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Thursday, 30 July 2020

Carob and Ceramac Muffins

Hello my lovelies,
In today’s post I want to share with you our very delicious ceramac muffins recipe.
I have been making those lovely caramac muffins for some time now and I have to admit I love them so much even though they are not one of those fancy looking cakes with cream icing over the top.
I Promise these beauties are lovely snack for the kids or a nice treat for the grown ups with a cup of tea / coffee.
Please feel free to lick the spoon from the left over mixture as it is absolutely delicious, ok thats probably just for me, I’m gross.
Lets get baking!

* 170g  Butter
* 170g  Caster Sugar
* 170g  Self Raising Flour
* 3x      Large eggs
* 1/2 tsp Baking Powder
* 1tsp  Vanilla Essence 
* £tbs Carob Powder
* 3 bars of Ceramac

Preheat the oven to 160 degrees fan.

Line a muffin tray with muffin cases.

Mix together Butter and sugar until smooth.

Add eggs each at the time and continue mixing with an electric mixer.

Meanwhile mix together flour, baking powder and carob powder.

Add this slowly into the wet mixture in sections and mix until you have a smooth batter.

Chop up 2 ceramac bars to small pieces and stir those into the batter mixture.

Fill the muffin cases 3/4 up with the batter mixture and chop the last ceramac bar to sprinkle over the top.

Put in the oven and bake until for around 20 minutes. 

Remove from tray immediately after baking.

Its very easy recipe that doesn’t take you much time and the result is quiet delicious. You can go ahead and instead of the caramac add chocolate chips and instead of the carob powder add couple of tbs of coco powder or just skip the whole step thats ok too.
My daughter can’t eat coco or chocolate so we had to find a substitute or experiment with different ingredients to achieve satisfying result and I think this one is spot on.
Hope you enjoy making those and please share with me on Instagram if you tried it.
Have a lovely day!



Tuesday, 14 July 2020

Waxing / Shaving / Epilating // What Is My Best Way Of Having A Smooth Skin For Summer

Hello Ladies,
This is a good topic to discuss especially now as the summer approaches and we show our legs to the world. We spend a lot of time in our lives de-hairing our legs don’t we and we would love to make it as painless as possible, smoother legs that last longer. 

I have tried different options throughout my life from shaving to waxing and epilating. So I would like to share what have I landed on long term that suits me and might give you some ideas of what to try.
I am not even going to mention those waxing strips you can buy in pretty much every shop as those did nothing for me. 

I think we all tried shaving as that is probably the first method that we are all introduced to.
Shaving is a good, quick method for removing the growing hair. I have shaved my legs for years and would have carried on if I wasn’t too curious about other methods of removing hair.
Shaving is quick, inexpensive method however I didn’t like how quick my hair was growing back and how coarse and dark it was. We all know shaving cuts hair at the surface of the skin and cause irritation, causing dark spots and dark pores on the skin which is what have put me off.
I don’t want to say shaving isn’t good method not at all but those are the elements that I wanted to change and knowing that other methods could perhaps tick all the boxes I had to give it a go.


I was introduced to a waxing Lady. I though I will try it out. Without any research really, which is my fault I didn’t realised how painful it would feel, maybe because it was the first ever time, ouch!  What can I say, it hurt like a b****!
I have used painkillers on my next session. It removed the hair well right from the roots and the hair grow took approximately 4 weeks If I remember well.

But I am a person who like to try to do things herself, so I purchased a waxing set from amazon.

