grow.

Thank you for taking time to read the post!
Have a nice day.



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