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Sunday, 29 March 2020

Simply Lemon - Syrup Loaf Cake Recipe

I don’t know how you mamas feel but the first week of social distancing and home isolation with kids off school has been tough. I truly admire all that teachers have to do for our children.
I only have one child so you mamas with two or more kids will probably say ,’what is she complaining about’ but with english not being my first language I really don’t  think I will manage home schooling for much longer. But I keep telling myself ‘You’ve got this mama. And maybe I use it as an excuse because I just can’t be bothered to follow the routine daily, trying to create different activities to make my child busy.
Ok I had my moan, lets move on.
Today is Sunday and we have just came back from a nice walk in the park and I have decided to make our family favourite Lemon Syrup Loaf Cake.

The recipe is actually from Nigella Lawson’s cookbook that I’ve got as a gift from my previous ward manager at work. She used to love baking for the staff and I fell in love with this cake. When I baked the cake at home for the first time the whole family loved it. My husband has very high standards ( thats way he got me haha) and is very fussy when it comes to food but he really enjoyed this cake too. So its a keeper. Yeeee..
Its simple, but really tasty, if you don’t want to spend too much time in the kitchen but fancy something sweet try this cake.

  • 125g unsalted butter
  • 175g caster sugar
  • 2 large eggs
  • zest of 1 lemon
  • 175g self raising flour
  • pinch of salt
  • 4 tbs of milk
  • 23x13x7cm loaf tin, buttered and lined

Ingredients for Lemon syrup:

  • juice of 1 and half or 2  lemons
  • 100g of icing sugar


  • Preheat the oven to 180C. Butter the loaf tin and line with baking sheet. Make sure when you cut the baking sheet, to leave it 1cm longer around the sides to help you pull the cake out of the tin at the end.
  • Cream the butter and sugar in a bowl , add eggs and lemon zest, beating them in well.
  • Gently but thoroughly fold in the Flour mixed with pinch of salt.
  • Add milk.
  • Spoon the mixture into the lined loaf tin and put into the middle of the oven for 45 minutes.

  • 10 minutes to the end of cooking time, start preparing your lemon syrup.
  • Place icing sugar and juice of lemon into a saucepan and heat up, mixing until its clear and sugar has melted.

  • When cake is golden brown and little risen in the middle take it out of the oven, and with long cake-tester or something similar puncture the cake all over. 
  • Drizzle over the lemon syrup with the spoon , letting the middle to absorb the syrup as well as the rest. Keep the cake in a tin until it's completely cold as it could crumple.
Store in a tight container.

Please let me know if you try the recipe and I hope you like it.
Now I should get ready for the upcoming week of activities and home learning to save me thinking of what crafts to create on the day.
Have a nice rest of the day.



Saturday, 28 March 2020

How To Balance Working Mum Life

Hi lovelies, How are you all doing?

 Today’s post in about balancing you life as a “working mum”, and this is something that I have been doing in our household since Lily-Mae was born. Trying to find the right balance to be able to both work and be good parents isn’t easy. I don’t have any babysitters but we have been managing very well between us.
Some things however sometimes have to give.
Balance of working parents is different in every household. This depends on the job you have.
I managed to set up good working mum balance by working part time. I am able to drop off and collect my daughter from school and be there to do homework, cooking and spend time with her.
This might change as she gets older.
I have some tips that might help you along the ways of balancing your working mum life.

Don't stress about a messy house

 Many of us like to have a clean house, freshly folded laundry, cooked dinner, fed children and just decluttered house all throughout because this makes us happier, less anxious people.
But trying to keep this up all the time as well as your working life will break your back and might effect you mentally and physically. Best way to approach this is to accept that not everything can be done as we like all the time.
Decide what is important to you and let other things to slip a little.

Dirty house and messy house are very different things. It is acceptable if you have a messy house. Kids make mess by playing, this can be easily tidied up once they are in bed or even better get them involved and let them help you tidy up their toys once they finished playing.