It came with a heater for the wax, spatula to apply the wax on the skin and cotton strips to remove the wax and hair from the skin. I used this for approximately two years or maybe longer. 
I would lay a towel on the floor, drop a pot of wax into the heater to melt and follow the process required with the wax machine.
It worked, yes, however when I applied too much wax, the strip didn’t take it off properly and I had to repeat with the new strip. Also the wax sometimes caused burned, sore skin. Bits of wax were all over my legs, the stickiness and only baby oil was able to remove those afterwards.
You need to leave your hair longer otherwise it won’t remove it properly.
Overall this was far too messy and long winded process each time as the wax took long time to melt first. I also couldn’t use it for sensitive areas on my body so still used shaving for those. It wouldn’t work in creases or around my knees very well either, not sure if I was just doing it wrong. I had to do very small sections otherwise I wouldn’t be able to yank the strip off with the wax and would leave wax on the skin without removing hair. Just a messy job, not sure why I managed to continue with it for as long as I did, thinking about it now.


After that I decided to purchase an epilator. This ended up being my Go-to hair removal method and I tell you why. Yes, it pinches slightly but no way as bad as waxing!! 
Its clean job, no mess allelujah after years of waxing!!
I make sure my hair isn’t too long because that hurts a little more if hair is left growing too long. Even 1mm hair length will be removed so no issues that you have to leave it grow longer. 
The epilator last several sessions before it flashes red light to signal that it needs to be charged. You just plug it into the charger for an hour and its ready to use again. It supposed to remove the hair from the root just like waxing, but I find myself using this every other week or when needed.

Another think that I love about this tool is that after the removal, the skin feels soft, and no dark pores on the skin at all. Immediately after epilating there are red pores where the hair was removed however this is all gone the next day. I don’t put anything on my skin straight after removal. I let my skin just settle from the irritation and I am good to go for days.

I love how easy it is to use the epilator. We call it angle grinder in our house!😂 
Busy mum needs all the good gadgets to make things easier for herself. I share a picture that I have put on my Instagram when I have purchased it in 2015, can’t believe its been that long. I am impressed actually how long it lasted without any issues, money well spend.



Saturday, 11 July 2020

Tips / How to Keep Positive Mind

Hello my lovelies,

Now is the best time to discuss and hopefully give you some tips on how to deal with anxiety. During this current difficult time anxiety is going to hit us hard. I never had anxiety in my life before, until now.
The uncertainty of this strange time and worry of the future and what else is to come is very worrying and lots of people feel anxious and concerned, which is understandable.
People loosing jobs, businesses are closing down and bills still have to be paid. Being lonely at home, not meeting your loved ones for some time, nobody to talk to is daunting. Especially who is still in the lockdown in Leicester area.

It is so important that we take each day at the time, take each day as a bonus. Here are some tips that helps me to keep positive and less anxious..


When you wake up in the morning, set yourself to a positive mind. Think about 5 things you are grateful for. Those can be small little things that you normally take for granted, such as “ Im grateful for the food that I eat each day. Im grateful that I have a roof above my head, I am grateful for my healthy body, Im grateful for my family...” and so on.
There is so much in our lives that we need to be grateful for, because, unless we loose those things, we don’t realise How much we need them and we take them for granted.
How lucky am I that during this lockdown I was able to spend time at home with my husband and my daughter. I love them so much and we are always so busy with work and school that we don’t see each other much. We normally had only ONE day off together each week and we found it very hard. We had no family time..
Now we spend every day together, doing things we enjoy even if we are not able to go out.
We have a lovely daily walks together, play in the garden with my daughter, do gardening, grow vegetables, trying to improve the house.
I get very anxious about this time and what worse could be coming but then I remember to be grateful and think of things I love, not what upsets me.


Don’t think about the upcoming future too much, especially if it upsets you. Try to live in a present time, enjoy the moment you are in now. Laugh and be happy with your love ones. Do things that make you happy such as baking, exercises or just read a book.
Create your happy place at home where you are comfortable and relaxed.
Take each day as it comes and make most of it. Try not to think too much about the future at this time especially because it will not make you feel better trust me. Live for today...


