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Tuesday, 17 March 2020

Benefits of Reading To A Child And Our Book Recommendations

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As you can see from the title, this post is about the importance of reading to your children, the benefits of reading and also what books we enjoyed to read since Lily-Mae was born.

Do you read to your children?
When I was little, my parents never really read me books, it wasn’t a thing in our household. I didn’t know any better, but I think having my mum to sit down and give me that one-to-one time would have been so precious.
I enjoy reading to Lily-Mae, it is beneficial not only for her but I feel it brings me something positive too. 

Why do we read books?

Reading books is not only beneficial for children but also for grown ups.

Reading to your child from early age helps to develop language and listening skills. 

As they grow, they will have a good relationship with books and enjoy reading in general. 
Some people might think, why read to young toddlers,they are not going to remember it. 
No, they might not exactly remember you reading to them at early age but as they listen to you reading each day, even if it is same book read several times, they develop higher receptive vocabulary as they grow and it boosts their brain development.

Isn’t it amazing, how positive the impact of about 10 minutes reading with our children daily has on their brain? 

It is not only comforting, nurturing activity that you easily share, but starting early and continuing throughout childhood will definitely encourage their language skills, vocabulary and imagination.

We, as parents are often so busy and bed time reading would be something we would rather skip, I am talking from my own experience, and that is OK. 

We are only human, we get tired, stressed, there is no point to beat ourselves up for that.
I skip reading sometimes, I explain to Lily-Mae why and I promise to read little longer next day.
  It doesn’t have to be before bed it could be anytime of the day but having that habit in your routine is essential. Children will look forward to that special time with you.

Lots of books provide education to children. You can start reading to babies as early as newborn or little later.

 You can find books with colours, touchy-feely books created with sensory play and learning in mind, allowing young children to explore the textures of the world around them. 
The books are created with lots of different materials on each page for babies to explore. 
My daughter loved those kind of books and I did too. It was so lovely to see her enjoying touching all different materials in the book and engaging in reading that way.

Reading books in bed is lovely, peaceful way to bond with your child. However busy your day was, reading books together, you are spending quality one-to-one time with your child.

How to read bed time books

I used to choose two or three books and let Lily-Mae choose which one or two she wants to read. This way we don’t have a battle of choosing between more and more books.

She usually chose the one she knew best and was her favourite, as toddlers are comforted by reading a story they know. 
Even if this book has been read several times, it is ok, as children learn through repetition.
She knew them so well, if I would have skipped the pages she would tell me.

Now that she is 5, she has books with chapters and I normally read around 3 chapters each night, sometimes more, sometimes less. She interrupts me throughout reading to talk about it, ask questions or to have a good look at the pictures. This is ok, at least I know she is listening. 

Don’t forget, kids can’t stay in same position for long, I let her move or walk around sometimes while I’m reading. That doesn’t mean she isn’t listening. This happened often when she was a toddler but still even now.

Our favourite books 

Toddler age:

That’s not my... ( series of books by Fiona Watt and Rachel Wells) she loved those most and we had almost all of them. She was engaging so much touching different materials in the book.

Its mine ( by Rod Campbell) was another one of her favourite books.

Peppa Pig books from (Peppa’s Favourite collection)

We had few of those, she also enjoyed them.

I love my Daddy (By Giles Andreae)

She used to choose this one when daddy was reading to her.

Fox’s Socks by (Julia Donaldson)

She enjoyed lifting the flaps on each page to see what was hidden underneath.

Hide-and-Seek Pig by ( Julia Donaldson)

Oh Dear! ( lift the flap book by Rod Campbell)

The Very Hungry Caterpillar by ( Eric Carle)

Those were books she had in toddler months.

She still likes them as she is able to read some of them herself.

Age 4-6

Read At Home - Biff, Chip and Floppy Series of books ( Oxford reading)

We have a full series of those and I believe we ordered it from Ebay. They are expensive but very educational. They use those at schools too.

I Need A Wee by ( Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet)

Matilda by ( Roald Dahl)

This is a much thicker book then she was used to. We read around 3 chapters a day. She enjoyed it especially because she watched the movie on TV before.

Another long book we are currently reading. She loves it and can’t wait each night to see what is Charlie up to next.

In between, we’ve also read Slovakian books to learn the language.

Purchasing books on a budget 

I have to admit, purchasing some books could be quiet costly. Especially series of books.

However, there are other places worth looking.
I have bought several books in Charity Shops, especially the Oxford Books about Biff,Chip and Floppy. Those she loved since she was in pre-school but they were expensive.
 I was always able to find one in charity shop. 
However, to purchase the whole series I had to look online, and the best places were Ebay or Facebook selling pages. 
Kids are growing up quickly, their interest on favourite books changes, why not save money and purchase books that have been used. 

Library is another place that people forget about, nowadays. You can have whatever book you want without paying any money for it. And, as you can keep the books for several days, you can read it to your kids few times if they enjoyed it.
My daughter loves library, she always ask to go but I have to admit I hardly ever take her, which is naughty of me.

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