Speed clean “ HOUR" few times a week would also work if you don’t want to spend all day cleaning but want to have a clean house. This works great for me and you would be surprised how much you can do in that hour. 
Or perhaps, You can try to clean downstairs one day and leave upstairs for another.
I find that if my bed is made-up the whole room looks tidy, instantly making me feel less anxious.
And if the floor downstairs is cleaned I keep my sanity. Before bed, wash and put away dishes so you wake up to a clean kitchen.
Make habits for your children so they feel more independent by having their responsibilities. Let them put their folded laundry away, prepare their uniform for school night before, tidy their bedroom or put their shoes and coat away themselves.

Create a routine for yourself
Routine is important especially if you are working from home. You have to have some sort of structure, a timetable of when you start and finish your job. 
If you have your routine and you follow it, you won’t need to go back to finish your work load once your kids are in bed. Set yourself an office and while kids are at school, nursery make sure you are productive at your work.
 Adjust your work to what your circumstances are, if you are working mum from home and also looking after your child at the same time it is a little bit trickier. Try to set your work during nap times, or play times. This will probably change along the way as your child gets older and daily routine will change.

We are both working parents, my husband works full time and I work part time. When Lily-Mae was at nursery I was also studying along my work. It was difficult to juggle work life and family life but we managed.

She started nursery before she was 1 years old. This was 3 times a week when we both were at work. We had to decide who can drop her off and pick her up.
It was mostly my husband who did the drop offs and pick ups as I worked 12 hours.
I was at home with her the rest of the days, playing, cleaning and enjoying mama and daughter time.
This has changed as she started school. I reduced my hours more and I am there to drop her off and pick her up from school most of the days. I am there for homework, dinners, playtime, and bedtime. I did that because it worked for us best as a family.

Don’t forget Self-Care

Sometimes having a balance between work and parenting makes us forget about self-care.
You have to remember that before you became a mama you were a person with your own hobbies, interests and things that made you happy.
It is so important to fit those into your life. Things that make us better people. If you only work and look after your children without any time for yourself you will burn out eventually and this will impact your mental health. If you are not at your best, family life and work life will suffer.
Have your nails done, hair done, exercise, do yoga, meditate or enjoy a coffee in peace whatever makes you happy mama.
I believe that if you love doing something, you will always find time for it. 
This will make you more happier person and give you that drive you need to balance your life.

Don't Compare yourself to other mums

Your life is your life, and it is very different from everybody else’s. So please give yourself a favour and stop comparing yourself to other mums.

Sometimes we don’t see what other people’s life truly looks like behind the closed doors. What we see on the outside probably isn’t the most truthful picture of their life.
You are unique and so is your life. You are strong mama who is trying to do 2 jobs, because lets be honest parenting is one hell of a full time job which we wouldn’t change for anything.
Try to focus on what you have, encourage yourself to be an example to others, how you stay positive even when things are not going the way you want.
Comparing yourself to others just sets you back and slow you down  at achieving success in your work life and family life. 

Find a shortcut or make things simpler 
Sometimes it can be very stressful getting things done if you are working mum. Think of things that could be simplified or changed to give you some breathing space.
Why not get organised on Sunday for the whole week with meal preps.
Write down what you will be making for dinner each day and prepare yourself for it.
Chop some vegetables and put it into a storage containers ready. Prepare sauce and keep it in the fridge so on a day you just need to boil some pasta.
Make pack lunches ready for the whole week, make pasta salads and keep in the fridge or sandwiches that you can freeze.
Just find out the correct storage advice online and off you go.

Try to do online shopping. When you do shopping once you can even save your usual items in your Favourites and this saves you searching for it next time.

Make sure you check the sizes of the items to avoid disappointment when it arrives.
This way you not only save time but also money as you don’t shop anything that is on offer but only what you need.
Don't make your child go to all the after school classes. This will drive you insane. Why not choose the most favourite class or two a week and spend the rest of the time having fun together.

Kill two birds with one stone

Meet up with your mama friends for a nice catch-up and let kids have a play date. 
Meet at the Soft Play for example so the kids could run around and enjoy their day while you can re-energise by spending quality time chatting to your mama friends.
I go to the gym while my daughter is in her ballet class. The class is in our local gym so I have no excuse. I enjoy running, I spend some time on a treadmill while she is having fun. 