It is so important to find time for yourself and especially at this time during the lockdown. Self-care is important for all of us and always not just now. It is normal to have negative thoughts, emotions especially if we are empty, drained and don't get to do something we love and what makes us happy, something that helps to recharge the batteries. 
This could be as simple as having a relaxing bath with candles and your favourite book or going out for a walk to get some fresh air and clear your mind.
If you are able to go and spend some time in the garden, try to plant something. Believe me gardening is very relaxing and it sure clears my mind.


Exercise is so powerful when it comes to clearing your mind and helping you feel happy and positive. The endorphin boost is what you need to make you feel better. 
Running for me is so refreshing. I feel more confident, strong and powerful. I feel that I am in full control of my life.
Try to do something different, perhaps go biking, or try to do yoga at home following online videos. Im sure there is plenty on youtube.
Walking is also good exercise that helps with anxiety. Go out to the Nature, breath the fresh air in and clear your mind.


I have to admit I got used to some online shopping and I am loving it. For me, there is nothing better then sit with a cup of tea and scroll through some lovely shops online. I love home accessories, clothing and also sport wear online shops to check out.
You Don’t necessary have to buy but the shopping / looking experience for me is very relaxing. I love it far too much...


Why not trying something new for dinner tonight? Check online for new recipe, try something new for a change. If I make a nice meal that all family enjoy it makes me really happy.
You could try to bake something instead, if you don't feel like making dinner. The point here is to enjoy what you are doing and keep your mind busy.

I am not an expert on what is recommended in anxiety. I only know what works for me and this is what I share. I mentioned activities that you can do during lockdown. Those are simple things that we need to appreciate and feel good doing. We are all different individuals and what works for me might not work for you. 

We all hear about benefits of meditation and I agree its great way of destress. But sometimes when we are busy or have very little time when we are actually alone specially at home with the kids what I find helpful is for few seconds when I am alone close my eyes and breath! Deep breaths! In...... and out.....! Keep repeating and while you are doing that, imagine how you breathing in clear positive air ( energy) and see your body filling up with it completely. Then when you breath out imagine the dark, negative, sad thoughts that you’ve had coming out of your body making more space for the clean fresh happy oxygen (energy). 

If you feel really down and lonely please speak to someone, contact your close family or friends and let them know how you feel. Let them support you and hopefully make you feel better or advice you what to do... To do this is absolutely ok. We all need to speak about how we feel sometimes.



Friday, 29 May 2020

What We Are Up To This Summer

Hello my lovelies,
This might be a boring post for some, but I just want to write what we have been up to lately...

I have been busy for the last few days to even sit down and do some blogging. Most of my days are full of home schooling / home playing with my daughter and as the sun is out we are in the garden enjoying the weather most of the time too. 
 I got into doing some gardening.
We always enjoyed planting but just simple potatoes, tomatoes and lettuce mostly.
This year due to lockdown and that means spare time to improve the house or garden we went into growing slightly more veggies and just tidying up the garden as we spend so much time there right now.

I decided to paint my raised plant beds first that we’ve had for few years and the wood has soaked up the colour it had over time.
I chose this lovely outdoor colour Dusky Gem from Cuprinol and OMG looove it so much. Once I painted the plant beds I was so keen to paint my fence the same colour.

I should say now its not bloody easy to paint the fence, it took me a long time and and I didn’t even finish it all haha so at the moment we have grey on one side, some Ivy bush growing over the rest of the fence on the same side which saved me painting and the other side is still brown..
I used so much paint.
But the finish look where Im done is great. It was so needed, the new fresh lick of paint and that particular colour makes all the flowers and plants by the fence to stand out.
I realised that I have allowed the house to get neglected over the past year. Just a bit of paint made a big difference at least outside.
What a great weather are we having right now, I’m so grateful. There is so much plans we have in the garden but tackling one bit at the time.

The plans for selling a house and moving abroad nearer to my family is now impossible due to lockdown and the restrictions so we decided to stay here for few more years and then see how things work out...So its time to refresh the house and update the rooms again.
There is always work on the house and I am exited to get planning and slowly updating our home.

