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Wednesday, 18 March 2020

Chat Time

Hello Ladies, I thought I sit down and talk a little about whats going on in the world aka COVID-19. I am sitting by the fire at home typing this and drinking Gin and tonic so bear with me if you find me blabbing too much off topic or if my spelling is worse then ever.
 I need to address the situation as it is something that at present is effecting all of us, wherever we are and it wouldn’t be right to continue posting as normal here without mentioning few words.

We are keeping at home most of the time, only trying to nip out to the shop when necessary even tough all the toilet rolls are sold out..( still Not sure about that one )
We watch the news each day for an update. I still need to go to work as I work for the National Health Service. We can’t shut the hospitals, we have to carry on taking care of all vulnerable people,with or without corona virus, but at this time extremely understaffed. Good job I love my job (most of the times๐Ÿ˜„).

The schools will be closed from Friday and we will have to do home schooling.  You will probably agree with me it is very stressful time and the uncertainty of how is this going to stop is very unclear.
I am trying to keep positive mind but it is hard. To be honest I still can’t believe how this virus took over so quick.
I don’t want to stress myself out too much about it. I see how serious it is but trying to only watch the news once a day for an update, do something positive throughout the day to take my mind off.

I am sending all my love to those affected by the virus and all your families. We all have to stay strong and keep believing that this is going to be past and we will be able to live as normal soon.

What about the kids? We had a message today saying the schools will be closed from Friday, which is probably a good think to keep them safe but Who on earth will stay sane staying home with the kids without socialising, going out? How can you entertain them each day without loosing it for who knows how long? I am going to forget all my housework and just let my child to trash the house as long as she is happy, and me too. ๐Ÿ˜‚

I only just realised how much I took for granted going out, socialise. But lets not overthink and over-worry ourselves.
Yet again Meditation helps me so much to get through the anxiety that I feel at the moment. I try to think positive and believe that we will be able to beat it soon.
We all have to try to stay calm, follow the measures from government and hope that it will help.

I have to admit blogging is another way for me to de-stress, take my mind of the whole COVID-19. I feel that if I can bring something positive out to share why not, we all need to focus on something nice right now.
It is very difficult situation we are in at the moment, if you are feeling anxious please give yourself a break from watching the news, try to listen your favourite relaxing music or read positive inspiring book. I like to listen to audible “ Super Attractor” by Gabby Bernstein or from the same author “ The Universe Has Your Back”. Those books give me faith, positive outlook about the whole LIFE thing. I highly recommend reading those, they truly change your thinking.

Please stay safe wherever you are and have faith that this situation will get better soon.
Have a lovely day!



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