Remember that keeping a balance as a working mum is an on going process, it changes slowly as your kids are growing up and the circumstances change. We have to reflect on how things are going, juggle things around, make adjustments that will work for your family.
Don’t judge yourself or put too much pressure on yourself, we are all in this together and sometimes it is very hard to get the right balance that will work for us.
Don’t hesitate to ask for help, perhaps from your family, your husband or friends. You will see how many people would be willing to help you.



Thursday, 26 March 2020

Tips On How To Be A Better Parent And Stop Yelling At Your Kids

Parenting has never been easy. Any advice on better parenting is appreciated in this household. Especially, at this time when we are all in “home isolation".  Please don’t expect that you will suddenly master the parenting skills from this post. Its just a gathering of all my little tips that I am trying to follow to be a better parent.

I have read a couple of books about parenting, as you all know I do like my books for routine and Anything to do with kids, get some tips on how to deal with tantrums and so on ...

A Great book to recommend to every parent out there with kids of any age is NO DRAMA DISCIPLINE by Daniel J. Siegel, Tina Payne Bryson.
This book just makes it look so easy, and has made me feel guilty on some occasions ( about how I handled some of the examples they mentioned in my own life, as I have a very short fuse and i can loose temper very easily )  but that is a good thing, as it made me realise what I was doing wrong and how to change the approach completely when it comes to dealing with my anger and yelling at my child.

Another great book to read is THE FIVE LOVE LANGUAGES OF CHILDREN by Gary Chapman. This book explains behaviours of our children, how to understand their behaviour and inspire you to be a better parent.

We are the role models for our children, they watch our behaviour in many situations, they copy it and associate with it as normal. We are probably aware of this by now but in the situation when we are angry we don’t think that. The anger takes over and we yell, and the more we yell the angrier we are. I hold my hands up because that is me, completely.
We are only human and we get angry, kids drive us nuts sometimes, and especially when we are tired we lose temper quicker then necessary.
 Sometimes, when my daughter is in bed I feel so bad for how I reacted on a particular occasion when she made me mad, and realised how I could have done it differently without yelling.
I should have done it with calmness because most of the time if kids do something wrong they didn’t mean it, it wasn’t on purpose and they are probably sorry, but a yelling parent can trigger their anger too. Kids that are too young don’t know what is right or wrong, we have to educate them often so they remember.

By all means, I am not a perfect parent and I am still working it out and always will be as that is parenting for you. We are just not going to act always the way we want to, but at least trying to control our anger and respond in a more friendlier way is a good start( at least that is what I tell myself).

I am trying to see my child as a person with her own personality, because that is what she is, not someone that I want to change to my liking. I want to respect her choices, teach her what I know but let her be her own self.
I want to teach her to respect, love, share kindness and have confidence by my actions and my reactions to situations not by telling her to be kind and loving and not doing so myself.
Kids only copy our behaviour anyway. Respecting her as a little person is also important, otherwise she would feel frustrated and not listened to. If you come down to make an eye contact and listen to what your child has to say, you instantly make them feel important and respected.

See things from their perspective

Is your child being naughty, frustrated, angry and behaving badly? I am not professional on children’s behaviour but from my own experience this is how my daughter behaved when she wasn’t listened to, taken seriously when she wanted to express herself. But I didn’t notice that straight away, I would have yelled at her to stop that, or put her on a naughty step.
I wasn’t allowing her to express her feelings even if it was anger, or cry.
Now I try to understand why would she act like that, am I not listening to her, which is always the case to set her frustration off.
Did I yell at her for not good enough reason, maybe she didn’t mean to make the mess, spill the milk or break the telly. I try to approach it calmly and ask what happened. Sometimes she gets frustrated even before my reaction, she gets frustrated with herself for what she did.

Kids like to follow rules
If you have kids that argue with each other often fighting for toys, you need to find a good way to approach this situation without just yelling to stop.
If you set some rules in your household that includes sharing toys, they are more likely to follow it. Kids like rules and routine, if they can’t play nicely together set a time when one play and other helps you in the kitchen, for example.
Set boundaries in your house and make clear to your kids what is acceptable and what isn’t.