I hope you are all doing well at home, feeling positive and taking each day as it comes and making most of it.

I love that my husband has been home with me and my daughter. I have to say it will be hard for me when he get back to work. We are doing so much together right now and I am not feeling fed up with us all at home, but opposite, his presence with us at home more is making me feel so relaxed and happy...

I do feel that my daughter needs some socialising with her peers and worry how long until that will be allowed. She will not be returning back to school until September so I hope I keep her busy and happy those upcoming days. 

Well done to staying and reading the post to the end. Hope you are all staying safe.

Have a lovely day!



Monday, 18 May 2020

Kids Activities During The Lockdown || Home Schooling

I hope you are all keeping it together even if just about hanging on a thin string. There are some more weeks to go until any restrictions could be lifted.
I have to say going to work for me is like a Self-Care at the moment, it just re-energise me ready for days at home with my kiddo.
I have gathered here some of the home activities that I found on few Instagram accounts and gathered together the most useful for us, those we tent to do to keep busy and get throughout the day without boredom, because we all know that bored kids means cranky kids...yea

I have got all my ideas from different Instagram accounts and put together the most suitable for my child, her age and also something that I enjoy too..

Build a House from a cardboard box
Hopefully you can find a nice box which with some of your help can be made into a fancy little dolls house.
Let your child use imagination. 
Gather together some tape, kids scissors, kids paint and start creating.
If your kids are older let them do it all but if not help your little one to set up a box, shape and tape the roof and help to cut out the windows.
Let them decorate it with some colourful tape, stickers and paint.
You can even try to create some little people that can live there from the cardboard.

Learn number place value with lego

I gathered some lego and used it to teach my child number value and this way teach the counting.
10 lego pieces used as one ten and some single ones. Use it to explain the number place value and then slowly show some examples of different numbers.
Ask your child to help you place different numbers correctly.
Once you can see that your child understand the system give them some exercises to put together different numbers.
1) How to create number 22? ( 2 tens and 2 ones) 

2) I want number 32 have I done it right? ( set some lego out but incorrectly and let your child try to work it out)

3) set a number for example 25 and ask your child to take away 15 without counting the lego, explain the number place value and see if they will remove 1 ten and 5 ones or they will need to count the lego first. Let them practice this and they will get better at it. 
They will enjoy putting lego together.

Monster dice counting

Draw a monster on the paper, around it put numbers in the bubbles up to 12 or more.
Use 2 dices if you have, I only have one so I asked my daughter to throw the dice twice.

Let your child throw a dice twice and add the numbers together, ask them to write it down on the paper if they find it easier and add it up. They need to find the result number in the bubbles and colour them up.
Continue like this until they finish all the bubbles.
My daughter loved this and spent some time with it which gave me chance to do some housework.

This idea and lots more is also from Instagram account I found @littlehomegenius , very nice and interesting for the kids to do.

Find a Missing Letter to Make a Word

Write on the paper some short words and miss the middle letter. Write the missing letters on the sticky notes and stick them all around the paper so the child can pick the correct one and stick it into the word on the line.
Make sure that the words are big and have enough space for the sticky note to fit in.

This is another very simple but lovely game for the kids.
My daughter loved it and was so proud of herself that she got all her words right.

Read the Book and Make A story

Read a book with your little one and then let them write a short story about it.
Set some criteria to meet such as: 4 sentences only, mention who, where and what...
Ask them to write it and then let you check it when its done. 

Count the Rain drops
Draw some clouds on the paper and write different add ups inside it. Make sure to leave some space underneath so your child can add up the maths inside the cloud and paint as much rain drops as they added up. They can use their fingers or paint brush..

You can find lots of school work from Twinkl website which is free at the moment and I used some of those for my child but she got bored doing those as its not interesting to her. I found that learning by playing is so much more fun and she could do it for hours. That is why I have researched some ideas online and put my favourite together. 

Add Numbers together 

Write on the paper some sums to add and write the results on the sticky pad all around the paper. Let your child add up the sums and find the correct number on the sticky pad to then place it next to it.

Ladybird adding up

Drew a ladybird and write some sums underneath to add up. Let your little one do the maths and then draw the dots into the ladybird.

Add ups in 2s

Write numbers in 2s all over the place on the paper and let your child join them in the correct order with a line.

Hope you find those activities useful as much as we did.



Monday, 11 May 2020

My Healthy Lunch Ideas

I am very much a lunch person! I don’t like just a sandwich for lunch, I like to have something cooked and warm at lunchtime. With avoiding bread I have some nice tasty but healthy lunch Ideas for you all.
I am big fan of vegetables, rice and pasta so most of my meals include all of those. My lunch ideas are not from any recipe book, it's mostly all I have in my pantry and this means you can add what ever you like to it too.
You can experiment with spices and use different veggies that you have at home or that you love.

Mushroom Veggie Risotto 

This had to be my first dish because it is the most cooked in my house. I am in love with this risotto and even though its very healthy I stuff myself like a pig literally and then want to burst...

I also love one pot meals and all my dishes are pretty much one pot only.
To make my risotto you need:

any veg you have at home
chorizo sausage chopped
rice (whatever rice I have at home I use, don’t have to be risotto rice)
salt, oregano, ground cumin
boiled water
1x chicken OXO stock cubes or any veg stock cube
30g cheddar cheese or more 

To my deep frying pan I pop little bit of oil, I use 1cal spray oil. You can easily start by frying chopped onion and add all the veg but I don’t like onion in my risotto so I skip that and jump straight to the veg.
Chop all mushrooms and veg, then add them into the pan( here I love using carrots, courgette, celery, peppers..) fry those on low heat for a little while.
Add chopped 30g of chorizo sausage  and fry with all the veggies.
Add cup of rice to your frying pan, any rice will do you have at home. I like basmati rice.
Meanwhile Boil some water in your kettle.
Pour water to the frying pan so that all of the ingredients are covered and couple of centimetres above.
Add stock cube, 1tsp of ground cumin, 1tsp of oregano and season with salt. mix a little then cover with a lid and simmer on low heat until all water evaporated. When you notice the water almost all gone taste the rice and if it is still hard add more water from the kettle then let cook longer.

Once cooked, water evaporated but not completely as you don’t want very dry risotto switch off the heat and grate the cheddar cheese over the dish, mix it up  so the cheese melts into the dish.

Bona petite!! Its amazing I’m telling you.. and healthy...

Another one of my favourite simple one pot lunch is :
Saute Chickpea Chorizo Dish

I recently discovered love for chickpeas and can’t believe I never included those into my diet before. I used to cook lots of pasta and rice but now adding just some chickpeas instead I feel so much fuller and healthier.
Here yet again use what you have at home and feel free to add your favourite veggies to this dish.
It literally takes only few minutes to make.


5 chopped mushrooms
2 chopped carrots
1 chopped courgette 
1 crushed garlic clove
30 g of chopped chorizo sausage
1 tin of drained chickpeas
half of sweet potato chopped finely 
salt, red paprika, oregano, ground cumin
1 cal olive oil spray
fresh chopped parsley
grated cheddar cheese for the top

Spray deep fraying pan with some oil, add mushrooms, veg and chorizo to salute for few minutes.
Add chickpeas and season with salt, paprika, oregano and cumin to your taste.
 Add fresh parsley.
Add some water from the kettle just enough to make sure it is not burning dry at the bottom and cover for few minutes to let the sweet potato to soften.
Check before you take it of the heat.
Sprinkle some cheese on the top for taste.

I just love those easy one pot meals that you can make in now tie at all and the best thing is you can use anything you like. As you can see i love chorizo sausage and I always include this in my dishes, I also love veggies and if I run out of fresh veg I go ahead and use frozen mix veg which does the job nicely too. 
It truly is up to you what you prefer in your lunch meals. There is nothing unhealthy but opposite in those lunch dishes. You just can’t go wrong, its so tasty. 