Give them explanation 
 If child is hitting or fighting you need to come down to their eye level and explain with firm tone of voice why that behaviour is not acceptable, explain to them how much it hurts and that nobody will want to play with them if they do that. Be short and clear, too much blabbing and they will loose concentration. You might need to do this several times before the child will understand.
Children go through the phase of hitting, spitting and fighting but it is your approach to the situation that is most important for child to eventually understand that it is not ok.
Talking to your children about their behaviour is a way of understanding them and their actions.
I would try to find out some advice from books or online and try different things out to see what works. Every child is different, what works for one might not work for the other.

Count to 10 before you respond
This is something I have started doing as I loose my temper very easily.
I count to 10 in my head slowly while taking deep breaths before I react.
I try to calm myself down by saying “ don’t get angry about it, it’s ok, no reason to shout” and sometimes I choose to stay silent, rather then yell. It actually helps me to release the frustration.
I don’t want my daughter to be afraid of me, if she did something wrong and is afraid to tell me because of my angry reactions. That isn’t how I want her to see me, I want her to feel confident to tell me everything because she knows I will understand, it wasn’t done purposely.
 She normally cries before she even tells me as she already knows what she did wasn’t right.  I just need to show her that I understand her feelings and I am there for her.
I still have to practice this one yet as sometimes it is so hard to stay calm.

Talk to your kids more about their feelings 
Communication is important in every relationship, even between parents and their children. Talking often about their emotions, frustrations is very essential to understand their actions. You can also apologise to your child for yelling so much when it wasn’t necessary. If you show to your child that you are sorry, they will probably apologise too. My daughter follows by saying sorry to me, for her naughty behaviour. We hug each other and are friends again.
Don’t try to talk to your child about emotions while they are angry, frustrated and yelling. They are not going to be pleasant. You wouldn’t be pleasant if someone talks to you about your behaviour when you are angry. Wait for them to calm down and once they are in a normal state, you can approach the conversation and tell them what you were not happy about.
Understand that sometimes not only us parents but also kids could get tired, which means more emotional and cranky, so we should have more patience with them especially at this time.

Don’t beat yourself up if you haven’t followed your resolution and found yourself yelling at your kids again. We are only human and sometimes kids push our buttons too much and we loose it. Give yourself credit for at least trying and believe that you will do better tomorrow. I normally find myself yelling when I’m extra tired and my patience isn’t there.

I hope that you found something in this post that you can take away with you and try to implement into your daily parenting life. Starting with small changes is better then not trying at all.
Please go ahead and share some of your parenting tips into  the comment section below, I would love to read them.



Wednesday, 25 March 2020

This Mama Loves Running

Hi everyone,  today I wanted to talk about running, its benefits and my experience.
Running is very important for me and possibly the only form of exercise that I do.
It even beats swimming which I used to do all the time before Lily-Mae was born.
We all know, running, same as other types of exercises gives you great health benefits and keep you in shape. To be honest I always thought running was very boring, I couldn’t understand how people enjoy it... Until I tried it!

OMG, I have felt like I was floating, flying away from stress, problems... I escaped from anxiety. I had clear mind purely focused on positive feelings, freedom, happiness . As if all my problems were gone. I felt confident, ready to face anything out there.
Isn’t it amazing how one type of exercise could give me that happy feeling.
I have read that running helps with anxiety and depression, and I hugely believe it. It improves your mental health.

I enjoy running wherever it is. Outdoor, especially when the weather is nice but I have to say, I don’t mind running on a treadmill either. Im just happy to RUN.

Running is very appealing exercise as you don’t really need any equipment, just good quality running shoes and you can go running anytime of the day. Just get out the door and do it.

I started with only few minutes running on a treadmill while my daughter had a ballet class at our local gym. I have to admit, it was hard at the start but slowly I was increasing the time. IT was my starting point.
Soon after, I was able to run 5 km outdoor, I was over the moon. What an improvement!