If you try this recipes please let me know how you liked it.
Have a lovely day!



Sunday, 3 May 2020

Tips On How To Teach Your Child To Ride A Bike Without The Stabilisers

Another milestone that makes me realise my lovely child is growing up too quick.
We have left it a little too long but decided that during the lockdown we will try to teach my daughter how to ride a bike without stabilisers.
There are two things that you need:

1. Lots of Patience
2. Lots of Practice

Those two elements are very important not only for you as a teacher but especially for your child.
You don’t want them to be put off after a fall, or if they haven’t mastered biking quick enough.

I have to admit, it would have been probably a huge help if she would practice on a push bike from earlier age. I can see how this really helps kids with learning to balance the bike.
She didn’t want to use a push bike when she was younger so we changed to a bike with stabilisers. Now to learn balance the bike is a little harder but it can be done.

I think a huge help for us was purchasing a handle for the back of the bike. Its a push handle bar to balance and maintain safety of your child during learning to ride a bike.
I do recommend this but it isn’t necessary for teaching your kids how to balance bike.
It just worked great for us and I haven’t removed it yet.

We took my daughter to our local park and let her bike while I was holding the handle. Once she got a little more confident using the bike I was trying to hold the handle only gently to let her steer the bike where she wanted to and only supported her if she was going to fall, tilted too much to the side.
Like I said, patience is very important, its not good to give up now that you started.
We tried to take her daily for half an hour around the park and slowly I could tell, I didn’t need to hold the handle as much, she was biking herself for some time then again she would tilt to the side so I supported her.
This handle just saves your back from aching, otherwise you would have to bend often holding on to the seat to support them, and thats what I was doing before.
Day by day she was doing better, and I was able to let go of the handle and she would continue biking herself.
I would run along side her and use it as my exercise..
I didn’t remove the handle as yet. She is doing great on her bike now but just a little improvements such with turning, and using the breaks or slowing down we need to work on.
I believe that once she is very confident on the bike she won’t need to take her eyes of the road when she is using the breaks. That is at the moment the case, she looks at the breaks while trying to squeeze them and often comes of the road and looses balance.

We have purchased the safety handle for the bike from Amazon, it was inexpensive and honestly made the whole experience so much easier. I highly recommend getting it if you are like me trying to teach your little one biking, don’t want them to injure themselves or put them off of the whole practice from past bad experiences.

We are still working on this but I am so proud how quick she managed to learn this milestone.
Before we know it she will be biking with her daddy like a Pro.

For a mum this is so emotional. When they hit that pre-school or junior school age, we don’t notice how they are changing as much as we did when they were babies or toddlers... It isn’t so obvious until they do something like this. 

Good luck if you are going through the same milestone and hope this post has been a little helpful. Enjoy those moments and make sure to capture it. 



Monday, 27 April 2020

My Best Gym Active Wear || Workout Clothing

If you are like me and find it hard to motivate yourself when it comes to exercises and being active try to brighten it up with something nice. I like to get a nice comfy and flattering sports wear. If I feel good in it I perform better and also exercise more often. 
When I had not exactly good quality leggings previously for exercising I never really enjoyed it, I felt uncomfortable, everything was pinching me or itching, oh just couldn’t motivate myself to do anything.
My go-to Gym wear right now is GYMSHARK! I absolutely looove how all the clothes fit me. It’s so flattering, makes me feel good and I feel like I want to work out every day. Brilliant, right?

I haven’t gone crazy purchasing everything, I got some basics that I needed and I will definitely purchase more in the future. Now, you might say it is pricey for active wear compare to other online active wear brands but... It is good quality, feels soo comfy, makes you feel slimmer instantly, and it is soo flattering, I am hooked and I will treat myself to purchase again.