However running shouldn’t be underestimated and I can say this from my own experience.
I have run from 6km straight to running 10km. I pushed myself too much without building up to it slowly. Mistake!!!
I have put too much pressure on my knees and the impact caused a lot of pain.
I wasn’t able to run for weeks and weeks, and I’m serious. I could walk but as soon as I started to run my knees were hurting really badly.
Ever since then, I suffer often when I put too much pressure on my knee and shin.
This was upsetting for me as I enjoyed running so much. I knew that I needed to give my knees time to recover and then give it another go..
I managed to get back to running but I had to start again with only sort distances. I ran 10 minutes and stopped even if I felt I could have managed to run more.
Slowly, I was increasing time only for 1 or 2 minutes every couple of weeks. This might seems silly to you but if I did more then that I would feel my knees hurting again.
Don’t take for granted if people tell you to ease slowly into it. Too much impact might cause damage to your knees and long term problems you really don’t need.

The opposite, If you SLOWLY increase running distance, it actually helps to strengthen your knees and joints.

Now I take my time, as much as I would love to train for marathon, I am grateful to be able to run again and I just do it as an enjoyable form of exercise now and again.

If you are a beginner, you want to get fit you should start with brisk walking first and slowly progress to jogging and work up to running. This way you will enjoy the exercise and feel the benefits it brings you.
You could even run with a friend or join park run groups, I personally prefer my own company and run in my own speed.

Why it is important to stretch before running
Very important is to stretch before and after the run. Regular stretching before and after running improves muscles flexibility, reduces stiffness.
Before you run you need some warm up exercises, you can find lots of different examples on youtube. Those warm up exercises should be aimed to loosen the muscles ready for running.
I don’t really spend much time on warm up exercises at home, I do couple of stretch exercises but if I run outside I usually start by walking faster pace for several minutes to loosen up, increase my heart rate, body temperature and blood flow. Even if I am on a treadmill I walk for few minutes and then start jogging and change to running gently.

Very important to stretch after running. Especially, if you have an area that still feels tight such as the calves, the hamstrings, hip flexors and  quads which tend to be tight after running and little stretches would be advised to loosen up.
On youtube you can find different stretching exercises for those parts of your body.

Benefits of running
Most of us know that muscles get stronger with exercise. And we can’t forget that our heart is also a muscle.
We don’t need to run miles to be able to help our cardiovascular system but Study showed that even 30 minutes of running a week decrease cardiovascular death. Thats doable I think.
Running can help prevent obesity as we burn more calories and loose weight. This leads to preventing type 2 diabetes,heart disease, high blood pressure and other unpleasant conditions.
  Regular running 3 times a week boosts sleep quality, mood and concentration during the day.

To make running more enjoyable, why not listen to your favourite music, or a podcast. This will help to relax while running rather then focusing on your breathing and speed.

Make sure you invest in a good quality running shoes. This is very important especially when running longer distances. They are design to prevent injury from the repetitive motion of your feet hitting the ground. They have special cushioning to aid in shock absorption, arch support as well as designed features to help move you forward in greater ease.

Hope this was useful to anyone who is considering to give running a go.



Monday, 23 March 2020

Healthy Lasagna Recipe / Recept na Zdrave Lasagne

I was just making my healthy lasagna for dinner tonight and thought why not share my recipe with you all. It is healthier version of lasagna but soo delicious.
Lets get started!

Ingredients for the sauce:               

  • chopped onion                         
  • crushed garlic                       
  • 400 g tin of tomatoes            
  • 1 tsp sea salt                        
  • 1tsp dried oregano           
Heat small amount of oil in a pan and when hot add onion, sauce until brown, add garlic sauce for 2 minutes and add tin of tomato, salt and oregano. Mix together and put into the blender for a minute.
Once blended set aside in a bowl.

Ingredients for Lasagna  

  • 300g chopped mushrooms      
  • 500g minced beef                        
  • oil                                          
  • Lasagna sheets                   
  • Crème fraiche or natural yogurt   
  • 200g grated cheddar cheese       
  • salt

Boil some water in  a pot for lasagne sheets. Once water boils keep adding 2-3 sheets each time into the water for few minutes. Once they are soft enough to bend easily take them out and fold over a drainer placed in a sink ( see photo). Continue to add 2-3 sheets into the water and cook until soft. You might need around 10 sheets.