My first purchase was FLEX HIGH WAISTED LEGGINGS  in Grey/ Pink.
I originally ordered size Small. I am only 4ft 11 so it has been slightly long but I am used to that with all the trousers I get.. I found them a little tight but I kept them because they still fitted really well. Its high waisted which I prefer to cover my tummy. It  contours the figure nicely making me feel more flattering. 
The material is really breathable, and it doesn’t move when you squat or run. Really supportive in the right places.

I have purchased the same style in Black colour size Medium and it fits perfectly.

Next Purchase was cropped leggings in size Medium fitted perfectly. 
Its like they are hugging your body, don’t move and feel soo comfy... Im in love!
Those are even more comfier then the Flexi High waisted ones. Im in love how comfy I feel in those. Body confidence 100% even without loosing any weight or getting fitter 😀...

MOVEMENT MESH SPORT BRA in size Small is another great purchase from Gymshark. It fits great as low/medium support, has adjustable straps and removable padding for those who prefer it. I wear it while running as well as home exercises and it gives me enough support that I require. 

I have also purchased couple of lovely vest tops to wear to the gym or even for the run.
CUT OUT VEST has oversized fit and I have ordered size Small. Could have done with size XSmall I think but still looks lovely on, doesn’t feel too big. It has large arm holes, cut out to the chest which add nice detail to it with logo print, and to the back it has three piece back strap with low cut which I love. It shows your sports bra and just give the top interesting look. 

Another vest LEGACY FITNESS TANK that I have is discontinued now but I added link to a similar one that I found. It has a nice logo print on the front, low scoop neck and the sides of the top are cut shorter which show your hips out and gives you flattering look. Looove this top and feel sad that it is discontinued as I would purchase it in different colours also.

So far these are my Gymshark purchases and I can’t get enough of their active clothing collection. I have my eyes on more items already.
I also want to add that this Post is not sponsored in any way, I purchased all the items with my own money and only share with you what I bought and love. 
Hope you found the post useful. I enjoy my home exercising as I have documented in the post before, you can check it out here.

Have a nice day.



Thursday, 23 April 2020

Gift Ideas For School Kids

Hello my lovelies,
I am back with some gift ideas for 6 + year olds as I promised in the previous post.
If you are like me who just sometimes don’t know what to get for your kid to actually play with not just use for a short time and damp into the toy box and never take out again then keep reading, I have found some lovely toys for my daughter who just turned 6 and thought I will share them with you.
Now I think these are worth mentioning because my daughter likes all of them and non of them have been dumped just yet and that is a surprise. Money well spend.

1) Rizmo Evolving Musical Friend / Interactive Plush Toy
I love this myself! We sang with this, laughed, interacted so much.
The reason why this toy is sooo interesting is that it can grow and change its appearance when you interact with it, sing to it and it sings back to you too, play with it and it will laugh. 
If you sing with it, it will record you singing and then plays it back to you.
It starts as a little bundle of fluff then grow slightly and develops a tail, later after several songs, playing, interacting it become a little creature. SOO cute and my daughter loves it, it even sleeps with her in bed.

2) Fingerlings 
Another great toy that even I enjoyed. Battery operated just like the previous one I have mentioned. You can choose different colour fingerling monkey that basically hangs on your finger and interact with you. 
This toy makes monkey noises, turn head, bling her eyes.
They have special sensors on the top of the head, by tapping it you get different sounds and reactions. Its too cute.
Turn them upside down on your finger, sometimes it laughs hysterically.
This cute little monkey makes lots of sounds, from burping, sleeping, chatting to laughing, singing and head moving.
Lovely little toy to keep your little one occupied for hours. 

3) Wake up Light Alarm Clock / Night Light For Kids
I loved this for my daughter’s bedroom. She is often scared at night and I couldn’t find a good gentle deem light to make her feel safer. Everything seemed too bright or not bright enough. This clock light is perfect. 
Not only she wanted a clock by the bed to see the time but a little light too and so we killed two birds with one stone with this lovely item.
The light can be darker or brighter to your liking, just by tapping on it. It switch itself off after a while.
The light colour is also adjustable, it’s such a lovely alarm clock, something I would have in my bedroom too.