To the pan on little oil fry mushrooms until soft. Add beef mince and let it fry until brown. keep stirring now and again to make sure it doesn’t stick to the pan. Once cooked add tomato sauce and take off the heat.

To start layering into the lasagna dish, start with meat mixture. Place very thinly all over the bottom of the dish.
Put sheets over the top to cover and spread couple of spoons of natural yogurt all over. Sprinkle little of salt and some grated cheese over the top. Continue the same process of layering until you get to the top. I had 3 layers.
Make sure you put plenty of cheese over the top and the end.
place in the over on 200C for 30 minutes or until golden brown on the top.
Enjoy with some home made chips and veg or salad.

If you try this recipe please let me know what you think!


Slovakian version 

Dobrý deň všetkým.

Dnes varím na večeru moje obľúbené zdravé lasagne, a tak som sa rozhodla, že sa s Vami podelím o recept.
Poďme hneď na to.

Na prípravu červenej omáčky potrebujete :
· pokrájanú cibuľku
· pokrájaný cesnak
· 400g pokrájaných paradajok z konzervy ( bez kože )
· 1kl soli
· 1kl suché oregano

Na panvici zohrejete trošku oleja a pridáte cibuľku. Posmažte až kým nezhnedne, pridajte cesnak a smažte ešte 2 minútky. Potom pridáte paradajky ( tu v Anglicku predávajú pokrájané paradajky bez kože v konzerve), ak nemáte, pokrájajte si čerstvé paradajky. Ďalej pridajte soľ, oregano a zamiešajte. Omáčku dáte do mixéra a mixujte 1 minútu. Následne ju preložte do misky a nechajte ju chvíľku bokom.

Na lasagne potrebujete:

· 300g nakrájaných šampiňónov
· 500g pomletého hovädzieho mäsa
· olej
· 10 plátkov lasagne (ak nemáte chuť na kupované, skúste si urobiť cesto ako na rezance , ale vykrajujte dlhé plátky )
· kyslá krémová šlahačka alebo biely jogurt
· 200g postrúhaného syra

Zavarte vodu v hrnci, keď sa voda varí, pridajte 2-3 lasagne plátky a nechajte variť, až kým nie sú mäkkšie a ohybnejšie. Potom ich vytiahnite a preložte cez cedidlo v umývadle. (pozrite fotky) Do vody pridajte dalšie 2-3 plátky a opakujte proces. Ak dáte viac plátkov naraz, može sa stať, že sa zlepia dokopy. Keď sa plátky varia, premiešajte a oddelte ich od seba, aby sa nezlepili

Na panvici zohrejte olej, pridajte šampiňóny a posmažte. Keď pustia štavu a zmenšia sa, pridajte pomleté mäso a varte až do hneda. Pridajte paradajkovú omačku.

Pripravte si plech alebo misu, ktorú použijete na lasagne. Prvú tenkú vrstvu mäsovej zmesi si dajte na spodok. Na zmes som si dala lasagne plátky, aby som všetko pokryla

Vrch potrite dvoma lyžicami jogurtu alebo šlahačky, posolte a posypte postúhaným syrom. Ja som použila šľahačkový krém a bol výborný. Postup zopakujeme. Pridáme mäsovu zmes, plátky, krém, soľ a syr. Ja som to opakovala 3 krát. Na vrch som nasypala veľa syra a piekla na 200 stupňov po dobu 30 minút až do hneda.

A máme hotovo. Možete podávať k hranolkám, k zelenine alebo šalatu.

Dobrú chuť prajem!


Happy Mother’s Day Mamas

Im so proud to celebrate Mother’s day, I’m proud to be a mother to my beautiful daughter.
I was spoiled today. Not with gifts but with love.
You can’t buy cuddles, kisses of your child. I don’t want my Mother’s day to be just about gifts.
Call me old fashioned perhaps but I feel more happier if I can spend Mother’s day with my family over any gifts so I have told my hubby in advance not to bother.
 I have been spoiled, have had a delicious breakfast in bed (not something I would have very often, but my daughter insisted), she gave me a flower from our garden and made me a lovely mother’s day card which made me giggle a little( she drew inside myself with a baby in my tummy holding her hand), Im not pregnant by the way, all I have in my tummy is tons of food.😂

The excitement on her face when she did all this for me was priceless ( obviously with daddy’s help), she was so proud of herself.
There was no meal out as everything is shut for social distancing but we had a lovely walk in the park together and done some fun staff at home, then watched my favourite movie.
This is all I need to enjoy my day.

Hope you all mamas out there had a lovely Mother’s day full of love and nice memories. It’s a difficult time as lot of us can’t visit our mums to celebrate their special day but we will make up for it once this time passes.

 Motherhood is a bumpy journey full of obstacles and we need to give ourselves a credit for getting through it each time.
Small achievements should be celebrated to give us strength to continue this mad pathway.
Children are driving us crazy most of the time but they also brought the best of us, awaken the love that we have never felt before, the Unconditional love that nobody can feel to anyone else only a parent to the child.

Cheers to all mamas out there.
Thank you for taking time to read my mother’s day experience.



Sunday, 22 March 2020

Encourage Children To Gardening While At Home

Hello Ladies, as the social distancing started and we are staying mostly indoors, why not getting your kids to master some gardening skills.
It doesn't matter really what age your kids are, even toddlers can get close relationship with garden life. 
If you don’t have a garden, why not plant some seeds into the pots for the windowsill.
Kids like activities that are fun, you can easily make them enjoy bit of gardening with just a bit of planning.

Kids Gardening tools
One way of encouraging kids to gardening is getting them the right tools. You can easily order some online, from Amazon and get delivered to your door without going out.
Those are not pricey and believe me, kids would love parcel delivery, especially for them.

Make a plan together
Speak to your kids and plan together what you are going to do.
Perhaps ask them to choose what they would to plant: flowers / herbs, vegetables...
Show them pictures online, on Instagram or Pinterest. Make sure it is something that can be planted this time of year.
Choose plants that don’t take long time to grow as kids could get easily discouraged if the first planting didn’t work out.
Try to do a little research of what are the best and easiest seeds to plant this time of year and then give them a choice.

If you don’t have a garden, don’t worry. You can always plant indoors. Make DIY pot trey, even if it is from plastic cups, make hole at the bottom for the water drainage, get your kids to decorate them, use your imagination and don’t forget to place them on a plate or a trey so the water has somewhere to run, its all about the fun ladies. Place it on the windowsill.
Your windowsill is like a greenhouse this time of year.

Allocate the Plot 
If you are planting in the garden give your kid their own planting area, perhaps make them a little raised bed. This isn’t necessary, it could be a garden pot, little patch in the garden. Let them choose perhaps. Get them to make the area ready for the show 😉. Kids love to dig in the dirt.

Watch Gardening Videos for Kids
There is lots of videos on Youtube to not only encourage your children but also educate about gardening skills.
Home time should be more about learning now they haven’t got that social time at school learning new skills. I am sure they will be exited to watch fun videos and then practice themselves.

Kids Love Responsibility
Kids love if they can make decisions, have independence and achieve something they would be proud of.
Encouraging them to plant seeds, or flowers, herbs whatever you decide, They develop new skills and learn about science and nature from growing their food (strawberries, carrots, tomatoes), flowers or herbs.
Kids love playing with water and mainly with the waterincan, encourage them to water the plant regularly. Make them busy, put the ‘water the plant” task into your daily schedule plan. They will love it.

If you have a toddler, they will love to play with the soil,pots... They like messy play and you can help them plant their first pant.

This is just another option of keeping your kiddos busy at home, another activity that you can add to your list. The excitement of seeing the plant growing and them achieving something is priceless.

Lily-Mae chose to plant seeds of cherry tomatoes and cucumber. Once she finished, we placed it on our windowsill where we get a lot of sunshine. She will be watering as needed and watch those beauties to grow.

Thank you for taking time to read the post!
Have a nice day.


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