4) Dress Up Costumes
You just can’t go wrong with dressing up costumes for your child to make them happy. We got a lovely Frozen Elsa dress with crown and other jewellery and also Sleeping Beauty Dress both from Amazon. They fitted perfectly and she loved it.
Every little girl likes to play to be princess so those costumes are ideal and not pricey at all.
Especially during the lockdown when the kids have to stay home and you need some entertainment for them, playing to be princess is great play for a day.

5) Kids Microphone
Yep, this is another vocal toy but my daughter was asking for one for ages. It records your singing and then plays it back to you. It also plays different music to dance to.
Just another nice toy to enjoy for your child.
There are so many different types, colours, more pricier ones to suit your taste.

6) SGILE Flip Remote Control Stunt Car Truck
What a lovely present for boys or girls this is. Its rechargeable truck that doesn’t really get stuck anywhere.. It is able to flip, tumble but carry on working. It is very powerful remote control car that kids will love. It can go over sand, grass, stones, dirt or ay bumps outside. Its very easy to operate for the little ones and keep them quiet for hours.
Great buy.

Hope I helped with gift ideas for your little ones. These are just some that I thought are worth mentioning as they occupied my daughter the most for days and still are. 


Sunday, 19 April 2020

Birthday Celebration During The Pandemic

I still can’t get over that my baby has just turned 6. I remember as if it was yesterday when she was born and when we were leaving the hospital. I was the proudest ever taking my baby home. She changed our lives forever.
It wasn’t all roses having a baby, there was lots of challenges we had to go through as parents but having the addition to our family our own baby that we loved so much and that was changing and growing day by day was a miracle for us. I can’t imagine my life without my little best friend. You suddenly feel this love that is very different to love you felt before, it truly is unconditional love that you couldn’t feel to anyone else but your own child. You would give your own life for your child, without thinking twice about it.. 

She is teaching me every day to work on myself, testing me to become better me. I have a lot of work to do when it comes to my patience, my reactions to circumstances because I’m modelling what she will copy. I have so much to learn still but I have gone a long way already. I become different person since she came to our lives.

I become a mother, I couldn’t be more proud of all my stretch marks, my body changes because they showed that I grew a life inside me.

She is now 6, and she has her own very strong personality that changes all the time. I need to improve on my patience even more she is older and control my emotions more...
We deal with a lot of grumpiness, anger, love, chattiness, lots of cuddles, lots of attention seeking, playing but thats part of her growing up and I have to take it as it is and try to adjust myself as quick as possible so I can enjoy it. I know that I will miss those days.

I have to say it's a good job I didn’t book any place for a big party as with the lockdown she would be very disappointed if it wouldn’t happen.
She was happy to have birthday at home. We made a cake together, nothing fancy as I am not very good at baking and also with her food sensitivity there is very little that I could use or decorate with.
It was just special for all of us being at home and enjoy..

Good old Amazon, we ordered all presents from Amazon online. I will do a separate post about what gifts to get for 6 year old child, because I am so happy with what we chose for her, it kept her very occupied for days and she loved it.
We didn’t go mad ordering too many presents, but we looked for good quality ones even if they cost extra. Sometimes less is more and especially in this case, she loved them all so I think we chose spot on...

I also got some’ Happy Birthday’ balloons to decorate the house to make it party ready.
We used Skype, Viber to connect with my family to sing her happy birthday and also our other family who came just outside the door just to drop cards and see her, which was so nice.

Im so proud of her,  she once never mentioned that she wants a party... we had a lovely day full of laughter playing with all new toys she got and she was happy.
She wore a lovely dress that she got for birthday even we didn’t go anywhere, she felt like a princess, for her special day!

Thank you for taking time reading!


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